The Problem with Body Shaming

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9 months ago

Society has always been a big mouth to all people, especially with physical features. Standards within the community is an ongoing problem, despite people protesting to at least be respectful to each other.

Actors or actresses or singers, or anyone who works in the entertainment business, are required to follow a standard when it comes to physical features. I barely see Hollywood actors being fat, not the offensive type of thing. Sometime this year, I saw a post regarding Zac Efron who gained weight or changed look, maybe because of a project he's working on, and the response from the media is not good. Although I know that he is known as that "Troy Bolton", so everyone still wants that look within him, I don't think that we all have to require people to be in that society's good shape to pleasure our ego.

I also saw one post regarding Camila Cabello when she was walking around and I think she was still dating that relationship coach named Matthew Hussey. People noticed that she gained a lot which caused disappointment and some people even considered it as a funny thing. I loved her ever since she was in Fifth Harmony and it actually pains me whenever I see someone like her to not be what she wants. It's the same thing with Efron where people think that they are in control in these celebrities body.

Also, I am not a big of a K-Pop fan now, back then I was, I noticed that these idols were brought to a standard in South Korea, or maybe the world, to be in that sexy type of thing to the point that some girls are becoming skinny. I have heard a lot things from those who are really a big fan of that industry because I had friends who are really into K-Pop and they do have a lot to say whenever girls are skinny. There's even this movie about a woman who was fat and had a surgery to become skinny and she became an idol. You probably have heard it, 200 Pounds Beauty. The movie maybe a comedy type of movie but the overall story of it is just how idols, or celebrities in general are wanted by the public.

I experienced body shaming ever since then because I am not that skinny girl in high school. Although at first, I didn't bother to say anything, looking back now, it's not and will never be a good thing for people to throw stones at you, when you know that you have never done anything bad.

The one experience that I will never forget is when I visited one of my mom's friends this year and I had to buy something from the store. I have high respect to the people living in that store, which is just close to their house, because they are close to our family, like blood-relative type so I know that they would never throw punch at me. However, the husband who is supposedly old and I barely see said to me that I should lose weight. Although the woman who I can consider already as my grandmother lighten the mood up by saying that it's okay since in our family, maybe because she saw me changed face when he said that, we are all not skinny-looking people, that piece of sentence broke me and is still breaking me up until now.

I have experienced body shaming people before, back in high school but as I transitioned to college, I realized that we don't have a say to other people's body unless we are doctors and we know that their certain type of body caused a severe illness to them. I am not a doctor so I don't think that I should be putting standards to anyone or anything.

We all have done sinful things but the problem is we didn't learn from them and kept going even if we know we will hurt people.

There's thing rule called 10-Second rule where if you see something from a person that you don't like or just isn't right and it can't be changed within 10 seconds, just don't say it.

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9 months ago


Beauty standards have always existed, only now with social networks these standards have become more visual, they are always wherever you want them to be.

With respect to people who are dedicated to art as musicians or actresses, many times they look for the person to have a good figure. The music company sometimes look for a singer or musician who attracts attention, who is attractive to the public regardless of their talent or capabilities.

This is really sad, but it has always happened, only now we see it more often, we see it every day.

Just as they have made fun of you for your figure, I have also been made many negative comments, I am thin and always have been, my family is also thin, however many people this bothered them just say negative comments about my figure.

People are really mean sometimes, I hope at some point that will change.

I have heard that rule before and it is really important, you can't change a lot of things in less than 10 seconds or in a month, sometimes things are hard to change.

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9 months ago