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Upcoming Polkadot Crypto - Tosdis & $DIS Posed For 10X? Uniswap, Korea Marketing, Bear Markets.

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1 month ago

I covered Tosdis finance and $DIS in a previous livestream and I wasn't as interested in it as I am today, after paying closer attention to it. My interest was Paid network and $PAID which I had also covered but its Uniswap listing was postponed to Jan 25th. Will momentum shift towards tosdis finance and $DIS considering that it is listing on Uniswap January 22 and the crypto markets are generally red? Will momentum shift to Tosdis finance and $DIS because Glitch protocol and $GLCH didn't garner the expect momentum? Will Tosdis and $DIS recent announcement of a Korean marketing approach give $DIS the bulls considering that Korea can indeed create waves in the crypto volumes? Will it favor $DIS that it carried out an IDO on both Polkastarter and directly on Tosdis finance? Will favor $DIS that there was no private sale and that IDO was capped at 1 eth per wallet? Will it favor $DIS that there will only be 35000 tokens in circulation post uniswap listing?

Join a legitimate illiterate and let us what we can deduce in this on the spot and educational livestream.

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