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The blood of the gallant Turks whose fierce world was crowing the Christian world is flowing in the streets of Kustuntunia today. The same Kustuntunia, which was getting relief from Turko's terror a hundred years ago, is cooling its heart today with their warm blood. And the Turkish general stands with one lakh soldiers to hear his decision in front of Taimuri Tej.

Timur raised his eyes full of victory and looking at the commander Yajdani thundered like a lion - what do you want for life or death

Yajdani raised her head proudly and said - If you get the life of honor, life, or death.

Timur's wrath became fierce, and he had lowered the heads of the great dignitaries. He did not want to hear this answer on this occasion. The life of these one lakh men is in his hands. He can crush them in a moment. So much respect for that. Respect for life This only means that the lives of the poor should be sacrificed on the enjoyment of the rich, the same the pleasures of liquor, the same armenia and the infatuation of kaf. No, Timur has not broken the arrogance of Khalifa Bayjid because he should leave the Turks to submerge Islam's name in the same madness. Then why did he need to shed so much blood. The flow of human blood is not the flow of music, not the flow of juice - a strange sight, seeing the eyes turn away, the head tilts. Timur is not a predatory animal, who bets his life to see this scene.

He said in his words with a shout - what you call the life of honor, it is the life of crime and the life of a person.

Yazdani did not expect pity or forgiveness from Timur. He or his men cannot be saved in any way. Why press this and why not play on life and reveal the anger that is in his mind towards Timur? Once upon a time, he looked at the handsome young man, who stood behind him as if pulling his youth. Atul Kodhra's lights were coming out of his limb like a steel, mounted on San. Yazdani saw her appearance and as she drew her drawn sword in the mind and drank the blood, said - Jahpanah is right now but if the crime is forgiven, let me say that Turko need not take sermons from the Tatars regarding his life. But where God has showered the namatas, it is impure not to enjoy those namatas. If the sword had been a civilization, then the cheek community would have been more civilized than the Romans.

Timur laughed loudly and his soldiers laid hands on the swords. Taimur's thunder was the death thunder or the falling thunderbolt.

Why are Tatar animals?

I don't say that

You say, God has created you to love. I say, this is Kufr. God has created man for life and all he does against it is Kapir, Jahnummi Rasulepak came to cook our life, to make us true humans, not to beat us. Timur has taken the lead to cook the world with this kufr. I swear by the steps of Rasulepak, I am not heartless, I am not bloodthirsty, I am not cruel, but the punishment of Kufr is nothing but death in my faith.

He looked at the Tatari warlord with a murderous eye, and immediately a god-like man came to Yazdani's head with a sword. The Tatari army also broke down on the Turkish army by rubbing them, and in a hurry, how many corpses started hitting the ground.

Suddenly the same young man who stood behind Yazdani came forward to Timur and spoke of death in both of his tied fists - a king calling himself a Muslim. Is this the training of Islam that you shed the blood of those brave who have not committed any crime except to defend their Caliph and the country?

There was silence all around. A young man who was still drenched with issues; Disgrace a sharp king like Timur in such open words and let his tongue be drawn from the palate. Everybody was getting shocked and Timur sat in awe, looking towards the young man.

The young man looked at the Tatari soldiers, whose faces had a bewildering encouragement, and said - You call these Muslims as kapirs and explain that you are killing them and killing God and Islam? I ask you, if those people who do not prostrate in front of God and others, who consider Rasulepak as their god, are not Muslims, then who are Muslims? If you have given me strength, if you have given strength, whether you will shed the blood of God's prisoners or you will take them directly on the way. You have so desperately betrayed seventy thousand brave Turks and made them fly out of the tunnel and orphaned their innocent children and Nipradha women, you have some idea. Are these the acts on which you are proud to be your Muslim? Haven't you soaked your horses in this slaughter, blood and flowing river, but have dug up and harvested Islam. This is the autobiography of the heroic Turko, who spread Islam in Europe. Today in the church of Sopia you are always heard of Allah-Akbar, the whole Europe is ready to welcome Islam. Are the exploits worth it that they get this reward? Remove this idea from the heart that you are Khilji to Islam. One day you will also have to answer the deeds in front of the family and you will not be heard, because if you still have a good and bad shirt, ask your heart. You did this jihad in the path of God or for your happiness and I know, you will get an answer, he will bow your neck in shame.

Khalifa had just bowed his head that Yajdani shouted in words Arj-Jahanpanah, this is the slave's boy. There is some pituran in its mind. Hoozoor forgive its mischief. I am ready to face his sentence.

Timur was looking at the young man's face with fixed eyes. For the first time in his life, he got an opportunity to listen to fearless words. In front of him, the language of great generals, ministers and emperors did not open. Whatever he used to say, that was the law, no one had the power to choke him. His comrades had raised his pride in the sky. He believed that God sent Islam into the world only to awaken and improve it. He did not claim the prophecy, but this feeling had become entrenched in his mind, so today when a young man gave up his life and opened the curtain to his fame, his consciousness woke up. In his mind, instead of anger and violence, Riddwa emerged. A hint of his eyes could spark the life of this young man. In front of his world, Vijayini Shakti, as if this milkman child is standing with his little hands to stop the flow of the sea. What a confidence it was, along with how confident it was. Timur came to know how weak he is in front of this unarmed child. Man can have only one source of such courage and he has firm faith in the truth. His soul ran impatient to cling to that young man's hand. He was not a philosopher, who doubts the truth, he was a simple soldier, who makes truth even with faith.

Yajdani said in the same voice - Ship, do not take care of its disrespect.

Timur immediately got up from the board and hugged Yazdani and said, I wish I would have worn the hears of such anguish and disgrace, so many innocent people would not have blood on my neck today I see in this tongue the spirit of an angel who has been sent to show the misguided truth like Moose. My friend, you are lucky that such angel is father of only son. May i ask his name

Yazdani was a militant at first, turned Muslim behind, but still sometimes raised doubts in his mind as to why he accepted Islam. The prisoner who was being drained standing on Fasi's planks that in a moment the rope would fall on his neck and he would hang on, like an angel took him. He spoke to Gadgad Kantha - he is called Habibi.

Timur went in front of the young man and grabbed his hand and said to him with his eyes - my young friend, you are truly the god of God, I am a sinner who always considered his sins in his ship, so that I was told Tha, your caste is helpless Today I came to know how much damage was done to Islam at my hands. From today onwards I catch you. You are my friend, you are my primate. I was convinced that only you can reach Khuda's dargah from Vasile.

Saying this, he stared at the young man's face, then he was filled with shame. In the place of that harshness, there was a sweet hesitance.

The young man bowed his head and said- It is a tribute to Huzur, otherwise what is my interest.

Timur pulled him up and placed him on his side plank and ordered his commander, all the Turks should be released, their weapons should be returned and the goods which were looted should be distributed equally among the soldiers.

Wazir then proceeded to obey this order, while Timur went into his pillow holding Habib's hand and started managing the feast of both the guests. And when the meal was over, he recited the whole story of his life, full of mixed animalism and vandalism from beginning to end. And he did all this under the illusion that he was following the divine command. Who will he show to God? Hiccup cried foul.

Finally he said to Habib - my young friend, now you can cross my bed. If you have shown the way, then reach the destination. Only you can handle my king. I now know that I used to take him on the path of destruction. I request you to accept this prayer. See, do not refuse for God, otherwise I will not be anywhere.

If Yajdani says Arj ki-huzoor is so complimentary, then you have your grace, but what is the age of this boy right now What will it be able to accomplish with the blessing? Now is the day of its training.

There was denial here and Timur kept insisting there. Yajdani was refusing, but the chest was puffed up. Moses went to take fire, found Prophet. Said they were going in the mouth of death, got the wajraat, but it was also doubtful about the whereabouts of such an unstable thought, who is happy today, is ready to give the wajraat, tomorrow if angry, then the life is not good He had faith in Habeeb's Liaqat, yet he was afraid that how the wilderness would not be known in the country, how it should not be. Conspiracies continue to occur in courtiers. Habib is noble, sensible, recognizes opportunity; But that will bring you from experience, which comes from age itself.

He asked for a day's pause to ponder this question and was disinterested.

Habib Yazdani's boy was not a girl. His name was Ummtul Habib. When Yazdani and his wife became Muslims, the girl was twelve years of age, but the process also provided her with wisdom and talent. She would not accept anything until she tested the truth. He was unrested by the conversion of his parents, but could not take Islam's initiation. The parents also did not want to put any pressure on him. Just as he has the right to change his religion, he also has the right to follow his religion. The girl was satisfied, but she began a comparative study of both Islam and Zarathutha Dharma, and after a full two-year investigation and trial, she also took initiation to Islam. Parents should not bloom. The girl has not become a Muslim by his pressure, but voluntarily, healthily and faithfully. The doubt that surrounded him for two years disappeared.

Yazdani had no son and in that era when the man's sword was the greatest court, the absence of a son was the greatest misfortune in the world. Yajdani's son's desire started fulfilling with daughter. Like boys, his education started. She would dress with children, ride a horse, learn weapons and often accompany her father to the palaces of Khalifa Bayazid and go hunting with the princess. Along with this, she also practiced philosophy, poetry, science and spiritualism. Even in the sixteenth year, she entered the military school and within two years she became a servant in the army after passing the highest examination there. So well versed in the art of art and military operations was Khalifa Bayazid so happy with her character that at first she got a Hazari mansab.

What is the lack of fans of such a girl. How many officers with him, how many youths of the royal family used to die on him, but no one looked into his eyes. Nikaah always had the message, but she always refused. He had an interest in married life. That how many women are treated with arrogance and then how much disrespect is imprisoned in palaces. Their fate is under the kindness of men.

Often she had an opportunity to meet the women of the higher houses.


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