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It's a great beauty to eat

Lillian smiled with a piece of fried fish and said, "It's a great beauty to eat." Taher laughed ho-ho. Lillian said in English, I don't think I said wrong Bengali. Why are you smiling?

Taher did not stop laughing. She has laughter. Once you start laughing, you can't stop easily. Lillian said in English with a sore throat, I am just old enough to learn Bengali. Six months. I have learned what I have learned through my own efforts. You are not helping me in this matter. I am doing the opposite. You smile whenever I try to speak Bengali. Is that right

Taher said, of course right. One hundred percent right. We Bengalis do not tolerate wrong Bengali in the face of foreigners. I will laugh every time you say wrong Bengali. With fried fish, it is a great beauty. What is the beauty of frying fish again? It is not a picture of Picasso, nor is it a poem by Rabindranath. Fried fish is fried fish. Got it?

No, I don't understand. If I like to eat fried fish, I will not say anything?

Say - it's fun to eat, or say - it's good. What is the beauty of eating again? Pretty much we don't eat. The moonlight is very beautiful, so does anyone eat the moonlight?

Taher laughed again. Lillian is trying to be angry at Taher, can't. Will never get He never thinks he can. Lillian is twenty-three years old. Daughter of Naples. He met Taher at Yellow Stone Park. The introductory episode is quite funny. Lillian has come up with a tour group with a thirty dollar ticket. Leaving this first city to come out, what he sees is so good. Fascinated, she took one picture after another তখন then she noticed a boy with long, bushy hair looking at her and smiling. The boys around the beautiful girls behave very strangely without their knowledge, but they never smile in such an indecent manner. Lillian tried to ignore the matter. But not going to be ignored. Every time he is taking pictures, the man is smiling with all the teeth in his mouth. It's not like Lillian is a 23-year-old girl, she's like Charlie Chaplin. He has to smile in every activity. Lillian stepped forward. Ice said in a cold voice, I know why you are smiling?

Any man would be shocked to hear Lillian's cold voice. Don't panic. The man said with a smile, of course you can know. Let me finish taking your picture, then I will say.

Having trouble saying now?

Yes there are difficulties, of course there are difficulties.

I finished taking pictures, tell me why are you smiling?

You did not remove the cap from the face of your camera. He was taking pictures with a cap on his face. I was laughing for this.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could tell me with a smile that the camera cap wasn't removed?

Yes, I would.

Taher laughed louder than before. Lillian moved away. He has never been so humiliated in life. She is crying. Wishing to throw the camera into the water of Old Faithful. General politeness, general politeness, young girls can not expect from men? Lillian wants to hear the man say something very difficult. He can't do that. When he gets very angry, he can't say anything. It would be best if Lillian could go back to her hotel. That will not be possible. They will leave the microbus in the guided tray after the evening match. Even if he doesn't want to, he has to stay here till evening. Ghubefire will meet that man. He must stay until evening. He will grin as soon as he sees Lillian. There are so many different people in the world.

Lillian noticed the man approaching her. Coming with a smile. Lillianob's eyes hardened. Saliva began to accumulate in his mouth. If I could give the man a hard insult, my mind would calm down. Lillian knows she won't get it. Not everyone will get everything. Lillian can't speak harshly to anyone.

I have come to apologize to you.

Lillian stared blankly, saying nothing. The man said softly, "When I first came to this country, I bought a cheap camera and took a lot of pictures." What I saw. I was fascinated and took pictures of him. The funny thing is, I took all the pictures with the camera cap on. Seeing you reminded me of old memories. Are you new to America?


Oh well, then you bought a new camera. This type of camera will have this problem. You will be excited to see the beautiful scenery. Take pictures without opening the camera cap. All you have to do is buy a single lens reflex camera. This is called SLR.

Thanks for your unsolicited advice. Please let me be alone.

Am i bothering you


The man left, but Lillian thought he would come again. Do not leave his company easily. Asian boys live a fairly lonely life. They do not miss the slightest opportunity to talk to beautiful girls. Don't leave either. Keep trying. You shouldn't have talked to the man.

Lillian's guess was not false. In the afternoon, everyone in the Lillian team is sitting and drinking coffee. The boy is present. He went to Lillian and smiled and said, "I bought a Phil for you."

Lillian said with a hard face, why?

Your film is ruined because of me. I noticed from the beginning. I should have warned you. I didn't do that, I just laughed. Of course I have committed a crime, so I am atonement for the crime.

Lillian said with a hard face, the crime is nothing but a crime. You can't handle the greed of storytelling with me. Sundabi has come forward with an excuse.

You are wrong. This problem has occurred because you think you are very beautiful. You may be beautiful in your country, or in America itself. But judging by the appearance of our country, Rupavati is not.

In your country, do you have to be as black as you are for a beautiful habab?

Not that. The first condition of beautiful girls in our country is to have beautiful eyes.

My eyes are not beautiful?

No. The jewel in your eye is blue. In our country, brown or blue eyed star girls are called cat-eyed girls. They do not get married easily. Men do not want to marry them.

What a strange thing! What country are you from?

I'm telling you the name of the country, but please don't turn your lips when you hear the name of the country - where is this country again? It is impossible to be angry when someone says such things. My country's name is Bangladesh. Heard the name?


I forgive the crime of not hearing the name, although it should not be forgiven. Anyway, can I sit next to you?

What to do sitting next to the cat-eyed girl?

Have a cup of coffee with you, then leave.

Sit down.

May I know your name?

Lillian Gray.

Can i tell you my name

Lillian remained silent. He is amazed at the courage of the man. The man said with a smile, my name is Taher. Like you, Lillian Gray, I can be called Taher Black because of the color of her skin. I recently passed a doctorate from the University of Iowa. My find of specialization is eye. I am studying medicine, I will be an eye doctor in the future.


As an eye doctor I can give you some interesting information about your blue eyes. The information is that with age, your eyes will continue to be black, not blue.


Eye pigments tend to get bigger with age. When the eyebrow depends on the size of the pigment. If the size is large, the color will become black. A kind of Tyndall effect.

When will the eyes be black?

When you grow old.

You mean, like, old age, if I go to your country, everyone will call me beautiful?

Taher laughed out loud. A smile that made everyone in Lillian's team look away. Lillian herself began to feel a little unprepared. Laughing, tears came to Taher's eyes. He wiped his eyes with a handkerchief and said, sorry. I smile a little more. I have a smile. I can't stop laughing once I start laughing. I have a personal record of constantly laughing for a whole hour and twenty-three minutes. Of course, I do not know how many Guinness World Records.

What is the disease other than laughter-disease?

There are sleep disorders.

What is sleep disorders?

I don't wake up easily once I fall asleep.

Very uncommon disease but not. Many people have this disease.

Mine is uncommon. You can understand by giving examples. I was in Los Angeles two years ago. I live in a hostel. Once there was an earthquake. The law of earthquakes is that first there is a small swing - then there is a big swing. After the first swing, my friends tried desperately to wake me up. There was no profit. In the end, they took me outside and laid me on the pavement. I woke up in the morning and woke up to find myself lying next to a hydrant.

Lillian giggled and laughed. Lillian's companions looked back again. Taher said, we are probably disturbing them, how about going a little farther?

Not good. It's time for our trip. I will get up now.

I have a car. I can deliver to you.

Thanks. I don't ride in a stranger's car.

I was a stranger in the beginning. Certainly not strangers now. You know my name. I know your name.

Lillian said with a hard face, you're just trying to get along with me. I will not go in your car.

Lillian nodded to her companions. Once he wanted to go back and see the embarrassed expression on the man's face. He handled this greed with great difficulty. I thought to myself - I have a good education. This is the best technique to teach someone. First you have to indulge a little, then you have to throw it in the dust. Surprise has bought a competitive film. I bought a gift worth two and a half dollars and thought it would go a long way.

Lillian does not live in a dormitory. Lives in a roaming house. Rooming houses don’t matter to the university. Runs privately owned. Landlords rent cheaply. Rooming house. Accommodation only. There is no cooking, because there is no kitchen. Common bathroom. It is also wrong to expect anything better than forty dollars a month. Lillian can't afford to take a place in the dormitory at a higher cost. It cost fifty dollars to have a picnic. This month will go to his trouble. Need to buy a few books. Will not be bought this month. I thought my mother would call me long distance on her birthday. That will not be possible. It takes eighteen dollars to talk for three minutes. Moreover, you can't even talk to Maar for three minutes. Once he gets the telephone, he will not leave. Keep talking about the state. If Lillian says - keep it mom, Bill is getting up. Mom will say - and a little, the urgent word was not said. Listen to what your uncle did that day. That guy. One thing called wisdom has not happened yet. Meanwhile, his dentist has said that he has three wisdom teeth. Have you ever heard of those three wisdom teeth?

Lillian fell asleep on the side of the bed last night. Almost as soon as he fell asleep he had a strange dream. He is standing on the bank of an unfamiliar river. Huge river. Filled to the brim with water. The river, the forest on the other side of the river, is throbbing. Suddenly what was seen in the middle of the river was black. It is being swept away by the strong current. Lillian can't see, but she clearly understands that the thing floating in the river is a corpse. The body is known to Lillian. Very familiar. Dead people do not answer questions. But when did Lillian scream - who is who?

Everything is possible in dreams. The corpse spoke. With great difficulty he sat up on the water. Said Lilian in a faint voice. They killed me and threw me into the river. You give me bi7.

Lillian panicked and said, how can I save you? You are dead.

Save Lillian, save. Please please.

During this time the current of the river increased. There was a strong pull of water. The show began to sound. The body is speeding downstream. He is calling from far away - Lillian Lillian.

Lillian has started running along the river bank. He ran away breaking the bushes. Looks like he can't run anymore. Will stumble. The corpse is still calling to him. The voice of the corpse is weak. That voice is being carried away by the wind. Can't reach Lillian's ears.

At this point Lillian woke up. His whole body was drenched in sweat. Even after waking up, Kapil knocked with fear for a long time. One of the reasons for his fear is that he knew the young man whose body was floating away. The young man's name is Taher. Seen in Yellow Stone Park. It was on him. Yellow bungee collar sweater. He had the same sweater in his dream, but his color was gray.

Intense fear comes and goes as suddenly as a lot. As the sun rose, Lillian's fears subsided. Not only did that frighten me, but it also made me smile. He thought he had never had such a terrible dream. Saw the river. The river is not a terrible thing. There are also reasons to see the river. The previous day had spent the whole time on the shores of Old Faithful Ahad. He dreamed of embracing a boy named Taher - that too is normal. I have met him. The meeting was not very pleasant. The brain has arranged these things in its own way. Lillian clearly remembers the nightmare with whom she had quarreled as a child. Those dreams would have been horrible too.

Lillian just won't go to university today. Today is the only class. This class is not so urgent. If not, there will be no loss. Let's go to the canteen instead. Whether a job is available or not can be tried. If you can work four to five hours, the cost of Yellow Stone Park will go up a bit.

No work was found in the canteen. She went to the swimming pool. Going unnecessarily. You need a ticket to swim. He doesn't have enough dollars to buy a ticket. What a strange country. This is America! There is no word on anyone's face other than dollars.

Lillian watched him swim in the swimming pool for a long time. It always seemed to him to be one of the most beautiful scenes in the world - the swimming scene of a man. If people could fly, that scene would be very beautiful.




Sit down. Sit down.

I will not eat anything.

Are you upset


Ha ha ha.

No no.

I'm going.

Ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha.

I'm going.

I'm fine.


Not so much.

No no. Money.


Glad to hear that.



I would like coffee.











Have coffee?


Glad to hear that.

Yes, you can.


Am I right?


I know.


I don't know yet.



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