'Cryptocurrency & Money's Uselessness. Chapter 4 - Creating A Cryptocurrency.

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Chapter 4 - Creating a cryptocurrency.

What do you think now; can you create ‘your very own cryptocurrency’? 

Can you create a cryptocurrency?

Perhaps the right question is; haven’t you ever created a cryptocurrency? 

The above questions aren’t identical, neither are they out of place as we will soon identify. 

Alas, ‘creating a cryptocurrency’ is different from ‘creating your cryptocurrency’. The former is generic, the latter carries ‘your identity’. 

While anyone can ‘create a cryptocurrency’, not everyone can create a cryptocurrency that is unique to them. 

In one way or another, it is very possible that you have ‘created a cryptocurrency’, likely obliviously.

In this chapter and subsequent chapters, we will keep things brief. We can afford this luxury now, having arrived here from ‘chapter 3’, where we introduced you to the niche of ‘cryptocurrency’ quite indepthly. 

We now understand the general logic behind the formulation of ‘cryptocurrency’ and the role of a cryptocurrency in the success of a blockchain. 

In concluding ‘chapter 3’, we established that a cryptocurrency needs a blockchain upon which to function and the average user can interact with a cryptocurrency via a ‘DAPP’.

Another salient deduction from ‘chapter 3’ was that anyone can ‘create a cryptocurrency’, irrespective of their ‘level of literacy’ as we will further prove in this chapter, by focusing on helping you ‘create your own unique cryptocurrency’, based on the valid assumption that you can already ‘create a cryptocurrency’.

Indeed, the actual process of creating a cryptocurrency takes seconds!

If our aim is to help you ‘create your cryptocurrency’, fundamental to that success is the answer to the question ‘who are you?’. 

As such, during the course of this chapter, we will engage you with directional scenarios, modeled to help you ‘mine your human’ in the process of formulating ‘your cryptocurrency’, before we arrive at the segment of actually ‘creating your cryptocurrency’.

In fact, the process of creating ‘your cryptocurrency’ should have begun long before you create ‘a cryptocurrency’. 

Would you want to create a cryptocurrency that each human on earth wants to hold; a cryptocurrency ‘with a prayer’, one that incites loyalty, one that ‘returns value to humans’ or would you prefer to create a cryptocurrency that is quite generic, one that is measured in terms of ‘bulls or bears’, one that glorifies the ‘rat race’?

Yes, within the course of creating a cryptocurrency, you can re-implement the popular ‘boolean-based’ paradigms that guards ‘traditional money’, that of ‘bull or bears’ or you can create a cryptocurrency that succeeds whether ‘bulls or bears’ because ‘humans’ are involved.

This is the defining moment!

Within the formation of your cryptocurrency, it is important to identify and formulate the paradigms and tenets that will define your cryptocurrency. This is what will give your cryptocurrency its identity and potency. 

Based on how much ‘mining your human’ you put into this process, your cryptocurrency can turn out ‘revolutionary’ or ‘typical’.

At this stage, let us re-pose a bizarre-looking question: haven’t you ever created a cryptocurrency? You likely have!

To improve the context surrounding your potential answer, don’t answer the above question yet. Join me through the course of a playful scenario. At the end of this playful scenario, let us see if you can refute or dispel the notion that in some way, ‘you may have touched something that was considered ‘valueless’ and because of ‘your touch’, this once ‘valueless something’ garnered intrinsic value, even financial value’! 

If I gave you a piece of paper that bore my name and I told you to take it to ‘Papa Terry’ to purchase peanuts with it and you succeed; did that just happen? 

Did you just exchange a piece of paper for ‘peanuts’?

Can a piece of paper have that much value? Can it have monetary value?

If you can exchange a piece of paper for peanuts, can’t you exchange it for a ‘Ferrari’ then? Can’t you?

Won’t your conviction in this ‘miracle paper’ start to dwindle on your way to the Ferrari shop? Why though? Is a ‘Ferrari’ too different from ‘peanuts’?

Going back, were you even confident about the possibility of spending a ‘piece of paper’ (that bore the inscription ‘Terry Ajayi’) on ‘peanuts’? Did you doubt this ‘paper’s value’; the value of ‘a fellow human’; the value of some ‘Terry Ajayi’? 

May it be that ‘you doubt the value of a fellow human’ because you underlyingly doubt ‘your own value’? 

Aren’t you assured about the value of ‘peanuts and Ferraris’ though?

Won’t you readily spend a ‘piece of paper’ that bore the name ‘Obama’, on ‘Ferraris and peanuts’ alike? So, what is it about ‘my value’ and ‘your value’ that you doubt?

Or would you take a paper inscribed with your name to a ‘Ferrari’ shop? Are you valuable then? Are you assured of your value? Aren’t you assured of a Ferrari’s value? 

Alas, you may fret about taking a piece of paper that bears your name to ‘Papa Ajayi’, to get ‘peanuts’ in turn. 

Are we ‘full-blown humans’ then? Who are you then? Who am I then? How did a ‘rat’ race capture us so much? 

Will I readily spend a piece of paper that bears your name? Will i accept this paper and give you my ‘Ferrari’?

Infact, tell me ‘your name’ and I will attempt to get a ‘Ferrari’ with it or isn’t that just another ‘humanly-exhaustible’ action?

Do you know how many ‘humanly-exhaustible’ actions we never undertake today, based on the narrative of ‘no money’? 

What exactly gives ‘money’ its value? The ‘paper’, the inscriptions on it, the faces on it? In chapter 2, did we say that it is ‘not your money’. It is 'money', it is 'generic money'; it was modeled without the cognizance of ‘you’; it took 'rats' into account though.

Didn’t you know that I will gladly accept ‘your paper’ as my ‘legal tender’, to back what you represent; that I would prefer chasing ‘your paper’ to chasing ‘paper’? You don't believe it? Think thrice!

My decision however, may depend slightly on how much conviction you have in the value of ‘your paper’ and on how much you yourself are backing ‘your paper’. Else, won’t I make my own paper and be a papernaire in it?

If you still doubt me, it is likely because you doubt ‘you’. If even you, in all your conviction, considers yourself ‘a personification of value’; a testimony to the existence of ‘value in humans’; will you doubt that a replica or threplica of ‘you’ exists? You would struggle to doubt that!

Haven’t we been in the ‘rat race’ for so long, where humans are so trample-able upon, being of secondary value to ‘rats’? It is time to leave the ‘rat race’! 

To do that, there is something called ‘mining the human’; a motion that already began.

Yes, let us lose that ‘boolean’ trap fit for ‘programmable bots’ and stop measuring ‘value’ pertaining to ‘humans’ in terms of ‘bulls or bears’! 

Once again, do you know how many humanly-exhaustible actions we have failed to attempt because we have assessed our value in ‘bulls or bears’ terms? 

It all starts there! Creating ‘your cryptocurrency’, your very own ‘unique breed of cryptocurrency’, all starts there!

I once created a cryptocurrency called ‘TEARDROPS’ that began to garner value long before its inception. Even in its imaginary state, ‘TEARDROPS’ began being interchanged and distributed. 

The inception of this cryptocurrency began in form of a ‘hashtag’ i.e ‘#teardrops’ that gained popularity. Visit ‘https://hive.blog/@teardrops/posts.

Did you know that within the ‘world of cryptocurrency’, people have raised ‘millions of dollars’ on the basis of ‘a paper’? Have you heard of the ‘whitepapers’?

Yes, just on the basis of ‘whitepapers’, people have projected the vision behind ‘their cryptocurrency’ to a world of strangers and have been able to raise ‘millions of dollars’ in turn.

Did you know I have purchased several ‘cryptocurrencies’ on the basis of ‘a whitepaper’? Well, i don’t even read these whitepapers nor did i have any tangible knowledge about the people behind these papers? 

‘A humanly-exhaustible action’ I undertook, to back even ‘an anonymous person's dream’ and celebrate their aspiration. Why should such action stay curbed forever because of irrelevant fears generically associated with this so-called ‘money’.

Have I been scammed? Hahaha, ‘money’ has always been the ‘smaller things’. It only carries the influence I give it. Can you really be scammed out of the ‘smaller things’?

Altogether, I move first, then I may check if ‘money’ exists and if it doesn’t, I move still and so should you!

In the world of cryptocurrency, raising ‘millions of dollars’ from a ‘piece of paper’ isn’t far-fetched, neither was it in an ancienter ‘real world’, where ‘trade by barter’ existed and humans interacted/transacted ‘peer-to-peer’. In today’s ‘painted world’, a business center modeled with curricula that incessantly removes ‘value’ from humans, relegating them to the position of ‘clients’; raising a dime is far-fetched, for they must pillage and toil and wait ‘till the never-end of the tunnel to find light’. 

Oblivious, even to the inventors of the concept of ‘cryptocurrency’, the ‘world of cryptocurrency’ is beginning to return the ‘painted world’ to its former state, a ‘realer world’ where ‘humans’ had utmost value.

Isn’t ‘cryptocurrency’ a ‘barter-like system’, whereupon humans can interact peer-to-peer, their ‘human capabilities’ un-trapped?

“The world is still very novice to the ‘truest state of the world’.” @surpassinggoogle

Do you still doubt that in some way you have ‘created a cryptocurrency’; that in some way, ‘you may have touched something that was considered ‘valueless’ and because of ‘your touch’, this ‘valueless something’ garnered intrinsic value, even financial value’?

If you still do, you won’t after this next scenario. In this undisplayful scenario, we would worsen matters. You will be touching something ‘digital’ and turning this ‘digital something’ into ‘Ferraris and Peanuts’.

In this scenario, let us assume that your name is ‘Catherine Ajayi’. 

Let us see how Catherine would un-magically turn some ‘digital points’ into something of ‘financial value’ by simply touching these ‘points’ with her ‘identity, un-ordinariness and definition’. 

Catherine Ajayi starts out by creating 100,000 ‘digital points’ and takes us through the journey of evolving a ‘currency’ out of these ‘useless points’ that have intrinsic and financial value.

Cathy is a reputable ‘public figure’ and she has an active instagram account with some ‘50,000 Instagram followers’, you included! These followers constitute ‘true fans’ of what she represents. 

Lately, instagram decided to add a ‘gamification’ element to their user-interface, availing its users of simple tools to incite engagement from their followers. 

One of the tools is a ‘points mechanism’ widget that allows users to create their own ‘unique points’, which they can distribute to their followers, based on indices like ‘engagement’ (a popular social media index).

Constituting ‘fun’ points, users can create ‘points’ infinitely.

Having thought of how to resuscitate engagement surrounding her channel, in a way that empowers her followers, Cathey decides to formulate an ‘unconventional point-distribution model’ that is not based on ‘engagement’ but first, she has to create her ‘unique points’, one that identifies with her.

She creates ‘Ajayi-points’, choosing a name that represents her and aligns with the vi-mission of her Instagram channel.

Cathey starts out with ‘100,000 Ajayi-points’. Then, she concludes that there will be only ‘100,000 Ajayi-points’ in existence; a ‘finite supply’. 

From the very outset, she intends to distribute ‘90,000 Ajayi-points’ among her current ‘50,000 followers’ in equal measure. Dumb? Perhaps not!

To incite tangible curiosity among her followers, prior to an impending announcement, Cathey proactively distributed ‘90,000 Ajayi’ among her ‘50,000’ followers; each wallet receiving a deposit of ‘1.8 Ajayi-points’.

The question, ‘what are Ajayi-points?’ begin to lurk in the air.

Next, Cathey makes a timely announcement to the public, about the inception of ‘Ajayi-points’ in an instagram post; an underlying declaration of the parameters defining ‘Ajayi-points’.

Here was the content of her declaration:

  • There will only exist ‘100,000 Ajayi-points’; a finite supply!

  • 90% of ‘100,000 Ajayi-points’ have been distributed among my ‘50,000 followers’ in equal measure. Each follower got ‘1.8 Ajayi-points’.

  • I will keep the remaining ‘10,000 Ajayi-points’ and I will keep it until my instagram account reaches ‘500,000 followers’.

  • Henceforth, I will only accept ‘Ajayi-points’ whenever you avail of my ‘clout-services’.

  • To receive a shout-out from my instagram account about your project or channel, simply send me ‘12 Ajayi-points for the 7-days package’, ‘6 Ajayi-points for the 3-days package’ and ‘2 Ajayi-points for the 1-day package’.


By means of the simple-looking post above, Cathey declares and publicizes her definition of ‘Ajayi-points’. 

For this definition to gain acceptance, Cathey has blatantly backed ‘Ajayi-points’ with her ‘reputation’, her very ‘person’ and her ‘instagram channel’. Proactively, she has declared that will accept ‘Ajayi-points’ as form of payment, in favor of ‘FIAT’, cementing publicly her conviction in what ‘Ajayi-points’ represent.

A certain follower of Cathey called ‘Terry’ who now has some ‘Ajayi-points’ in his ‘points-wallet’, the sum of ‘1.8 AJAYI-points’, decides to analyze matters further. 

His decision stemmed from having known ‘Cathey’, banking on her likely reputability. 

Not entirely convinced of Cathey’s overall vision, he decides to test matters. 

He starts by authenticating ‘Cathey’s declaration’, which he accomplishes by contacting other followers of Cathey via direct-messaging to ask ‘how many ‘Ajayi-points’ they have’. If they all have ‘1.8 AJAYI-points’, it is quite conclusive that Cathey’s declaration about ‘having distributed ‘90,000 AJAYI-points’ equally among 50,000 followers’ is true. 

Underlyingly, Terry now has insight into ‘who holds what’. 

These were sufficient establishments for Terry to take the next step i.e ‘availing of Cathey’s clout service’, to establish whether it is true that ‘Cathey values ‘Ajayi-points’. 

He decides to avail of Cathey’s clout-service, particularly the ‘3-days package’ which costs ‘6 Ajayi-points’. Terry needs to accrue ‘4.2 Ajayi-points’ more!

Having deduced based on his earlier conversation with several others that there wasn’t much interest or awareness regarding ‘Ajayi-points’, Terry decides to return to these chattees, to see if he can convince them to part with some ‘AJAYI-points’.

Shockingly, his first conversation had arisen interest in ‘Ajayi-points’ among these others and while some gave him a total of ‘1.8 Ajayi-points’ for free, others wanted to sell their holdings. 

Eventually, Terry managed to buy a total of ‘3 Ajayi-points’ at an average price of ‘1$’ each. 

What just happened? 

Unwittingly, Terry had started a market action around ‘Ajayi-points’, with a base price of ‘1$/Ajayi-point’! How so?

Basically, he had bought ‘Ajayi-points’ at ‘1$ each’ from several others, who sold at ‘1$’.

Participants of this interchange are all aware of ‘an exchange’ and of the percieved ‘value’ of ‘Ajayi-points’. 

Terry on the one hand has availed of ‘Cathey’s 3-day package’ with tangible success, now assured of Cathey’s conviction in the value of ‘AJAYI-points’. 

Terry’s conviction in the value of ‘Ajayi-points’ has grown. Indeed, ‘Ajayi-points’ is backed by Cathey’s ‘reputation’, her very ‘person’ and her ‘instagram channel’.

However, as highlighted earlier, there are now others in the process of being convinced about the value of ‘Ajayi-points’.

There is a growing perception about the value of ‘Ajayi-points’.

So, Terry decides to act fast, ahead of others, but not without additional conviction. He had returned to Cathey’s ‘declaration’ post, to further assess the parameters guarding ‘Ajayi-points’. On it, he reaffirms that there is a finite supply of ‘Ajayi-points’ and that Cathey will not tamper ‘10,000 Ajayi-points’ of her ‘holdings’, till her instagram account reaches ‘500,000 followers’.

Then, Terry projects that ‘Ajayi-points’ would garner viral interest and concludes that ‘he will gather as many of ‘Ajayi-points’ as he can’ early, when the price is cheap. 

Price-wise, ‘Ajayi-points’ now has a bottom of ‘1$’ and everyone is attaining awareness of that. Alas, others now want to accumulate ‘Ajayi-points’ too; a ‘demand’!

In turn, the price of ‘Ajayi-points’ has started rising higher than ‘1$’ and it is rising fast. 

Nevertheless, Terry was able to get a few ‘Ajayi-points’ at ‘1$’ but people are becoming reluctant to sell at that price and Terry has begun to increase his bid. 

Now, others are bidding too, trying to out-bid Terry each time and Cathey was sleeping all along, not necessarily impacting the now forming ‘Ajayi-points’ economy. 

Cathey had mostly crafted an avenue using this fun ‘point system’ to empower her followers, when she created ‘Ajayi-points’. Terry had unwittingly begun a ‘peer-to-peer’ market for it. Everyone now accepts ‘Cathey’s definition of ‘Ajayi-points’ and an ‘Ajayi-points’ economy erupts out of a once liveless ‘digital points’.

Note that ‘Ajayi-points’ have some utility too. While it is public knowledge that you can spend ‘Ajayi-points’ to avail of ‘clout’ from Cathey’s instagram account, these points have started to attain additional utilities! How so?

In a ‘peer-to-peer economy’ such as the one obtainable with ‘Ajayi-points’, it can’t be concluded that each human ‘transaction’ or ‘interaction’ is premised by the popular paradigm ‘bulls or bears’. People may amass ‘Ajayi-points’ for a variety of reasons, ‘ROI’ being one. 

For instance, people want to amass ‘Ajayi-points’ because they are followers of Cathey and are ‘true fans’ of what she represents. These ones would love to amass ‘Ajayi-points’ whether ‘bulls or bears’, because ‘humans’ (i.e Cathey and other Cathey-sters) are involved. It is also possible that people amass ‘Ajayi-points’ simply to identify with Cathey’s channel and better-interact with fellow Catheysters. Others could amass ‘Ajayi-points’ to tip their own followers, rewarding them on the basis of their ‘engagement’ with a certain ‘Ajayi-points’ that has value.

Consequently, based on a ‘variety of interaction-approach’ from ‘Cathey’s followers’ with ‘Ajayi-points’, a ‘variety of utilities’ for ‘Ajayi-points’ begin to emanate. 

Didn’t we mention in ‘chapter 3’, that ‘cryptocurrency’ doesn’t have the limitations of ‘money’? Well, it is not as limiting of its users as ‘money’ because it brews a ‘decentralized peer-to-peer economy’ that anyone can interact with, with all their ‘human capabilities’ intact, since participants aren’t posed with the ‘influential interference’ existent with ‘traditional economies’ built on the basis of ‘money’. 

All along, have you been spotting some of the limitations inherent to the ‘Ajayi-points’ peer-to-peer economy? 

It is quite ‘too barter-like’, possessing only a few ‘optimization’ tools to enable it to function ‘fully peer-to-peer’.

Instagram didn’t evision many utilities for its ‘point system’  besides its ‘gamification’ element.

For instance, Terry wasn’t able to affirm ‘who holds what’ without ‘extra-authorization’, authorization which he had to obtain via ‘direct-messaging’ with other ‘Ajayi-points’ holders. Even though Cathey had simplified matters from the outset by declaring ‘who holds what’, Terry couldn’t affirm the authenticity of Cathey’s declaration with ease neither could he have known ‘who is selling what’. When trades began, Terry wasn’t able to verify the transactions of others; there wasn’t a public price-feed. 

Altogether, the system relies entirely on instagram and if instagrams decides to interfere, the system collapses e.g if instagram decides to unship their ‘points’ feature or decides to turn off ‘Cathey's channel’. 

Ultimately, this entire system has managed to work on the back of Cathey’s vision and her conviction in its success. 

Terry for instance, has participated in this economy on the basis of ‘Cathey’s reputation’ and was moved by her conviction. 

Now, let us assume that Cathey decides to participate more actively in the growing ‘Ajayi-points’ economy, by tackling some of its existent limitations. Having found out that Instagram offers a ‘public API’ for its ‘points feature’, she decides to build a third-party ‘explorer’ that records the ‘transactions’ history associated with ‘Ajayi-points’, in conjunction with a ‘central forum’, whereupon people can relay their ‘bid/sell’ offers.

Terry now has better ‘indices’ to base his participation in this economy on, the same indices that others have and Terry can transact in ‘Ajayi-points’ more efficiently, knowing ‘who holds what’ and ‘who wants to sell what’.

Altogether, we have a better peer-to-peer ‘Ajayi-points’ economy.

Alas, having access to the same ‘money indices’ as ‘an Obama’ has; won’t you have an ‘Obama’s money’?


You are better understanding the relationship among ‘blockchain, cryptocurrency and DAPP; aren’t you?

‘Cryptocurrency transactions’ have to be documented on a ‘public ledger’ i.e ‘a blockchain’, instead of a ‘centrally-controlled instagram’ as was the case in our ‘Ajayi-points’ scenario. 

Cathey ended up building a ‘DAPP’ for her users, to ease their interaction with ‘Ajayi-points’, enhancing their ability to transact in a ‘peer-to-peer fashion’, while further relegating her’s or instagram’s influence with the system. 

In eventuality, we are left with an enhanced system that is more ‘trustless’.

More importantly, you have started to decipher how to create ‘your cryptocurrency’. 

‘A cryptocurrency’ needs your touch, that it may inherit ‘your identity’. As such, the big subsequent question is ‘who are you’.

Returning to the ‘Cathey scenario’, did you notice that we haven’t deduced any ‘parallels’ with ‘smart contracts’ (a ‘blockchain-feature’ tangible to the success of ‘a cryptocurrency’).

Cathey may desire to improve the dynamics of ‘Ajayi-points’ and she can but without tampering the basic parameters that define ‘Ajayi-points’ as stated in her declaration. Having to tamper her declaration by her actions may lead to distrust from participants of the ‘Ajayi-points’ economy. 

To allay these potential fears which may stem from the community, with respect to the magnitude of Cathey's influence on the system, Cathey decides to create a ‘smart contract’, an open-source program that anyone can audit, which can self-execute once certain ‘conditions’ are met.

Note that Terry had seen ‘value’ in Cathey’s declaration based on his own indices but not everyone shares Terry’s indices, neither does everyone see ‘value’ in Cathey’s declaration, requiring a more salient assurance. 

Cathey’s proactive initiative in implementing a ‘smart contract’ solves all these matters, curbing ‘Cathey’s influence on the system’ and assuring participants of a ‘trustless’ economy. 

For instance, one of the parameters of the declaration was that ‘Cathey will not spend ‘10,000 Ajayi-points’ of her holdings until her instagram channel reaches 500,000 followers’. Programming the above parameter as a ‘condition’ into a public smart-contract, Cathey practically locks these ‘10,000 Ajayi-points’ into the ‘smart-contract’ until the ‘condition’ is met, while assuring her followers that she has relegated control over that aspect of the system to a ‘smart contract’.

Once her instagram reaches the mark of ‘500,000 followers’, her ‘10,000 Ajayi-points’ are unlocked by the ‘smart contract’; the required ‘condition’ fulfilled!

In the interim, Cathey still maintains some influence on the underlying dynamics of ‘Ajayi-points’, since she formulated it; telling you that ‘the entire process’ of formulating ‘your cryptocurrency’ is an evolving process that continues as you evolve!

To improve the dynamics of her ‘Ajayi-tokens’, for instance, ‘demand-wise’; Cathey innovates additional avenues for her followers to spend ‘Ajayi-points’. 

For instance, she can convince other social influencers to accept ‘Ajayi-points’ or create additional services from her channel that accepts ‘Ajayi-points’. She can also intensify efforts at increasing her ‘follower-count’, sustaining a continuously growing demand for ‘Ajayi-points’. 

To improve deflation and demand simultaneously, she can innovate a ‘stake-based’ mechanism modeled to incite people to hold their ‘Ajayi-points’. For instance, Cathey may declare that ‘followers who hold a minimum of ‘5000 Ajayi-points’ for a lengthy tenure e.g ‘90 days’, can avail of her ‘7-days clout-service’ for free at the end of the tenure.

‘Ajayi-points’, which were formed out of thin air, now have even financial value. They have been stamped on by Catherine Ajayi. It was a strong stamp! Her ‘points’ have left the ranks of generic ‘fun points’ and have become ‘Ajayi-points’; un-ordinary!

‘Stubborn genes’ were involved! @surpassingggoogle

Live Case Study

To begin to conclude this chapter, let us recount some of the formative events that went into the creation of the ‘MARLIANS’ cryptocurrency’, a cryptocurrency highlighted in chapter 3.

‘MARLIANS’ is the native cryptocurrency of the DAPP found on ‘https://www.marlians.com’.

The ‘MARLIANS’ cryptocurrency was born on the ‘Steem blockchain’. In effect, it is a ‘Steem-based cryptocurrency’. 

It was formulated to reward ‘content-related activities’ stemming from ‘‘https://www.marlians.com’, by virtue of a ‘reward-distribution’ model called ‘proof of tears’.

Talking about ‘https://www.marlians.com’, it is a social media ‘DAPP’ built on the Steem blockchain, currently hosting some ‘2,000 user-profiles’. Users of this DAPP can access their accounts with the same ‘login-credentials’ that they use in accessing their ‘Steem blockchain accounts’. If you didn’t have a Steem blockchain account yet, you can get one on ‘https://signup.steemit.com’.

Via this ‘DAPP’ (referring to ‘https://www.marlians.com’), users can interact with one another in the same manner as they can on any other social platform. They can also earn ‘MARLIANS’ for creating and curating ‘content’.

‘MARLIANS’ is one such cryptocurrency that had garnered its initial value on the basis of a paper; a ‘colorless paper’!

You can read its ‘Colorless Paper’ on ‘https://www.marlians.com/marlians/@surpassinggoogle/the-revised-colorlesspaper-for-marlians-com

Even though ‘MARLIANS’ currently exists live, it simply models the same paradigms as its ‘parent cryptocurrency’ called ‘TEARDROPS’, which will come to life in the future.

During the formulation of the dynamics and paradigms that will guard ‘TEARDROPS’, it was essential to get a ‘live token’ running, to enable garner clearer insight into the process involved in formulating and running of ‘a cryptocurrency’. Hence, ‘MARLIANS’ was born, currently in use by a ‘live’ community on ‘https://www.marlians.com

By virtue of the DAPP ‘https://www.marlians.com’ and its native currency ‘MARLIANS’, I could better analyze how people interacted with ‘my cryptocurrency’, based on its evolving model. I could also analyze various ‘blockchain’ options, to better establish the most-fitting blockchain for a cryptocurrency that intends to implement a ‘reward-distribution’ model called ‘proof of tears’.

Alas, there were many questions that I had to answer during the formulation of our ‘colorless paper’ and the bulk of these ‘answers’, where answers to the question ‘who are you?’. 

As such, this paper was no ‘ordinary paper’! It had to be very defined and fully-backed, first by an ‘un-ordinary’ version of me. 

The substance of my very definition was unshakeable and undwindleable. ‘The vision within the dream’ was found.

There were ‘stories and histories’ involved; there were ages of ‘mining my human’ involved, there were ‘stubborn genes’ involved!

In the art of the ‘dream-building’ involved, there was a lot of ‘evolving the dream into levels-of-spanlessness’ involved.

For instance, indeed, I knew that ‘MARLIANS’ was posed to reward ‘proof of tears’ but how does one assess ‘proof of tears’? 

What exactly was ‘tears’ to me? Have I shed tears? What breed? Is my definition of ‘tears’, the generic definition. If the ‘painted world’ associated ‘tears’ with discomfort and sadness, what do I associate tears with? Is the definition of ‘tears of joy’ today accurate? Are there other breeds of tears, besides those associated with ‘joy and sadness’? Is money the real issue leading to ‘tears’ and is ‘reward-distribution’ the right tissue? What if we could fix the ‘tears’ with the ‘tears’? Can we fix the tears with the tears? Can’t we fix the ‘tears’ with some ‘TEARDROPS’?

I needed to find these answers and yes, ‘I went into ‘tunnels’ to see what’s therein’; those so-called ‘tunnels’ that people are told ‘wait till the never-end of to find light’.

I have teared many tears and it wasn’t sadness!

Then once, insight arrived and I could craft out that ‘Colorless Paper’ and the underlying ultimate paper constituting ‘surpassinggoogle’.

Prior, a hashtag called ‘#teardrops’ was born and very quickly grew popular, beginning to be filled with ‘blogs and vlogs’ from hundreds of users daily. On this tag, they had published content relating to their ordeals and alas, there was so much beauty too.

In the midst of this ecosphere, I was gathering up ‘unadulterated feedback’ from a large community of humans as participants of this movement didn’t know that I was in the process of formulating the dynamics behind a cryptocurrency called ‘TEARDROPS’.

In mix, i had played out a hashtags like ‘#untalented’ and ‘#ulog’, tags especially modeled to incite humans to 'mine their human'.

In the midst of all these lowly-looking endeavors, we found out this; if we disassociate ‘tears’ from ‘sadness' and equate ‘tears’ to ‘breakthrough' instead, ‘tears’ becomes the by-product of ‘mining the human’ towards its awesomest version!

Establishing this, we have established that 'each tear has value'. Now, if each tear has value, we can reward each tear. 

Jehovah keeps every and each of our tears in a skin bottle.

But how do we measure 'proof the tears'? 

En-route ‘mining the human’ towards its awesomest version, there are bound to be many ‘tears’, whether ‘happy, sad or un-fell tears’. @surpassinggoogle.

It became all-the-more established...; the world has simply needed 'balance'. Lights need to get right 'inside tunnels' too, so that no longer does anyone have to wait 'till the end of the tunnel'; and where there is suffering, 'suffering must now have essence'. 

It was the human's 'shine' that was missing all along, pummeled into relegation and even 'into redundancy' due to circumstances; but also, due to the narratives and curricula) renown by world standard, that are modeled to favor 'mining' things like 'the brain', talent, luxury, fiction, beauty etc. When we begin to write curricula focused on 'mining human virtues' in conjunction with the existing curricula, ‘a balance’ is struck! 

Attempting to cater to a niche uncatered to by the world itself, we went on to creating an entire ecosystem called the 'Teardrops SMT', one that'll dynamically emanates down-to-earth innovation(s), each modeled to play out a curriculum that incites humans to 'mine their human'. 

As a result, these four social network platforms where born:  

  • Ulogs.org - to instill a culture of ulogging (mining the human daily) into the world. 

  • SteemGigs.org - to create an ecosystem of freelancers & dream-builders (SteemGiggers), where "everyone has something to offer".

  • Macrohard - to make 'everyone' capable on their own of building a noble dream, by creating a programming protocol in which 'everyone' can suddenly 'code with swag'.

  • Marlians.com - A social media platform modeled to introduce everyone to the art of ulogging.

We then sought after a cryptocurrency that could succeed, whether 'bulls or bears' (because 'humans' are involved); a coin that can appeal to the soft-spot of every human and we found 'TEARDROPS'.

Via the social platforms aforementioned, we can celebrate the resulting 'breakthrough in human' with an 'emblem of human' & 'breakthrough' token called, 'TEARDROPS'.

TEARDROPS makes use of a 'proof of tears' model, which is an enhancement to the 'proof of brain' model offered by the steem blockchain protocol. This means that besides things like 'proof of brain', TEARDROPS will also seek to reward things like forgiveness, mentality, self-sacrifice, un(dis)talents, ulogging, legit-illiteracy etc. It will also look to reward 'past deeds'. 

If we remove all barriers to entry from everything good, so that everything good becomes available to every(any)one; 'we surpass google'; and the 'Teardrops SMT ecosystem' is taking this testimonial harder route, erupting 'beautiful disruption'.

Speaking of tears, did you know that there are also many other ‘breeds of tears’, besides happy, sad or un-fell? Once these particular tears are unveiled, we will seek to reward those too.

One other thing that became more obvious in the course of formulating our ‘Colorless Paper’ was that ‘blogs & vlogs’ (popular ‘content-forms’) weren’t ideal for capturing the human essence. 

Aren’t the arts of ‘blogging & vlogging’ curbed, curbed even by dictionaries and grammar? Can humans be ‘whole’ in the midst of a blog or a vlog? Aren’t there barriers posed against ‘everyone’s participation in typical content-related human activities like ‘content-creation, content-consumption, content-curation etc’ by ‘blogging and vlogging’? Aren’t ‘blogs and vlogs’ the content-base of the current internet and have humans managed to truly evolve by virtue of this internet? Do blogs and vlogs carry that ‘mining the human’ element tangible to ‘real human growth’? Are blogs and vlogs celebratory of ‘each human’ or are they celebratory of ‘certain humans’? Can anyone consume, curate, create or promote a blog or vlog?

These derivations where derived from analyzing the unadulterated feedback that we garnered from people’s participation via the aforementioned directional hashtags like ‘#untalented’ and ‘#ulog’. I had formulated these tags to incite humans to ‘mining the human’. 

#ulog’ alone garnered participation from some ‘5400 people’ in the first 6 months of its inception and it bore forth a lot of untold revelations.

So many aspects of ‘knowledge’ has stayed untold or undocumented, especially ‘knowledge’ derivable from the ‘down-to-earth’ spaces of Mama Earth such as ‘legitimate illiteracy’ as such we are left with knowledge is that partial, made up mostly of ‘outerspace’ knowledge, not sufficient for our ‘breakthrough’ as humans.

It is no coincidence that ‘down-to-earth’ knowledge has mostly been orally-passed from generation to generation. This knowledge contains the very ‘real’ essence of human, uncapture-able within the premise of ‘paint, grammar, blogs or vlogs’.

The internet today, built on a ‘content-base’ made up of ‘blogs & vlogs’, have been static for ages. 

Ulogs compliments matters! 

Possessing of a ‘mining the human’ element, the ‘breakthrough in human’ (i.e ‘proof of tears’) resulting from the ‘art of ulogging’ can be assessed and rewarded.

What is a ulog?

Speaking of ‘tears’, via the art of ulogging, we can uncover new breeds of tears (e.g ‘un-fell tears’), re-tapping into that human shine that has been missing all along.

Yes, it is the ‘human shine’ that has been missing all along; not ‘money’!

As mentioned earlier; leading up to the cryptocurrency ‘TEARDROPS’, ‘MARLIANS’ came to life and it managed to garner ‘value’ from the day of its inception, on the basis of a ‘paper’. 

Its market began on the very day of its inception and people were already willing to spearhead its economy and accrue ‘MARLIANS’, even exchanging their other cryptocurrencies for it, on the basis of its ‘colorless paper’.

However, you now understand that this ‘colorless paper’ didn’t just emanate from ‘thin air’ as it had ‘stories and history’ and a defined definition. 

‘MARLIANS’ did have a utility from the outset too. For instance, holders of ‘MARLIANS’ could stake their ‘MARLIANS’ and begin to have influence over the distribution of the ‘MARLIANS’ daily reward-pool, meaning that they could reward ‘uloggers’ across ‘marlians.com’ with the cryptocurrency called ‘MARLIANS’.

We have now established many salient things about the process of formulating ‘your cryptocurrency.

Ofcourse, your cryptocurrency needs a blockchain to function on, a blockchain which fits its vision and intention. To enable ‘the average user’ interact with your cryptocurrency with ease, provide them with a DAPP. 

We will discuss how you can create your blockchain and DAPP in chapter 7.

To incite trust among users of your cryptocurrency, consider implementing a ‘smart contract’. Note that not every blockchain offers ‘smart contract’ capabilities but if a blockchain offers you the feature of ‘creating a cryptocurrency’, it is likely that it offers ‘smart contract’ capabilities too.

Blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, Hive, Tron and Steem offer ‘smart contract’ capabilities.

Altogether, your role is to define the parameters and paradigms that will guard the dynamics of your cryptocurrency and innovate its ‘reward-distribution’ mechanism, which the blockchain and smart contract of your choosing will follow. 

At this stage, we are basing our establishments on the assumption that you have drafted ‘the vision within your dream’ on a paper that you back.

Note, the most important and freest yet most circumvented aspect of ‘dream-building’ is the aspect of ‘evolving the dream itself into ‘levels of spanlessness’.


Did you know that each element of this publication is by a legitimate illiterate based on insight derived from the ‘down-to-earth spaces of Mama Earth’?

So, don’t worry about the technicalities of creating a cryptocurrency as that takes minutes. Dream first, draft your dream on a paper, begin the process of backing your paper by locating the vision within your dream and this particular paper i will back too, for I am your boy ‘Terry Ajayi’, whether ‘bulls or bears’.

Dreams are equaller to reality now!


Creating a cryptocurrency.

To conclude this chapter, let us have you visit ‘https://hive-engine.com/?p=add_token

Did we hint in ‘chapter 3’, at the fact that you have begun the process of ‘creating a cryptocurrency’ by having obtained a ‘Hive blockchain account’. It was true!

To access and interact with the Hive-engine interface, you will need the same ‘login-credentials’ as you would to access your Hive blockchain account, considering that ‘Hive-engine’ is another DAPP built on the Hive blockchain.

Have you obtained your Hive blockchain account yet? If you haven’t you can still obtain one in minutes on ‘https://signup.hive.io’.

Now, what did you see upon visiting ‘https://hive-engine.com/?p=add_token’?

It leads you to a simple ‘create a cryptocurrency’ form, which already asks you for the ‘name, maximum supply and token-symbol’ for your prospective cryptocurrency; basic parameters that will define ‘your cryptocurrency’.

This is no coincidence. It assumed that you already know these answers. That you already have a definition for your cryptocurrency.

So, have you begun answering tangible questions pertaining to the vi-mission behind your cryptocurrency? 

What are the properties of cryptocurrency? What will it be backed by? What industry does it cater to? Will it cater to the industry of ‘financial services’, social media, health, philanthropy, education etc? Will it target a certain demography? How will it be distributed, via ‘proof of stake, proof of work, proof of brain, proof of tears or will i innovate my own reward-distribution mechanism? Will it make use of black-lists? Will it make use of oracles? Will it have a finite supply? Will have a deflationary infinite supply? What utilities will it have? 

In due time, you will be answering these questions to the public, by declaring the resulting parameters for your cryptocurrency on a paper. On the basis of this paper, people can begin to have ‘elements of your vision’ that they can back, even before the inception of the actual dream attains reality.

Are you seeing that creating your unique cryptocurrency all starts with that paper; that paper that documents the models, paradigms, algorithms, tenets guarding your prospective cryptocurrency?

With that particular paper, you can begin to appeal to the soft-spot of fellow humans, moving them to become ‘true fans’ of your vi-mission. 

Do you have that particular document yet?

Going forward, have we managed to highlight that different cryptocurrencies are created for different purposes?

Have you heard of a certain cryptocurrency called ‘DOGE’? It is a cryptocurrency associated with a certain ‘dog’ meme. It was created to identify with lovers of that particular ‘dog’ mean and today, it is ranked ‘top 100 cryptocurrency’ by virtue of its financial value.

A cryptocurrency may be modeled for the utility of governance. As such, users have to purchase and hold this cryptocurrency to have a say in matters involving the governance of its parent project or blockchain.

The ‘LEO’ cryptocurrency is modeled to reward ‘content-related activities’ emanating from ‘leofinance.io’ but it also has ‘decentralized financing’ properties as it is used to reward ‘market makers’ of the LEO economy.

Irrespective of the prospective intention and function of your cryptocurrency, the Hive blockchain is a balanced blockchain to create a cryptocurrency on.

Thus, revisiting ‘https://hive-engine.com/?p=add_token’, you can begin the process of ‘creating a cryptocurrency’. Alas, the entire process will take a few minutes and at the end of the process, you will have your cryptocurrency in existence, already enlisted on the Hive-exchange for the inception of a potential market. 

Each ‘Hive blockchain account’ user can already hold your cryptocurrency and transact in it independently, at the outset of its inception.

It will cost you some ‘10 BEE’ currently valued at ‘11$’. This is paid automatically during the process of ‘creating your cryptocurrency’ to the ‘Hive-engine project’ for the service they provide. Note that they will take their native cryptocurrency called ‘BEE’ in favor of ‘money’.

Since ‘BEE’ is a Hive-based cryptocurrency, you can easily purchase ‘BEE’ with ‘HIVE’, which you can earn for free by creating content on other Hive-based social-media DAPPs like ‘hive.blog’. Otherwise, you can buy ‘HIVE’ with ‘FIAT’, which you can deposit onto the Hive-engine exchange to buy ‘BEE’ with.

Altogether, if you have your ‘100 BEE’, the actual process of completing the creation of your cryptocurrency takes ‘3 seconds’.

Yes, the actual process of creating a cryptocurrency actually takes seconds. 

‘Simply give your cryptocurrency a name, give it a maximum supply, a symbol etc’, have ‘100 BEE’ in your Hive account and complete the process. 

In turn, you will have ‘your cryptocurrency’, a record of its existence published to the Hive side-chain and it will automatically be listed on the Hive-engine exchange. 

Have you created your cryptocurrency yet? Are you stuck?

Ask me for some help via ‘comsilbronze4@gmail.com’ or visit the ‘Macrohard’ hub currently located at ‘Manila, Philippines’ and we will look to solve the issue as soon as today! 

Ultimately, when it comes to understanding the niche ‘cryptocurrency’, which is a very complex niche by today’s world standards, it boils down to understanding ‘life and humans’ and aren’t you a human? 

Get your ‘stubborn genes’ ready, for to ‘mine of your human’ in today’s painted world, where everyone seems to share an identity, you will need to see many things and seeing many things, requires blurring some of the paint and blurring some the paint requires ‘legitimate illiteracy’, not grammar!

“When you have seen many things, many things become ordinary!” @surpassinggoogle

In chapter 5, we will be discussing ‘tokenomics’ and once again, we add some ‘english into the Maths’, that a once ‘complex’ subject may suddenly be ‘as difficult as 1, 2, 3

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