Mirror Room -3

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Different country has different religion

Causes such as marrying a boy of a different religion in a foreign country are usually made at the head of a strong tendency, and the tendency is not long lasting. Within a month of the marriage, it seemed that things were not going well. Too wrong. This did not happen to them. One night after a year of marriage, Lillian thought that I must have done some great deed in my childhood or in my youth. Such a person cannot be found as a husband or a friend without doing any great deed. Lillian cried alone for a while. Then he tried to wake Taher. Couldn't. It is really impossible for Taher to wake up. Lillian wanted Taher to wake up and take him for a walk on the street. Late at night holding hands on the lonely street. As he walks, he tells Taher - I love you. This love set aside for you will never be lost. Never.

After a year and a half of marriage, Taher moved into a new home on Fifth Avenue. Huge duplex. Dining room, living room, library on the first floor. Cum study room and a guest room. Four bedrooms on the second floor. They have no need for such a big house. But Taher will not take the small house. In a small house, his or her dim comes off. Speaking of taking a small house, Taher smiled and said, "My ancestors lived in very big houses - foreigner understood; So I will stay in the big house. I will keep the money separate from the salary I get. Fifteen years later, with that money, I will build a house with ten acres of land that will become your wisdom.

What Taher gets as a junior doctor at the hospital is enough for him to stay away - at the end of the month he spends the last quarter and says to Lillian with a dry face - Lily! Do you have a whole twenty? Then looking at Taher's dry face, Lillian wants to shout - I love you, I love you - she doesn't shout. He says in his mind that he will never be able to catch Taher. For example, when Taher takes a cup of coffee in his hand and says - Wow, have you learned to make excellent Compachino coffee? Let's start a coffee shop. The name of the coffee shop will be - Lillians Campachino. Then Lillian says in her mind - I love you, I love you, God has given man a lot of power, not the power to understand the mind. If he had, Taher would have understood that Lillian has surrounded this man with deep love.

When did Taher study many nights? This time Lillian doesn't bother him. Sitting in a rocking chair on the porch, swinging and eating - why did God make me so happy? Even if one hundred percent of it was happy, my life would have been beautiful.

Lillian tries to understand what love is all about. Do not understand His idea is that there is very little space in the body for the name of love. If you say no. Again sometimes it seems the complete opposite. I think the body is a lot in love. If not much, why would he want to touch this man all the time? Is it possible to touch the body because it is not possible to touch the mind?

Well, just like he wants to touch the man all the time, does that man do the same? Embarrassed to ask directly, Lillian turned around and asked, unable to grasp the question. As Lillian asked one day, listen Taher when we are walking in the garden - that is, we are walking side by side. Which way do you like to walk then? I mean, do you like to walk alongside me, not in front of me, or behind me?

Taher said seriously - My dear foreigner! I don't like walking in the garden. I have a garden-fear inside me. The garden around our village house. I was once chased by a snake in that garden. Garden-fear from then on.

Well, not in the garden. Walking down the street then?

My dear foreigner! I don't like walking on the street. America's roads are not for walking, but for driving.

Lillian sighed and said, why do you always call me a foreigner ??

You are a foreign girl, that is why I call you a foreigner.

Do you have any resentment to say foreign girl?

There is not the slightest annoyance.

There are maybe too vaguely. So vague that you don't even know yourself.

If so, what will you do?

I will try to remove that anger, that frustration of yours.

How to do it?

First I will learn your language.

Learn Bengali?


Absolutely impossible. Bengali is harder than the hardest languages ​​in the world. Hebrew is more childish than Bengali.

Why are you talking nonsense?

I'm not talking nonsense at all. Near the sound of the English letter s we have three letters sh, s, d. Again there are three letters near the letter z - ja, ya, j.

There are such in all languages.

We have more weird matter-sappers. For example, I feel cold, it means something; Again, I feel cold - it means something else. Just using the word winter twice changed the meaning. That's a very difficult thing to do.

If it's difficult, you help me.

Are you crazy? I myself do not know Bengali, can I help you? Metric got 36 in Bangla First Paper. Shot through the side of the ear.

Does that mean you won't help me?


Why not?

I don't see the need for it.

I'm watching. The language you speak, I can't know that language. I love you, so I want to speak your language.

I love you too, that doesn't mean I have to speak your Greek at night.

My language is not Greek.

All foreign languages ​​are Greek to me.

I'm not asking you to learn my language. I'm just saying you help me learn your language.

Fine, help! What else do you want to learn besides learning the language? He said at once.

I want to learn your country's cuisine.

What else?

The customs and manners of your country. Not learning vaguely. Very good learning, so that you never sigh - tell me why I married a foreign girl.

Taher smiled and said, you are trying to become a perfect Bengali girl.

Yes. Is it too hard?

Terribly difficult.

Not difficult at all. I have just said that when I have learned Bengali completely, I will go to your country with you. I will take the main training to be a Bengali girl in the country.

You're crazy! I don't even think about going to the country.

Why not worry?

I have no one in the country.

I know your parents are dead, so there is no one left, so how come?

I have no parents, no siblings. There was only one sister. Died of meningitis as a child.

There is a house, or not?

There is also a house towards the village. There are no houses in the city.

Who lives in the village house?

There is no one. Stays locked. Some of the doors and windows were stolen, but not much. There is a huge mango and jackfruit orchard near the house. One of my distant uncles looked after the garden. He enjoys the income of the garden. I send him some dollars from time to time so that he can look after the house.

Lillian said with interest, very good thing. Looks like your ancestral home is livable. Let's come this summer for two months.

Are you crazy? I will be in Vienna in the summer.

Is it not possible to go anyway?

No. Besides, you will not like Bangladesh in Lillian Summer. Tropical Country. It's too hot. The temperature rises to thirty-four degrees thirty-five degrees Celsius. High humidity. Sweat comes out of the body like tar.

I will not have any problem.

Will. My ancestral home has no electricity. The hand fan is the only fan. Extreme mosquitoes. The garden around the house is beautiful, but even if it is beautiful, you cannot walk in the garden. In the rainy season, it becomes muddy. With that comes the infestation of snakes.

You are trying to scare me.

I'm not trying to intimidate. Honestly. If I wanted to show fear, I would say, there is a dense forest around our house. The Royal Bengal Tiger and the elephant roam in that forest. I'm talking about mosquitoes, I'm talking about the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Your hopes are not being fulfilled right now. One day it will definitely happen. I will show you the mosquitoes of Bangladesh. All mosquito export quality ya size. Each person eats one and a half drops of blood. He vomits after eating blood and eats again. Ha ha ha.

Taher was to go to Vienna for a month. It has increased for two months. He will return after completing a short course at the end of the seminar. Taher is very happy. Lillian looks bad. Feeling pretty bad. Feeling bad. Thinking that Taher doesn't understand how hard it is for him to leave Taher and live alone. He could easily say - Lily, you go with me. Let the house be locked. He is not saying this once.

Taher's flight is on Wednesday. He had coffee at the breakfast table on Tuesday and said, "Lily, you go too." I will do seminars, I will do courses - you will travel from city to city. Only at night will we sleep together. What do you need to live in such a big house here alone? In the end you will get fear.

No. I'm not afraid.

Don't be afraid. It is not right to leave the house empty.

Lillian is crying - she couldn't say why. I'm not afraid. Why didn't he just bet Taher? What will he say now – I don't want to be here alone. I'll go with you. You made a ticket for me too. No, that's not possible. He can't do such a childish thing.



Even if you don't agree, I understand that it will be difficult for you to be alone for two months. I give you a suggestion. You turn away from your parents. Break their anger.

You say that because you have no idea about their anger. This is not anger breaking.

My guess is that as soon as you go in front of them and start crying, the anger will melt away. Give it a try.

Trying won't pay off. My Pazar uncle is dead, no one gave me the news. I know. To another.

Will they never accept you?

If you leave me, or die, maybe you will.

There is no question of leaving you. Nothing can be said about death. The plane I am getting on can crash. But I will not die without showing you my ancestral home. Be sure about this.

Lillian looks very bad. Why did the issue of sudden death come up? This topic was not supposed to come.



I will call once a day.


I am leaving an envelope in the drawer of your dressing table. I will open the envelope after leaving the house. Not before that.

What's in the envelope?

Nothing. In other words, if you're afraid to be alone, you'll end up in someone's house with a lock. Or in a hotel.

I'm not afraid.

You look scared right now. I am an ophthalmologist. Eye specialist. I can tell a lot by looking at the eyes. Ha ha ha.

Lillian looked at Taher and said to herself, I love you.



In these two months, when will you please do a job, learn to drive a car? It is not a difficult matter. Must be admitted to any driving school. If you knew how to drive, you could drop me off at the airport. The two of us used to go to tell stories. Let's go now. By cab. Awkward thing.

Lillian opened the drawer as soon as she left Taher's room. A letter there. Written in a letter - Dear Lily, there is an open ticket to Vienna in an envelope. The ticket is for you. You can leave whenever you want. I would take you by force. Didn't go. Because I'll be busy all day, you'll be sitting alone in the hotel. He did not want to hurt you for his own sake. Better open ticket than this. If you get tired of being alone here, you will leave. You can't blame me for sitting in a Vienna hotel then. Because you came in your own interest. Ha ha ha.

Lillian immediately called the travel agent. If booking is available. If possible today.

The travel agent's booby-trapped girl said there was no chance of getting a booking in the next fortnight. Tourists are going in groups to confirm their tickets to Europe in the summer. But I am putting you on the waiting list. Let me know if anything is found.

After a long time Lillian went to sleep alone. And to his surprise, after a long time, he saw the terrible dream again. This time the dream is more clear. As if not a dream, the whole thing is happening in reality. He saw a huge ancient moss-covered building. He is climbing the stairs. Iron spiral staircase. He is getting up. The stairs are not ending. Suddenly he tried to go down the stairs. Surprisingly, there is no way down. What will he do now? Taher is being heard. He is calling from afar. Her voice is weak. Almost vague.

Lillian! Lillian. Where r u

I'm here.

You save me I am in terrible danger. They want to kill me. You save me

I can't get off. I'm stuck.

Save me Lillian, save me.

I'm stuck.

The stairs are swaying. Shaking violently. The iron railing is opening in the swing. Taher's faint voice is coming from far away. It's too windy. Nothing can be heard because of the wind.

Lillian woke up. It's ten o'clock. Lillian spent the rest of the night sitting in a rocking chair on the porch.

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