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What Movie Traumatized You When You Were a Kid?

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3 months ago

The ending of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is one of the most surprising twists I have ever seen. Although it was a not twist that will ruin something that a movie already said before but it's a twist that surely made us all shocked. It also opened our minds that those kinds of situations, where someone takes control of everything and believes nothing of that sort will harm, are not likely to get separated from the consequences.

As a film enthusiast, I came across a lot of films and short films or even documentaries in my life. It is so uncommon for a romantic movie to have that slight jump or will keep you at the edge of your seat since most movies in this genre only tend to either tell you a story, open up your mind about something or just bring that "kilig" factor in you.

The most traumatizing movie for me back then is the movie "Shutter". A little spoiler about the movie, a photographer was being hunted by the soul of his ex-girlfriend and all of his friends died in separate tragic incidents. His new girlfriend found out why the soul keeps disturbing them and by the end of the movie, the soul is not likely to kill the photographer since she is attached to him. The movie is called shutter since to be able to see the soul, one should have to take a picture and everything present in that shot is seen. Photos that are developed like analog photography where films are developed through the paper of hard plate via chemical process are hard to be edited since once it's shot, you can never do anything to it. It was discussed through one of the scenes in there and it was an eye-opener to the paranormal world.

The fact that everything about this movie, from storyline to cinematography, is beautiful, makes it one of the best Asian Films out there.

I have to say that the first movie I watched, that I remember, is the first movie of A Child's Play. And like other kids, I got scared the first time I watched it but instead of having that "unlikeable" pattern to horror films, I started watching more. Up until now, I'm still on the edge of loving thriller flicks.

Another film that I have to discuss is the Filipino Film titled "Feng Shui". It was a Filipino-Chinese-themed movie since some scenes and beliefs are inspired by Chinese Culture. It was considered to be one of the best Filipino horror movies. A little spoiler, the movie is about a woman who accidentally found a "Bagua", which is a feng shui energy map, from a bus ride. And since she is the "new" owner of the Bagua, all kinds of luck are now going after her. However, those who look at themselves in the mirror in the Bagua died and are killed in connection to their respective Chinese Zodiacs. And since it's a horror film, it ended with a tragedy, not on the woman played by Kris Aquino, but on her family and friends.

Horror films are not happy-ending movies. They tend to make people think about what is about to happen or they leave tracks to get you thinking about it. It's like the suitcase from Quentin Tarantino's film Pulp Fiction where every viewer is asking what's inside the suitcase since it's never been seen throughout the movie. Even Tarantino himself didn't make any comment regarding the question.

What are your favorite ending twists in the film industry?

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Written by   66
3 months ago
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