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The Power of Confidence in Manipulation

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2 months ago

I recently binged watch a lot of scammers or con-artist documentaries, from Anna Sorokin or Anna Delvey to Elizabeth Holmes. There are a lot of people who scammed those who are weak enough into believing something. But what's more fascinating in a negative way is that billionaires are getting scammed as well. I don't know if something is happening behind closed doors but the mentality of putting faith and trust into something or somebody doesn't sit well right to me.

First and foremost, I want to express my appreciation towards Amanda Seyfried as Holmes and Julia Garner as Delvey. Their portrayal was two of the best portrayals I have ever seen since I started liking biopic films. I'm not an actress myself and I have never worked in the entertainment industry, however, the dedication and passion an actor puts on the shoes they have never been in are incredible. Obviously, as the audience, we do have doubts when it comes to casting actors into real-life people knowing that they can either not bring justice to the role or just didn't even try to fit into the character. I think actors have that confidence that can make them or break them as an actor. It's always an amazing thing how an actor does things unbelievably to the point that you are watching another person and not that actor on screen.

Anyways, before I watched The Dropout, I came across a tweet saying that Jennifer Lawrence was offered to portray the role of Holmes in a project but she declined because Seyfried already brought justice to her. After I read that, it was one of the times that I admire an actor who is really passionate about the industry and not just thinking about money and fame.

Before Holmes, I watched Inventing Anna which was about Anna Sorokin or Anna Delvey. Honestly, I already know Sorokin when I saw tons of photos of her being on the court and wearing fashionable clothes. I got intimidated by her because I find it funny that even though she was going to prison anytime soon, she still managed to look good in the spotlight. From that moment, you can see how she wants the eyes to be on her. It's probably one of those times that she wants people to see her as this glamorous teen and not as somebody who came from an unknown place.

It's very disheartening to say that someone like Sorokin should be admired because she scammed people, not just with money but with who she really is. However, the confidence of that woman is something else. She managed to get involved with highly acclaimed people in the business industry to build this foundation that will make more high-profile people join as well. I can't even dare to speak to a relative that I don't talk to a lot, let alone a stranger.

Holmes' story on the other hand is somehow the same as Sorokin's. They both have that confidence of connecting to people with words that will trick you into thinking that they are experts in that field. Holmes was even featured in a magazine that has titled "The Next Steve Jobs".

However, both these women have that attitude that they don't like people who question them even if those questions are important. They don't like people who doubt them. I mean, it is decreasing that passion, however, to prove that these people who constantly doubt are wrong, the only way is to make the project successful and not cut them off.

I think the most unbelievable thing is that these people who are billionaires are the ones who got scammed. From my point of view, you don't really trust someone with a large amount of money just because they have a plan and don't even have formal education in that field. For example, if I wanted to be an intern as a Programmer, I need to have at least basic knowledge of programming. I need to know how to at least power up the IDE that will be used to program. When I was applying as an intern for college, I always came across those types of questions, and even after college, even if you're applying for an entry position, they will test you with programming. I don't know why these billionaires even invested in a project that doesn't really have a successful product yet. I can understand they have a vision that they hold on to, however, you wouldn't pay millions for an app that isn't even scientifically possible to build in the first place.

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Written by   81
2 months ago
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