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Bhola Mahato had a second engagement after the death of the first woman, so bad days had come for her boy Raghu. Raghu was only ten years old at that time. Chanley used to play Gulli-Danda in the village. As soon as mother arrived, she got burnt in the mill. Panna was a rupavati woman and is associated with choli-daman in form and pride. She would not do any work with her hands. Raghu used to extract cow dung, Raghu used to feed mash to oxes. Raghu used to clean the utensils. Bhola's eyes fluttered so much that he could see all the evils in Raghu. He used to listen to the words of Panna by closing his eyes according to the ancient martyr. Nobody cares about Raghu's complaints. As a result, Raghu stopped complaining. Who cried in front of? Not only the father, the whole village was his enemy. He is a very stubborn boy, he does not consider emerald to be sprung: the poor man cares for him, feeds and feeds it is the result of that. No woman can adjust with you other than me. He then said, the emerald is so simple that it keeps growing. Everyone listens to strong complaints, no one listens to the weak! Raghu's heart used to burst from mother's day. Even eight sixty passed and one day the message of death reached Bhola.

Panna had four children - three sons and a daughter. There is no one to spend so much and earn. Why Ragghu asks about the matter now? This was an accepted fact. Will bring his woman and be different. The woman will come and set her on fire. Panna was seen dark all around: but whatever happened, she would stay in the house as Raghu's help. The house he ruled will no longer be a maid. The slave who is considered his slave will not look at him. She was beautiful, the stage was not so much yet. Youth was on its way out. Can't she do another house? It will not be here, people will laugh. From curse! Does this not happen in his community? The Brahmin, Thakur was the only one to have his nose cut. It is only in those upper castes that whatever they do in the house, the curtain is covered outside. She can do a second house by showing the world, then why should she remain a bully of Raghu?

One month had passed since Bhola's death. Evening had come. Panna was worried that he thought suddenly, the boys are not at home. It is the dream of the bulls to return, so that no boy comes under them. Now who is at the door to look after them? My boys do not like Raghu's eyes. Never laughs When he came out of the house, he saw Raghu sitting in a hut in front, making a bundle of oars, the boys are surrounded by him and the little girl is trying to put his hand on his neck and ride on his back. Panna could not believe his eyes. Today, it is a new thing. Perhaps it shows the world how much I want my brothers and I have a knife in my mind. Ambush that is just lethal! Black snake, black snake! Speak harshly - what do all of you do there? Come to the house, it is the evening, Goru will come.

Raghu looked at the unassuming eyes and said - I am the only aunt, what is the fear?

Big boy Kedar said - Kaki, Raghu Dada has made two cars for us. See, we and Khunu will sit on one, Lachhman and Jhuniya on the other. Grandpa will pull both vehicles.

Saying this, he brought out two small cars from one corner. There were four wheels. There were planks for sitting and two sides for stopping.

Panna asked wonder- Who made these vehicles?

Kedar irritated and said - Raghu Dada has made it, and who! Basula and Rukhani brought demands and made chatter from Bhagat's house. Aunty run a lot! Sit Khunnu and I pull.

Khunnu sat inside the car. Kedar started pulling. The car is also accompanied by the boys in this game as if noisy noise occurs. Lachman sat in another car and said - Dada, pull.

Raghu also put Jhunia in the car and ran while pulling the car. The three boys started clapping. Panna was watching this scene with astonished eyes and was wondering if she was the same Raghu or someone else.

After a while both the vehicles returned: the boys went home to narrate the experiences of this journey. Everyone was so happy, as if sitting on an airplane.

Khunu said - all the trees were running.

Lachman - and how the calves fared, everyone ran!

Kedar-Kaki, Raghu Dada pull both the vehicles together.

Jhuniya was the youngest. His euphoria - power was jumping and narrower to the eyes - was clapping and dancing.

Khunnu - Now the cow will come to our house too! Raghu Dada has asked Girdhari to bring us a cow. Girdhari said, I will bring you tomorrow.

Kedi gives three seeds of milk to Kaki! Will drink plenty of milk.

Raghu also came inside. Panna looking at the sight of disobedience asked - Raghu, why did you ask any cow from Girdhari?

Raghu said with a gesture of forgiveness - Yes, if asked, will bring tomorrow.

Who has also thought that emerald-money will come from the house?

Raghu-everyone has thought, Aunty! This is not my mark. Its getting twenty five rupees, I will give five rupees of heifer! That is, the cow will become its own.

Panna came in silence. Now even his unbelieving mind could not reject Raghu's love and gentleness. Why do you sell a bid seal? Who is the cow soon? If you have money in hand, then take it. The desert will not feel good. If the cow has not been there for so many days, don't the boys live?

Raghu said philosophically - These are the days of eating and drinking of children! If you have not eaten at this age, then what will you eat? I don't even know wearing a seal. People must think that the father is gone. It is thought to wear a seal. Bhola Mahto died in the concern of the cow itself. Neither money came nor cow. forced to. Raghu solved this problem very easily. Today, for the first time in life, Panna believed in Raghu, quote - When the jewel has to be sold, then why will you sell your seal? Take my smile.

Raghu - No aunty! It looks very nice on your neck. Do men or not wear seals.

Emerald, I am old. Now what to do wearing a collar. You are a boy now, will not your throat be liked?

Raghu said with a smile — how did you get old now? Who is equal to you in the village?

The simple criticism of Raghu embarrassed Panna. A redness of happiness ran over his wrinkled face.

Five years have passed. Raghu's hardworking, honest, talk-rich farmer was not in the village. Nobody would have worked without Panna's wish. She was now 23 years old. Panna says repeatedly, brother, get the daughter-in-law off. How long will she be lying in the bath? Everybody discredits me that this does not allow the daughter-in-law: but Raghu used to postpone. Tells what is the hurry now? He had got some introduction of his woman's appearance to others. By bringing such a woman into the house, he did not want to disturb his peace.

After all, Panna insisted one day - so you will not bring?

'Said that there is no hurry now.'

'There will be no hurry for you, it is early for me. I send a man today. '

'You will regret Kaki, his mood is not good.'

'From your problem. Will I fight through the air when I do not speak to her? Will be able to make chapatis. I do not do all the work inside and out, I call today. '

'You want to call, call: but then do not say that it does not cure Mehria, he is enslaved.'

'I will not say, go and get two saris and sweets.'

On the third day, Muliya came back from her maternal home. At the drums at the door, the melodious sound of the clarinets started echoing in the sky. The ritual of unveiling was performed. She was a pure water stream in this desert. Wheat was colored, big pointed eyelids, light headlines on cheeks, strong attraction in eyes. Raghu was charmed on seeing him.

In the morning, he would walk with a pot of water, then his wheat color would become golden with the golden rays of the morning, as if Usha kept smiling for all his fragrance, all development and frenzy.

3 Mulia was burnt by McKay. Let my husband do the work by tearing the chest, and let the emerald queen remain seated, roam around like a nobleman. Mulia will not be able to bear this. She will not be anybody's slave. Our boys do not belong to themselves, whose brothers are they? Surrounds Raghu until he leaves. As soon as they are dead, they will sweep and leave, they will not even ask.

One day he said to Raghu - If you want to slavery like this, do it, I will not.

Raghu - Then what should I do, you tell me? Boys are not even fit to do housework.

Mulia-boys belong to Rawat, some are not yours. This is the emerald that used to make you yearn for food. I have heard everything. I will not live like a servant maid. I do not get account of money and money. Don't know what you bring and what she does. You understand, the money is in the house itself: but see, you get a single penny.

If you start giving Raghu-money-money in your hand, what will the world say, think this.

Mulia - Whatever the world wants to say. I have not been sold in the hands of the world. See, you can not get out from a coal furnace without getting your hand dirty. Then you die for your brothers, why should I die?

Raghu — did not answer anything. What she was afraid of, she was beheaded so soon. Now if he did a lot of things, then for six months more work will be done. That's all, this float does not seem to be moving ahead. How long will the goat's mother celebrate?

One day Panna poured mahue dry. The rains had started. The grain was getting wet in the barn. Daughter-in-law to Mulia, just keep watching, should I take a shower?

Mulia said carelessly - I am feeling sleepy, you sit and watch. What will happen if you don't take a bath one day?

Panna took off the sari and did not go to bath. Mulia's attack went waste.

One evening after several days, Panna returned after planting paddy, it was dark. Was hungry all day. There was hope, the daughter-in-law must have made the bread: but here, the stove was cold here, and the children were dying of hunger. Asked Mulia to Ahista - Today, do not burn the stove yet?

Kedar said - Even today afternoon the stove is not burnt! Sister-in-law did not make anything.

Panna — So what did you guys eat?

Kedar - nothing, the rotis of the night were eaten by Khunu and Lachhaman. I ate the gram powder.

Panna and daughter in law?

Kedar - she is lying asleep, has not eaten anything.

Panna lit the stove at the same time and sat down to cook. She used to dough the flour and weep. What is luck Burned in the field throughout the day, had to burn in front of the stove.

Kedar had a fourteenth year. The whole situation was understood by looking at the color of sister-in-law. Said - Aunty, sister-in-law does not want to be with you anymore.

Panna asked with surprise - did she say anything?

Kedar — says nothing: but this is what he has in mind. Then why don't you leave it? As it is, we also have God?

Panna pressed her tongue with her teeth and said - Shut up, don't forget to say such a thing in front of me. Raghu is not your brother, but your boss. If you ever speak to Mulia, understand it, I will eat poison.


The festival of Dussehra arrived. A fair was held from this village in every east. All boys of village went to see the fair. Panna also agreed to walk with the boys: But where should the money come from? The key was with Mulia.

Raghu came and said to Mulia - Boys are going to the fair, give two or two money to everyone.

Mulia offered tears and said - money is not in the house.

Raghu- Was oil still sold, did rupees arise so soon?

Mulia — Yes, got up?

Raghu — Where did you wake up? Just listen, boys will not go to see the fair today on festival day?

Mulia — Tell your aunt, take out the money, what will you do with a bullet?

Grab the key on the peg and give me the key, otherwise it will not be right. Food and clothing is also needed, a paper-book is also required, a fair should be seen on it. Our earning is not because we pay attention to other accounts and mustaches.

Panna said to Raghu - Brother, what will be the money! Boys will not go to see the fair.

Raghu shrugged and said — why not go to the fair? The entire village is going. Our own boys will not go?

Saying this, Raghu freed his hand and took the money out and gave it to the boys: but when the key began to be given to Mulia, he threw it in the courtyard and lay down with his face wrapped! The boys did not go to the fair.

Two days passed after this. Mulia did not eat anything and Emerald was also hungry, Raghu would never celebrate it, sometimes he: but neither it arises nor he. Finally Raghu asked Muliya in surprise - say something with her mouth, what do you want?

Mulia addressed the earth and said - I don't want anything, take me to my house.

Raghu - Good up, make and eat. Will deliver

Mulia raised her eyes towards Raghu. Raghu was scared after he saw her face. That melody, that fascination, that lavana had vanished. Teeth came out, eyes were cracked and nostrils were fluttering. Looking at the red eyes of the ember, he said - OK, so Kaki has given this advice, has he taught this mantra? So I am not so crude here. Moong Dalungi will be on the chest of both of you. Which turn are you in?

Raghu - Ok, take moong. If you eat or drink something, then only moong Dal will be able to do it.

Mulia - Now I will put water in my mouth only when the house is separated. Have suffered much, unable to tolerate anymore. Raghu came in silence. The voice did not come out of his mouth for a day. He did not even dream of being separated. He saw two or four families in the village separated. He knew very well, people's hearts also get separated with bread. Own people become aliens for ever. Then they remain the same relation among the village men. Raghu was determined to not let this misfortune come in the house: but he did not do one in front of the promising. Ahh! My mouth will get soot, the world will say that even ten years after the death of the father could not be achieved. Then who should I separate from? Whom to be fed in my lap, whom to be brought up like children, for whom different types of leprosy are to be separated from them

I am not hungry

Alas! Alas!

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