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Upcoming Polkadot Crypto - PAID Network Tries To Mix Law & DEFI. Will $Paid 10x Upon Listing?

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3 months ago

In this video, we look at Paid Network for the first time it a lifestream. $PAID is an upcoming cryptocurrency that will do its IDO on Polkastarter, giving it at least some affiliation with Polkadot which has momentum currently, considering ETH's high fees. PAID network looks like a mix of law and defi but we will see what more we can deduce from this livestream to try to project how $PAID will react price-wise when it is eventually listed on the likes of Uniswap. YOP, NORD, POOLZ all did quite well after they got listed on Uniswap and each one emanated from Polkastarter.

Join me on this livestream, where a legitimate illiterate looks at PAID network on the spot. Will you need POLS to participate in this IDO?

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