Cryptocurrency & Bangladesh

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Cryptocurrency :

Cryptocurrency is one of the most widely used means of information transactions in the current era of information technology and the Internet. The most important of the different types of cryptocurrency are Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin,Dogecoin etc. Cryptocurrency is a kind of virtual currency. The number of such cryptocurrency is owned, stored or traded on the Internet is now more than eight thousand. But its use is increasing day by day. Due to the high level of security, information on such cryptocurrency transactions is limited to both the donor and the recipient.

Cryptocurrency & Banking :

Although the use of all cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, is increasing day by day, in the early stages of the introduction of cryptocurrency, legal authorities in the corners of the world did not directly recognize this currency. Although the United States (central bank / currency regulator) has taken steps to legalize cryptocurrency transactions.

Cryptocurrency and Bangladesh Bank:

Bangladesh Bank till now, In such private currencies according to cryptocurrency no direct approval of the transaction or saving. However, the central bank's foreign exchange policy December 24, 2016 on behalf of the department, published a notification on the website of Bangladesh Bank Is done. There in artificial currency (such as Bitcoin) Warned to refrain from transactions.That is to say, it means money through transactions in virtual currencies Trafficking and terrorism financing laws may be violated.

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