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Why Your Vote Matters?

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1 month ago
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Politicians take a gamble between money and votes. Most of the time, these things are like bread and butter. It is uncommon for people to not hear or encounter money during elections. It became a common thing that even if it is already unethical, people still do it.

There are smart, or rather wise, people who actually take advantage of the money given by people running for a government position by voting for those who they really want in the position. It actually makes sense since this so-called "money" is obviously from the people themselves since they are the ones giving money to government employees because of their taxes. It's been going on for years that I remember there is actually a local Filipino movie that talks about this one. I forgot the title but it stars the actor, Jhong Hilario, and other big stars. I watched midnight and I was kind of shocked by what I have seen and heard from that film but overall, it's an eye-opener to the generations who are not really familiar with these types of things.

For the past couple of months scrolling through social media sites, laughing at tons of people fighting each other because of different preferred candidates, and going to government websites for finding reliable sources for those running for a higher position in the government, I have broken down some important details that you might want to take a deep breathe and think for a while. It's not really a guide, but rather an analysis of how people roll their dice.

  • People who negatively judge other candidates will always play the victim card. It goes, either way, whether you're voting for someone and the other one is voting for another candidate, as long as you have this kind of mindset, you will always play the victim card.

  • People will say to never believe anything the social media platform says because they lack research and are obviously based on the opinion of one person only but will post something that will benefit their intellectual knowledge. I know many people who do this and continuously do this. It's like saying "Don't believe anything a monkey says." and this sentence came from a monkey itself.

  • People will only research their candidates. And once they find something that is negative about the other party, they will rely on sources that don't even have a somewhat "good" research team. For example, a person will say that presidential aspirant, Bongbong Marcos Jr., is a tax evader, without knowing what tax evasion is. Or, a person will say that presidential aspirant, Manny Pacquiao, lacks knowledge when it comes to answering questions, without knowing how hard it is for a not-so-fluent-speaker to speak a language he is not really comfortable with. The point is that we should always do research because it will help build constructive criticism instead of giving a judgment based on opinion only. Yes, opinions are okay but they must be thought through thoroughly before voicing them out.

  • There will always be a black sheep, either a black sheep that is not accepted in the team because of his/her background or current standing in life, or a black sheep that stands out because of how unique he/she is.

Voting requires very little maintenance, but the impact of your decision will extend far beyond a person's political tenure. Voting is as much about simply electing a candidate; it's about picking the policy recommendations and factors that affected choices that will affect our town, state, and country.

Elections are a critical chance to promote democracy and political freedom. Certain civic rights, namely the right to free speech, organization, and movement, are necessary for a democratic referendum.

Education is perhaps the most significant social and economic element influencing voter turnout. Even when other characteristics strongly connected with educational qualification, such as money and class, are controlled for, the further knowledgeable someone is, the more apt they ought to vote.

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Written by   75
1 month ago
Topics: Election, 2022, Life, Writing, Money, ...
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