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Zero Filter Mouth

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5 months ago

Have you ever met someone who doesn't seem to care less or more about someone or something as long as his or her speech benefits his or her ego? It's common for people to say what's on their minds and what they think will be the best way in a situation they are or will be in. The fact that we have freedom of speech is what everyone seems to justify every time they want people to hear what they say.

When I think about a debate, it's about two parties arguing about a certain problem that needs an immediate solution or they just want to reason out why something needs to be done. We have all been in a debate during school works, either via project or we get into an argument. And we will always hear different thoughts and opinions that turn everything upside down. What I like about a debate is that not only can people voice out their opinions about something, but you can easily interpret how each person reacts and answers a question. There are situations where people tend to get out of their comfort zone as if they are a different person speaking.

I went into a debate once on why rivers are so dirty and we have to prove that it's the government's fault. And I can say that we didn't make the best out of it because it's still a give-and-take attack. If I am doing my best to be able to justify that the government is at fault and my group mates seem to be blank during the debate then we have no chance of winning. Well, in a nutshell, we didn't win. And if I am going, to be honest, I'm disappointed that I didn't do a thing to improve how my teammates will react to each spontaneous question. I had a high grade since there are individual grades but I felt sad for my other teammate who had a low grade. However, during the argument scene, I actually got proud of myself for being to answer each question. I can't say that I reviewed each question, but if you were in that chair and they keep asking questions, you are the one who's going to manipulate the lawyer since, at that time, she didn't seem to bother how each question will connect to the other. From the first question that was given to me and how she said the question, even if she said it with slight confidence, I knew immediately that she is also questioning how she will make me nervous. I had no filter at that time because I wasn't thinking if what will I say can greatly affect the preceding questions. However, if the lawyer was able to notice how my answer is not really connected to one another since she asked differently, I think I might have had a low grade at that time.

Having no filter actually depends on the situation. If the other person seems to not think as well, then that no-filter person who's constantly talking about things that don't make sense, then there is no point with the argument. Of course, we have freedom of speech, however, it must be taken with responsibility. Humans have emotions and brains and they are not stray dogs that you will beat with a stick and it will go away because you seem to threaten it. Humans can either fight back or just go away, there's always another direction to go.

One thing that I hate about people who have zero-filters is that they are, most of the time, the ones who don't really have that much intelligence about something. I don't want to say the right word since I will look really rude. People have a different level of intelligence and the ability to consume data from books, videos, and every stuff that has knowledge so we can't really judge people on how they argue. But if that person seems to introduce himself or herself as good or expert at something, of course, people will get confused or mad if they seem to not think about what they are trying to argue.

Well, if you really want to know more about something, you can always find a book. If you have the ability or are fortunate to have the right equipment, then you just search on the internet. The reason is that you will never know how the other person thinks or will be thinking so assuming that you want to win an argument, you must always pack ideas and facts.

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Written by   75
5 months ago
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