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Have you lost a person you love?

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6 months ago
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Have you ever been in love with a person? That you never want to lose that person? But things got complicated. You ended up hurting each other. The misunderstandings ended up in a break up. It's painful, isn't it? You thought your relationship with that person is perfect. You thought that you would live with him/her forever. You thought that person would never leave you.

Life is unpredictable, and painful.

You thought things will go alright if you just believe, but no, that's not the case. Everything that happens in your life is a result of every decisions you made. A single decision can change everything.

I've experienced it all. Just a year ago, I lost my person. The person who meant the world to me. The only person who truly cared for me. The only person who makes me happy. It's been a long time, yet I still long for her. I know it's crazy that I should be moving on, but damn it, It's just hard to forger her. I've wrote hundreds of poems for her. And allow me to share you one of them.

Lying Here On My Bed

Reminiscing What's In My Head

Then Suddenly I Thought Of You

All Of The Sudden I Felt Blue

I Need To Know The Reason Why

You Left Me And Said Goodbye

Now I Long For Your Presence

So That My Life Will Make Sense

'Cause When You Are Not Here With Me

My Life Is So Dull And Empty

But When You're Here You Make Me See

How Happy My Life Could Be

And Even though We Are Apart

Nobody Will Be In My Heart

The Reason Is I Still Love You

And The Feelings I Have Is True

If Your Heart Is Full Of Doubt

Of My Love And What It's All About

So Come To Me And I'll Make You Feel

That The Love I Have For You Is Real

But Then Again I Will Wait For The Time

So That Your Heart Will Heal And You'll Be Mine.

I thank those two people who commented in my first article. I'm very grateful for encouraging me to continue despite my flaws.

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Written by   2
6 months ago
Topics: Love, Relationship, Read, Poem, Person, ...
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