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Upcoming Cryptocurrency - Bots Ocean INC, The First Poolz Finance Incubated Project. Will $BOTS 10x?

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2 months ago

I had covered Poolz finance in several videos and ofcourse POOLZ. I wasn't able to get some because I didn't monitor the date of its uniswap listing well enough. It went off to surge in price and for good reason. It is an IDO launchpad and it had a testnet upon its listing. Very quickly it went into mainnet and well, it has integrated with Polkadot via the parachain Moonbeam and it now has its first IDO event early February in the form of a project called Bot Ocean INC. This project has a native cryptocurrency called $BOTS, while be introduced to the public in the very first Poolz incubated IDO. Will $BOTS 10x as result. Will Poolz finance puts its resources to marketing Bot Ocean INC? Will $POOLZ continue to moon? Will Poolz perform better than Polkastarter overall? What parameters does POOLZ finance use in vetting investors? How many $POOLZ is needed?

Join a legitimate illiterate in this educational trip where I document even my errors.

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