The Importance of Marriage Equality

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Marriage right is a basic human right. Marriage provides rights and responsibilities amongst them, but also between them and future offspring and in-laws. People may consider getting married for a variety of reasons. It may be because of love, the ability to provide food, shelter, and clothing, not just for the partner, but for the kids, or at some point, the negative part is being forced by the family or being sold to unhuman beings.

A government, an institution, a matrilineal society, community members, or colleagues can all acknowledge a marriage. It is frequently seen as a service agreement.

Marriage comes with a big responsibility. It shouldn't happen just because someone thinks in the heat of the moment that they want to be forever. It may happen like that but they must think deeply about every decision they make. I have watched a lot of weddings that have those vows that they will stay together until their last breath but didn't even last a month. And it's aggravating to see that they are using an organization, such as the church, to say the promises they can't keep. Yet, people of the same sex are not allowed just because of a faith belief.

Notwithstanding our challenging background, the adjustment happened far quickly as anybody anticipated. There are a lot of countries who had already legalized the right to marriage equality. I am certainly happy for these countries. However, there are tons of other countries that still don't recognize the viewpoint of other people who just wants to get married and be with each other for the rest of their lives.

The biggest and, probably, only reason why most of these countries don't take it into action is because of their religion. It's confusing why they are putting their religion to government rights because, like in the Philippines, there is a separation between the church and the state.

The separation of opinions regarding human rights and religions is not only applicable to marriage equality but also to other, considered to be, controversial topics. For example, people say that abortion is murder. And they think it is because of their views that are in accordance with their religion. But when other people say that we should tax the churches then, they bring up the act of separating the church from the government. This is why these reasons are not really a reasonable thing if we are to put them to the pros and cons of having marriage equality and legalizing abortion.

Civil partnerships are not entitled to the same privileges, privileges, or responsibilities as civil marriage. Even though the legal provisions of committed relationships and matrimony are nearly equivalent on a local scale, there is a substantial difference in terms of worldwide acknowledgment. Discriminatory laws have a harmful influence on children who are discovering themselves as adolescents. The authorities must not refuse two individuals the right to marry simply due to their being of a similar gender.

Although one can argue the fact that two people can live together without getting married or one can remain single forever, there are many reasons why marriage is an important right for any individual. Everyone is bound to have a partner, even if it's not about love or just pure lust. There are people who just didn't want to get married and it's fine. However, if at some point, one wants to consider another individual as the other right, there are a lot of benefits in terms of having a healthy mind and life.

I am not saying that remaining single doesn't bring happiness but since everyone has their own viewpoints and emotional stability, we have our own ways to cope with struggles. Some can remain single and some cannot. Some had father or mother issues so having a relationship may help them in rebuilding a sort of good nature in terms of intrapersonal relationships. Emotional struggles are always a battle.

The civil partnership provides financial and cultural public backing to married people in marriage or cohabitation, which could also lead to significant therapeutic properties.

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Yes my friend. Some are not fond of going to married but some are wanted to be married, wanted to have a partner to build a family. People have their own differences regarding this thing.

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