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Liliana had met this man a few times thinking he could be the one.

Nothing is ever written in the stars or carved on a stone.

But every time she hangs out with him, she feels deeper in love.

The problem is he just knows how to treat a woman.

The few times that they have hung out, it has been in closed quarters.

For some reason he does not like being around other people.

Liliana had found that a little strange about him, because she is definitely a people person.

Months have passed by and this perfect man started showing other sides of himself.

It was sides that she couldn't live with.

He always wanted to be alone and didn't like hanging out with her family and friends.

He always wanted her to himself and when he didn't get his way he would insult her.

If she talked to another guy, first thing that went through his mind was that they were sleeping together.

He would be-little her and then go out and buy her a dozen Roses.

Nothing made sense any more inside her head.

So she broke it up with him because he was becoming something she didn't recognize.

There was no way in hell he would let any other guy have his woman.

So he set up a plan to keep her to himself.

One dark evening he invited liliana over because he wanted to make things right with her.

He told her that he just wanted to talk and clear the air.

But in reality he was setting up plan B

And that was to keep her hostage in a dark cave.

When she arrived he said that he has a surprise for her.

But he had to blind fold her because he didn't want her to know what he was up to.

When they arrived at the spot, he grabbed a rock and hit her on the head.

She had no idea because he had blind folded her and after she fell to the ground he tied both her hands and feet together.

Then he taped her mouth so she couldn't scream.

He dragged her frail body into the cave and placed her on a thin mattress with a blanket over her body.

He was infatuated with this woman.

Hours passed and Liliana had awoken.

She had no idea where she was because he had never brought her to this place.

That was his plan B, and so far it had worked in his favor.

Weeks have passed by and he started getting to comfortable with her.

When that happens, he loses sight of reality and that's when he made the biggest mistake of his life.

All day long that's what Liliana thinks about is how to plan out her escape.

All he thinks about is how he will make liliana love him again.

It was one August evening when he showed up with a fancy meal and some wine.

She put on like she loved him and he was the best thing that ever entered her life.

She was saying that she wanted to move in with him and plan their life together.

It's all he ever wanted with her and now she is feeding him with lies that he was actually believing.

He untied her and pampered her with love and respect.

All she wanted to do was get out and go back home.

She gathered all the plates and utensils and washed them but little did he know she hid one of the pointed knives.

He turned his back for one minute and she grabbed her knife and stabbed him, he fell to the ground and then she made her way out of the dark unforbidden cave.

All she kept doing was run, run, run and did not stop until she reached a country road.

The road was long but it's the best feeling in the world to finally have freedom.

She vowed that this is not over and until he is pronounced dead or in jail for life she will not stop hunting him down!!

Let the games begin.........

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THats so interesting to read dear

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Wonderful dear

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