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Polkadot Oracle, OptionRoom Has A Handpicked Whitelist For Both Polkastarter & Bounce Certified IDO.

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2 months ago

I had covered optionroom finance for the first time in a video here!

and today in this livestream, we check the parameters behind the whitelisting event associated with its upcoming IDO on Polkastarter and Bounce certified to find out that you can have a chance at being chosen for their IDO considering that they are handpicking participants as opposed to picking randomly like was the case with other polkastarter IDO like Poolz finance, Paid network, Tosdis etc.

Optionroom finance intends to build a user-governed oracle for Polkadot and its native cryptocurrency called $ROOM will effect governance among other things. Will you participate in the whitelisting event and eventual IDO when chosen. I will participate since they are handpicking participants and optionroom finance is looking good so far.

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