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The Importance of Prayer

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Every religion has its own way of communicating and having faith in its beliefs. Whether that religion has a form of God wherein they put their wishes and thanks, we all have a way to deliver the message we want.

Through conscious communication, prayer is an invocation or act that aims to activate a connection with an object of devotion. Prayer isn't a rite that requires us to close our eyes and put on a sacred mask. We are not required to kneel or sit. Prayer is offering our undivided attention to God in a two-way spiritual connection in which we both speak to and listen to Him.

In Christianity, we are using prayer to build a relationship with God. And it is not only done when we happen to close our eyes at night or be in church every Sunday, we can pray even if we are doing something. It deepens our relationship with God. Hopefulness and patience become a little easier when you have a good relationship with the One. The Holy Spirit intercedes for us because He always understands what's on our minds, even if we all have different prayers or when we don't utter a word. Your trust and confidence in God are rewarded with spiritual power, love, wisdom, and tranquility as you develop your connection with Him.

I think one of the best things about prayer is that it fights the negative temptations we encounter in life. Turning to God in repentance and trust, according to the Bible, is the first step in overcoming temptation. Recognize that only Jesus the Christ has the potential to implement you straight with God. He died in your place to appease God's rightful anger for your sin, and He rose from the dead to show that the sins had been paid. I have to say that the Bible is not there so we have stories to replicate in real life, it should be our guide that whenever we come across a problem that is constantly destroying us and our faith, we should look into it as if it's someone who is capable of bringing us back together in one piece.

There are cases that you may see people, especially the ones in Christianity, who are having a hard time praying. Have you ever been in a situation where you wish something in your prayer and after months or years, it didn't show up to the point that you just gave up on it? Well, that's probably one of the reasons why some of us lack prayer. We don't want to do something if we don't get anything back. In some cases, this may be a reasonable statement, but as always, if we don't get that wish then it might be one of two reasons; We don't really need it or we are about to receive that wish in a much bigger form.

It's impossible to deny that there are moments when you desire to accomplish things on your own rather than depending on God. Humans have a natural tendency to be conceited, demanding credit for everything that happens in their life.

There are times that we use prayer for our own sake. Instead of actually thinking about what is best for many, we think of ourselves first. I have to admit that sometimes, problems are one of the reasonable reasons why we do this. We know that not all people will help us overcome these struggles, even our loved ones. In this generation, it might be hard to talk to someone who is set in his ways or just doesn't know how to listen at all. That is why there are many cases of suicides because people don't know what to do with these problems. And I don't believe that "It's all part of God's plan." If we encounter people who had a rough time or are struggling to make a living, instead of saying that they lack prayer, try saying something that will help them solve that problem. Everything happens for a reason, but that reason is not all the time acceptable.

We can never rely everything on God or miracles. We must do something to make a difference with God on our side.

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Written by   72
1 month ago
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