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A No-Book - Uniquest Avenue To Learning About Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Money, Blockchains & Life.

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A No-Book - The Uniquest Avenue To Learning About Bitcoin, Thousands Of Crypto, Blockchains & Life. Cryptocurrency is deemed a complex niche today. We have simplified it in this no-book, empowering you to learn about about thousands of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, hundreds of blockchains and hundreds of decentralized applications. We have also simplified tokenomics and consensus models like Bitcoin & Ethereum's proof of work, proof of stake, delegated proof of stake etc. By reading this no-book availed to you, you will understand every blockchain and cryptocurrency at least contextually, enough to be capable of creating your own blockchain, cryptocurrency and DAPP. This no-book is based on legitimate illiteracy, empowering you to understand life and humans, a tangible underlying element of every innovation today, however complex, whether blockchain or crypto. Via this no-book you will learn about the niche of cryptocurrency without whitepapers, irrespective of your crypto savviness.

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