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2 years ago

The door is closed. Nobody will see us. Moreover, what is the problem? These are a little bit in today's relationship. Avanti, please agree.

- No. Not possible. Why are you doing this to me? Did we have any such talk Asif? If you call and tell him to come, there is no one in the mess, you are sick of him. So I left. And now all this ... Chih! Are you so mean

Asif replied,

- No.

-Then why are you saying this now?

- I don't know.

- Are all the boys like this Asif?

- I don't know.

-Surprise. You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

- I don't know. Butt please agree?

- Surprise Asif! You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? Do you have an eye on what you are asking me?

-Why? What I wanted can not be given to me, Abanti?

Tears came to Abanti's eyes when she heard Asif's words. When the water started dripping on the bed, Asif knelt on the floor and wiped Avanti's eyes and said,

-I'm sorry. I didn't think you would get hurt by my words.

Avanti restrained herself and said,

- No need to say no. You can do whatever you want. That's all I know, boys don't see the mind before the body. Do not love Does not know how to love. And they don't get married just because they don't know how to love. Perfection does not come.

Ha ha ha. Did you really become serious, Avanti? Anything is color? And are you serious? Do you know this Asif?

-You mean? What does this recognition mean again?

-How long has our relationship been going on today? Asif asked Abanti.

- About two years.

- What wrong have I done to you in these two years?

- No.

-Then how do you think I'm going to sit still today?

Avanti is silent. After a while the silence was broken and the calling bell rang. Abanti was a little shocked. Asif said,

- Now who's here at this inopportune time?

- I don't know.

If you don't say that today all the friends of your mess went to Sylhet together, you couldn't go because of fever so you are alone in the mess. That's why I left. Now who gave the calling bell again?

Oops! Why are you so anxious? Let's see who gave the calling bell. I don't know who came.

All right, go. Come and see.

Asif got up from his room. He went and opened the door. No! There is no one in front. So who gave the calling bell?

Abanti rushed to the door behind Asif. Abanti asked from behind,

- Who is Asif?

- I don't know. Gave the calling bell. I opened the door. Now I see no one.

Abanti noticed something like a box next to the door. Asif asked, what is this?

- I don't know. What is this? Who left it here?

- The one who gave the calling bell has left. Well look what is inside it!

Asif said,

- You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? What if there's something inside the bottom?

- Are you crazy? Why would anyone come home and leave a bomb with a bell? If you think of killing, you will kill differently. Open it and see what's inside.

The shape of the box is like a box of ice cream. But a little bigger than a box of ice cream. As soon as he took the box out of the shopping bag, Abanti saw a wrapping paper type wrapped in green paper outside. Box inside the paper and another small note type on top of the box.

Asif was standing next to him. Avanti closed the door and came into the room. The box opened. Cock polao inside. And a note on the top of the box. Avanti opened the note. It is written in large letters,

"I love you Asif. I know you are sick. I couldn't come. Otherwise I would have brought it myself. I got a boy and sent Pola too. There was no one at home for that! But you eat!"

After reading the note, Abanti looked at Asif. Asif said,

-What happened? What is written here? Well whatever is written, do you see what a nice scent is coming out of polao Abanti?

Abanti threw the box of polao from Asif's hand to the ground. Polao was scattered all over the floor. Asif was not ready for this situation at all. Holding Abanti's shoulder tightly with his hand, Asif shook Abanti a little and said,

- What's the problem? Why did you throw away this box full of pola?

-Oh well. I have left the polao given by my lover, so I understand that it hurts?

-What the hell Avanti! What are you talking about? Polao, given to the lover! What does all this mean?

-Oh! Now you do not know the meaning?

-What? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? What do you mean, tell me directly, Avanti?

- Look at this. Read the note.

Asif took the note in his hand. I read the writings there. Abanti said,


Asif did not say anything.

This time Abanti took the note from Asif's hand and started reading it aloud.

"I love you Asif. I know you are sick. I couldn't come. Otherwise I would have brought it myself. I got a boy and sent Pola too. There was no one at home for that! But you eat!"

After reading the note, Abanti sat down on the flooring bed. Abanti cried like a child. Asif sat on the ground and said, I do not believe your Avanti?

Abanti did not say anything. Asif put his hand in Avanti's hand and took it away. Removed and said,

- You should be ashamed now Asif! Are you holding my hand Who gave you the right to hold my hand?

Asif did not listen to Abanti. Abanti put her hands in both hands and said,

- Listen to me, Avanti. Don't get me wrong .. I don't know who did it, why, why. But it is true that I know nothing of it.

The calling bell rang again.

Asif went a little furious with the bell market. Now Nusrat did not come in a hurry? Nusrat was with Asif last night. Nusrat got up at nine in the morning and went to his house. Then Asif called Abanti to come. Nusrat may have sent this note and Pola too but Asif will not be able to admit it in front of Abanti. Nusrat came to see Nato Asif at this time? If Nusrat leaves, will Abanti react now? What will Nusrat say after seeing Abanti?

Asif opened the door. Abanti has also come after Asif. The inside of Asif's chest is throbbing thinking that if Nusrat goes to show extra care of love without informing Asif at this time, a huge accident will happen. Abanti on one side, Nusrat on the other. The two should not face each other in any way. Asif stood at the door. Abanti said,

-What? Open the door. I see your beautiful lover. Let's see who cheated on me for being so crazy. Open the door.

The calling bell rang again.

Asif saying Allah Allah in his mind and opened the latch of the door. There is no hole in the door that will see first, who came out of the door.

A girl is standing next to the door. Abanti looked at Asif. The girl standing in front of the door is wearing a silk sari. Light pink lipstick on the lips and a black bag in hand. The girl looks strangely beautiful. The girl said in her weak voice, sorry.

Abanti woke up. she shouted a little and said, what do you mean sorry? What is your relationship with Asif? I love Asif.

The girl said again in her weak voice, sorry. In fact I understand. That's why I came upstairs. I sent a box of polao and a note to my boyfriend with a boy.

-Oh well. So Asif is your boyfriend?

- No. You got it wrong.

-I misunderstood? This girl, you just said that you sent a note to your boyfriend with a boy and a note?

-Yes, I did. But it was supposed to go to the third floor and not the fourth floor. Forgetting has come here.

This time Abanti went into full swing. He took out the note in his hand and said,

- Look at what is written here.

- I'm sorry. This was not my fault. Bull is done. The boy went to the third floor and gave it to the fourth floor. What can I do now? I left on my own. I don't want this to intersect in another relationship. I know how much a relationship costs for a life.

Abanti said,

-Oh well! So your boyfriend's name is Asif? No, now I will say that your boyfriend's name is also Asif. Isn't it?

-Yes. His name is also Asif.

- Aren't you a girl? Don't you want to be a girl and lie to another girl? Chih!

- But you are exceeding your limit. I'm still polite enough.

Said the girl standing in front of the door.

Asif was silent for so long. He broke his silence and said to Abanti,

- You give me some time. I understand the matter now.

- What do you understand? Do you understand me? And this girl also sent you to Pola. The note gave.

-Yes. This girl gave notes to Asif and also gave a box of pola. But Asif and I are not one.

Surprise Asif! Have you fooled me

No, I didn't find you stupid. I'm clearing everything in front of you right now. You wait a little longer.

Asif went out of the flat and went to the stairs and called, Asif ... this Asif ...

There is another Asif on the ground floor of Asif. He will enter this time. This girl is Asif's lover.

Asif came and stood in front of me. He came in front of Abanti and said,

-Sorry sister. Fabihar is wrong.

Abanti looked into Asif's eyes. Then he looked into the girl's eyes again. The girl said,

-Avanti Apu, I love Asif. And today there is no one in his house so I gave Polao and the note to his house. But how did that get here!

I'm sorry sister.

Abanti gave a smile. Laughing, he said,

- What are you studying this girl? And Asifto will just enter. Are you so ripe at this age?

Fabiha was a little embarrassed. Asif from Fabihar's side said,

-Avanti Apu, Fabiha and I study in the same college. In the same class.

-Oh well. Fabiha has adapted you to the sari. And yes, your made polao but I quarreled with Asif and threw him on the ground. You two owe me a treat. Remember?

Asif and Fabiha shook their heads together. Said

- Yes, yes. Apu will definitely remember.

When Asif left, he told Asif,

-Brother at home if you know ...

- Damn stupid. Do you know why at home? I will not say at home. Do what you love Now is the time for love. And what have I done less at this age?

Fabiha and Asif left. Asif slammed the door. Told Abanti,

- Do you believe me now, Abanti?

Abanti hugged Asif. Abanti sat hugging like this for quite some time. Then he said to Asif,

-I'm sorry. I misunderstood you Asif.

- You don't have to say sorry. And not only you but any other girl in the world would have done the same kind of syncretism in this place. You did nothing more than that. But you will be punished for it.

- Punishment?

-Yes, punishment!

-What punishment should be meted out, Mr.

- I have to kiss you or I'll kiss you. You can't stop me.

- No. Will not


-It doesn't mean no. Busy.

-Oh well. This is your punishment?

- Yes, this is something to think about! All right, go. Even with a kiss. But this is the last. After that I will not be able to indulge in anything like this.

-Hmm, that's fine. But you can't misunderstand me like this.

The two of them became deeply engrossed. The midday sun is uniting and inviting all the happiness of the world. On the other hand, the cloud of darkness is coming down in Abanti's life. There is another profound truth behind Asif's beautiful words. But Asif also gave the same love to Nusrat. Nusratak also loves Asif very much. Neither Othf Avanti nor Nusrat know that Asif is involved in two different relationships at the same time. No one can guess where the turn of their lives will take them. The deep obsession of kissing brought black clouds to the sky horizon. The effects of this black cloud have slowly begun to wear off in Abanti's life. Abanti herself does not know where this love will take her. Abanti is going to face a terrible situation.

I hope you like this my friends....

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Written by   95
2 years ago
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Very nice article, keep writing

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2 years ago

Thank you so much my dear friend from the core of my heart... stay happy and healthy..

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