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Step by Step process of MBBS Study

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4 months ago

MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of surgery in medical science which is a five and half year programme offered in India. Aspirants who want to become doctors in India are supposed to complete this programme for sure. Here is a step by step process of MBBS study in India right from the schooling to the completion of the degree. Those who are keen to understand the entire process behind getting a MBBS degree can go through these steps mentioned below.


·        Completion of Higher Secondary in Biology, Chemistry and Physics

The primary requirement to complete MBBS degree for medical students is to pass their higher secondary class in subjects which includes Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The aggregate percentage to appear in medical entrance exam in these subjects must be 50 percent or above. Those who have studied fine arts and commerce in the school level cannot afford to appear in the medical entrance exam to get MBBS degree.


·         To Appear in NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER Medical Entrance Exams

Once a medical student secures 50% marks in the aforesaid subjects in higher secondary class he or she can appear in medical entrance exam for MBBS easily. NEET, AIIMS and JIPMER are three entrance exams which are popular among medical students to seek entry in reputed medical colleges of India. Students start taking coaching material for cracking these exams from their school days only. Allen NEET books buy online if you are also one such aspirant as they are mostly admired by the medical aspirants to crack exams like NEET.


·        To Crack Medical Entrance Exam and ensure a seat in Medical College

Like said earlier as well it is very crucial for the medical aspirants to crack entrance exams like NEET, JIPMER and AIIMS to ensure their seat in medical college. These exams are considered as highly challenging for the aspirants owing to tough competition among the students. So if someone manages to hit the cut list score of the entrance exam he or she can easily get enrolled in MBBS degree course.

In opposite circumstances students have to either drop the idea of pursuing MBBS study or reappear in the exam in coming year. There are coaching centres like Allen coaching centre for medical aspirants which are preparing students for clearing such exams. Many students seek help of such coaching centres also to pass the medical entrance exam. Allen NEET books buy online from any place and ensure your entry to reputed medical colleges in India easily.


·        Total Four and Half years of MBBS Course Duration

Once the students manage to crack the NEET, AIIMS or JIPMER any entrance exam and get admission in medical college they are supposed to go through a study programme for MBBS. This course duration is for a period of four and half years which is a test of students’ patience also. They have to study several medical subjects throughout this long journey by securing minimum required percentage to seek the MBBS degree.


·        One Year long Internship programme

The journey of MBBS course does not end with four and half year of study as students are also supposed to complete their internship to get the degree in their hands. One year of internship is included in the course so that students get an exposure to the medical field and ground realities they will confront as Doctors. Those who fail to complete their internship of full one year for MBBS degree have to face the failure in getting the degree. No matter how high you have scored in the theoretical journey of your MBBS study, you have to complete your internship at any cost to get the degree.


This is the entire mechanism that medical students follow from their school to medical college in order to get MBBS degree. So make sure that you are able to crack the entrance exam which is primary stage of MBBS study, only then you can realize the dream of a degree. There is no short cut which can be devised by the students to get a degree in medical science apart from hard work and

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4 months ago
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