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Cost of Presearch Keyword Staking vs Google Search Ads for a Small Business

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1 year ago

I've been seeing a lot of posts about Presearch recently and I decided to do a little comparison between what I could pay with Presearch to stake a Keyword and what I could pay with Google to get my ad to show up at the top of search. First off, I'm a wedding photographer. A lot of my friends who are wedding photographers are really interested in crypto. Most of my friends that are wedding photographers are paying money to advertise with Google and Facebook/Instagram right now. Since Facebook/Instagram doesn't really do search ads, I'm not going to talk about them in this.

Google Search Ads Cost per year

First up, to advertise with Google for my local market (Indianapolis), the last time I checked it would cost about $2.57 per click to bring people to my site. Talking to some of my friends who advertise with Google, they will receive anywhere from 2-10 clicks per day from their Google ad, but most of them said the average was around 3.5 clicks per day. So, over the course of an entire year, if they were advertising every single day, they would pay about $3,283.

Presearch Keyword Staking Cost per year

On Presearch they don't do pay per click or pay to see ads. They do Keyword Staking. You stake your PRE to a keyword and until someone else stakes more PRE to that keyword, you'll always show up first. So, it's more of a pay once and you're done method of advertising. The minimum amount of PRE you can stake to a keyword is 1000 PRE. Looking at Coinbase right now, they have PRE listed for about $.09. Which means for about $90 I could show up first for a search term (assuming someone else hasn't already staked that term). I could possibly stay at that top result for the rest of the year, without any additional money spent. Possibly for longer than the next year.

Google Searches Per Day vs Presearch Searches Per Day

So just looking at the price, it seems like a no-brainer that you'd want to advertise on Presearch. But of course, most of you probably are like me and hadn't heard of Presearch before this year. So, according to KuCoin Presearch has 2 million registered users and does about 1 million searches a day. Meanwhile, according to First Site Guide, Google has 1 billion users and they do about 3.2 billion searches a day. What does that mean for me living in Indianapolis? Probably that there aren't many people in Indianapolis who are using Presearch and seeing as Indy onlly does about 7,000 weddings a year, it's probably highly unlikely that any of those couples are using Presearch to look for a wedding photographer at this point. So, if I were to stake a keyword on Presearch right now, I'd either want to go global or I'd stake it with the intent of holding it until Presearch gained more traction (and hope no one else staked it for more than me once that happened).

What Would I Stake

Currently the terms my wife and I target with SEO are all local terms for our area, like Indianapolis Photographer. So I did some searching on to see if anyone from my area had staked any of those words. They hadn't. Which is probably because I'm one of the only people in this area using Presearch so far. So I went a little broader and just looked at some general terms like "wedding photography." That was being staked. It was being staked by a wedding photography company for 2400 PRE (about $216). They were also staking several other keywords related to wedding photography and cinematography. So, it appears another wedding photographer other than me has already looked into this and decided that it had potential. When I looked at their website they appeared to do more destination photography (something I don't really do). So a broad search term could potential benefit them more since their business is built around the idea of travel.

Will I Stake Any Keywords Though?

At this point, I don't know that there's much value in Presearch Keyword Staking for a small business operating in a niche market on a local level like mine. I think there's potential for it to someday to generate business, assuming it keeps growing. If I were going to start staking keywords, I would have to change my business tactics to make it more feasible and more attractive to people. At this point, I assume most people using Presearch are cyptocurrency enthusiasts. So, the first step would be setting up ways for clients to pay me in BTC or ETH. If my assumption about the users of Presearch is correct, then requiring payments in Fiat would be a potential roadblock.

I'd love to hear from you if you're a photographer or someone looking to get married who's using Presearch. Have you had any success? Drop a comment below with your thoughts.

Thanks for reading. I am a full time wedding photographer with Van Elk & Co who also makes a comedy podcast about running a wedding photography business called the Wedding Photo Hangover.

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Written by   11
1 year ago
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