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Indiana Dunes in the Fall

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10 months ago

The surface of Lake Michigan shimmered in the setting sun. All along the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore the water was placid and flat. I've been visiting Lake Michigan with my family since I was a kid, and I've never seen the lake so peaceful. There wasn't a single wave. It looked like you could walk out on the water at places. I was visiting Lake Michigan in November for an engagement shoot and I was just so enthralled by the tranquility of the great lake that I had to take some photos just for me once the shoot was over.

I wish I had brought more than a 50mm with me so I could have gotten a few shots of the seagulls on the water that weren't so wide.

At the end of my time shooting as I was walking away from the park I saw this old house partially boarded up and very weathered looking. I loved this little house.

There's something about old houses like this that always make them seem a little haunted. I love the sad and lonely look of them.

Thanks for taking a peek at some of my photos. I am a full time wedding photographer with Van Elk & Co who also makes a comedy podcast about running a wedding photography business called the Wedding Photo Hangover. Also, most of these photos are on my Unsplash if you want to use them.

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Written by   11
10 months ago
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Hi stevenvanelk,

Beautiful pictures you take! "Travel" community here is one of my favorite communities to look around during this COVID19 pandemic. Looking at these beautiful pictures make me feel that I actually travel around these areas :) Thank you for sharing the pics!

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10 months ago