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STX Blockstack Will Moonshot Soon? STX To List On Okcoin; Coinbase Next? Smart Contracts On BTC?

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3 months ago

In this cryptoulog, in the course of a livestream, we will look at recent updates pertaining to STX of blockstack and of the Stacks 2.0 blockchain to see if it can give us insight into whether STX will moonshot soon. In January 14, Stacks 2.0 blockchain will enter mainnet, a blockchain that intends to incorporate smart contracts on BTC, even allowing STX holders to earn BTC directly. Isn't this huge? Will listing on OKcoin not spark its listing on Coinbase? Is blockstacks rosetta enabled? Let us see what we can deduce in this short livestream.

Also is STX a good investment at its current price? Will there be STX airdrop at launch of Stacks 2.0 blockchain?

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