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2 years ago

By slum house we usually mean the house of poor and destitute people. Somehow the place of helpless people's head made of straw!

But, there are some slum houses which are one of the luxuries of the rich. Once, I was invited from a jungle area in Madhya Pradesh, India to attend an international conference. I was told that if I accepted their invitation, they would put me in a hut in the deep forest.

Quite an interesting invitation. Went to Madhya Pradesh. I went and saw that the organizers of the conference had arranged to stay in a hut in the deep forest. When I entered the slum room, I saw that it was like a three star hotel room. In the morning a nice breakfast was served in the hut. It was the famous jungle resort of Madhya Pradesh. I was very happy for a few days in the slum room of the resort !!

In fact, the rich are looking for lazy houses to cut the monotony of living in all modern installations including brick-stone, concrete, AC, elevator. However, the outside structure is like a slum house, but inside they want gizzard , expensive basin, commode, bed, table, chair, lighting etc !!! That's why you can find a three star quality hobby house in high hills, smooth beach or deep forest !!!!!!

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