Song of Darkness -10

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Mr. Gani said, Mr. Mizan, why do you look like this? Bad body?

Yes, no.

If the body is bad, go home. Everyone needs rest.

Mr. Mizan said, my body is fine sir.

Are you upset then? There is no reason to be upset, the boy is back.

Mr. Mizan said irrelevantly, I went to Rahman's house yesterday. I talked.

Is the baby good?

Yes, good.

And the baby's mother?

She's good too. Sir, I have no idea that Rahman has anything to do with the financial turmoil.

Mr. Gani's eyes widened. Soon it became normal. He smiled and said, "Did you ask anything directly?"

Yes, no. But I heard how they raised the money. Raised money with great difficulty. Depositing land, selling the house all awkward situation.

Ah what did you say!

I felt very bad.

It must feel bad.

Mr. Gani said to put the drink in his mouth, then what do you think? Where did the money go? The amount of money is very insignificant to me. It's nothing but such a thing can not be allowed to happen, right?

Mr. Mizan remained silent. Mr. Gani said, the matter happened in the cash section, right?


The mystery needs to be solved. Otherwise, what is the guarantee that nothing bigger will happen in the future? Isn't it?


Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ..... It is known that the police cannot do anything. Never can, but if the police move, everyone will be a little scared. What, right?

Mr. Mizan did not say anything.

Mr. Gani said, "Let me tell you a story from my Chittagong branch." Eleven lakh rupees is a problem in foreign currency. I have to suspect that the man I believe is in Chittagong. Do you understand the situation?

Mr. Mizan said, do you have any doubts about me?

I have no doubts about anyone. Can't trust anyone again. Not to be believed. God believed in Adam. What is the result of that faith? Did Adam not smell the fruit? Ate. Mia Bibi ate together. Have tea. I ask for tea. Mr. Mizan understood that the cash section of any business is his hat. Minor heart disease is not caught. But these little things can suddenly become big. When either dies in sleep. No one understands. Exactly what it says, stupid people are usually honest. This requires cash for the stupid kind of people. What is difficult is that these stupid people are easily used by others. So stupid kind of people are useless in cash. See the problem? Terrible problem.

The tea has arrived. Mr. Mizan put down the cup with a sip of tea. He said again in a cold voice, "Do you suspect me?"

Mr. Gani said, no I am not. You are one of my most trusted people. Your salary has been increased by five hundred rupees from this year. You will receive a letter in a couple of days. But Mr. Mizan, that's what I said, the story of Baba Adam. Have tea. The tea is getting cold.

Mr. Mizan could not drink tea. He is feeling nauseous.

Mr. Gani called home once a day to find his son. He still telephoned. His wife is probably sitting next to the telephone, because once the phone rings, he picks up the phone and says in a thin voice, "Who are you talking about?"

After ringing several times today, he picked up the telephone and said as usual, who are you talking about?

Mr. Gani said in a cold voice, where is Babu?

Not at home.

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? What are you talking about?

The elder son-in-law has been taken away.

That means the big son-in-law has taken it. What does this mean? Where did you take it?


Cold currents flowed through Mr. Gani's spine. He tried to guess the matter quickly. Couldn't catch anything like that. Sweat rolled down his forehead. He said in a hushed voice,

Why did you take Faridpur?

There is a Pir Saheb there, all is well when Pir Saheb prays.

I did not say that Babu will not go anywhere with his son-in-law? Didn't say?

If you want to take now, I do not camne? Son-in-law man.

When taken.

In the morning. A little after you go out.

Why didn't you tell me so long? Why are you so brave? Where did you get so much courage?

There is a buzzing sound next to him. Mr. Gani's wife has started crying. These cries are of course very temporary. Leaving the telephone will stop the crying.

Mr. Gani hung up the telephone. He does not trust his sons-in-law. His idea was that the elder son-in-law did not take Babu alone. All three are with it. It is not strange to have long plans behind this move. Maybe in the afternoon the eldest son-in-law will come back and say in a sobbing voice that a defeat has taken place. Babu fell into the pond. Or say Babu can't be found. I went to buy cigarettes. Babu stood up and came back.

What will he do if something like this happens? Will the police file a case against the three sons-in-law? The son-in-law will be handcuffed and taken away - will he see? Pictures will be printed in newspapers. Babu murder mystery. Of course, the people in the newspaper will not deal with it much. People in the newspaper are not encouraged if a beautiful girl is not involved in the murder. No one will get any encouragement in killing Babu. The killing of an unnatural child has nothing to do with it. The news can be printed on the inside page of the newspaper. Or maybe not print. How many murders are happening every day. People are no longer interested in the news of the murder.

Mr. Gani telephoned his second son-in-law and younger son-in-law. He wants to know if they are in Dhaka or Faridpur. Both were found. Receiving the father-in-law's telephone, they melted like butter on a hot day. Saying three times in each sentence, Abba, Abba, Abba.

Mr. Gani said in his mind, Fazil's party, how many times do you call your father Arba? Kabar asks Karis-Abba how is your body now?

Mr. Gani spoke to Dujamai in a calm manner. The issue of Babu or elder son-in-law never came up in the conversation.

He went home to eat at noon.

Didn't go today.

Sat quietly. Nothing looks good.

Once I thought I would call Mr. Mizan and talk for a while. Excluded this thought. Now it's time for tiffin. There is no point in keeping a hungry person at this time. Moreover, the man suffered a blow. We need to be given a chance to handle the push. He gave the push on purpose. It is needed. Let there be a fear in the mind, fear binds people.

He said this to inform the police. He doesn't want to deal with the police. Police means trouble. There is a need for trouble though.

But he will work like him. He will explain that he doubts at the same time and sits well again. Five hundred rupees salary increase in this market is not less. Besides, he will also give a job to the boy who failed Mr. Mizan. Of course you will. Keep the trap of gratitude in the lineage. Business needs big people at this time. A group of believers will be with him but they will know that they are not completely believers.

He has lied about Chittagong branch. Twelve lakh rupees does not matter. There is also a riot of lakhs of rupees. It's not bad. That's good. Everyone will know that there is a problem with so much money. They will be more careful. However, some noise will occur every two years.

Mr. Gani has come up with this method by playing with his head. He had to play a lot of heads to find this method. This method may not be correct either. There may be misconceptions in this. In all ways.

He learned the whole of this method from Munir himself or to some extent. Munir owns a huge construction firm at this age. He said one day, as I have made a mess of twenty one lakh rupees. I did it myself. Do you know what is the benefit, Mr. Gani? The profit has been the same সব all my people are sitting on the edge of the wrinkles. Ha ha ha. Everyone thinks that the job can be lost at any moment. But not going. It works. Good job. You are my friend man. I have been able to go so far because you have helped me with money. I taught you a technique. Always keep a mess of calculations. Then you will see how everything is going like clockwork. Tick ​​Tick Tick Tick.

Gani Saheb called Mizan Saheb again and said in a sweet voice, Mizan Saheb has been eaten?


Sit down.

He sat down.

Mr. Gani said, I want to do something for the country. Have you thought about how to do it?

Yes, no.

Think. Think about it. And I didn't ask you to bring your son? Why not?

Mr. Mizan remained silent.

Isn't it supposed to be brought today?


If it comes, bring it directly to me. I will give it in the computer section. Good training will be provided by Nika Computer Company. No problem. Is your body bad?

Yes, bad.

Go, go home. Go home and rest.

Shortly after Mr. Mizan left, Mr. Gani received a telephone call and returned with his eldest son-in-law. Babu is very happy to be able to go out after many days. Mr. Pir gave him an armor. He gave a plate of verses of the Qur'an with saffron. That plate of yoghurt water should be eaten on an empty stomach every Wednesday.

He said to himself - bastard. He himself did not understand who gave the insult. Your own son-in-law or Mr. Pir? Or all the people in the world?

His face never shows annoyance. It's boiling today. He hung up the phone and frowned for a while then called the Ramna police station. Ramna police OC said in a frown, how are you sir?

Good. How is your body?

Yes, your blessings. Need to do something?

Yes, no. It was necessary to show a little fear that Mr. O. C.

Show if you need to show fear. I will bring him in custody and give him a foothold. What's the matter

It doesn't matter. There has been a problem with cash. A little scary to some.

No problem. You keep an FIR. Then see what I'm doing.

No, you don't have to do that. It will work if you ask a little politely.

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