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Upcoming Polkastarter IDO - Finxflo, A Hybrid CeDEFI Liquidity Aggregator In Testnet. Will $FXF 10x?

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2 months ago

Another IDO is coming on Polkastarter and this time, it is a regulated CeDEFI project. What is Finxflo about? How can it be regulated or a centralized defi exchange? Will its regulated aspect affect the eventual price of $FXF? Why is Polkastarter incubated it? Did Finxflo have a presale? Did they raise funds? Will IDO price of $FXF be the same as presale price?

Let us see how much we can deduce about this project in one livestream and on the spot. Join a legitimate illiterate on this educational trip.

Will $FXF do better than $GLCH $PAID $TOSDIS $PBR post listing? When will it be listed and will it list on Uniswap first? Will front-running bots affect its price potential?

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