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The Impact of a Broken Family

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It is hard for me to look at a family and know that the children have a mother and a father to celebrate happy occasions. Even though I think that I am okay with no father on my side, I still wanted to have someone I can look onto whenever I need to. I don't question the credibility of me as a daughter or even my mom as a partner to my father because I know in my heart that we never did anything wrong. We can never consider cheating as a good thing unless we are abusing the ones on our side.

In theory, a family should always remain together no matter what, but this is rarely the case in actuality. Families will have conflicts, arguments, and even grow alienated. You are not required to establish a connection with a member of your family simply because they are related to you. They are irredeemable in some instances, and it is preferable to avoid them. Everyone's desire is to have a healthy and happy family. However, many others were unable to complete the task. The healthy families have also been split apart due to various issues. Once unwelcome events occur, countless homes have been shattered, and individuals were divided. This is a sad event that has occurred for both uncontrolled and hurtful causes.

There are many reasons why a family becomes broken. One of the main reasons is Divorce or the separation of the parents. Money troubles, sexual misunderstandings, early and forced marriage, unwanted pregnancies, education, and medical problems are all typical disagreements between married couples. Another cause is the loss of trust. When a couple loses faith in one another, they end up divorcing. In a marriage, trust is crucial; if a person loses faith in his or her spouse, he or she will either obtain a divorce or opt to have an affair, which will lead to divorce. Divorce is the most difficult struggle that a marriage can face, especially if they have children. It is not only upsetting for them to learn that their parents are divorcing at that particular time. However, all that will actually occur is a lengthy consequence that would damage their life.

Another reason why families ended up parting ways is because of different beliefs. Asia has a lot of cultural beliefs that are totally different depending on the country, family, and sometimes even religion. Maternal duty is shared equally by both parents. As a result, a kid ought to have the right to be educated about and encounter both parents' religious views. Neither parent has the authority to control a child's personal faith. While everyone has the freedom to practice their religion, when the religious views of birth parents disagree, perhaps there is a solution to settle the dispute to the greatest advantage of the kid.

Research says that women and children suffer the most when it comes to broken families. Although men can also experience sadness and depression because of the situation, I believe that they handle the situation to the best of their ability. Because society is telling them that they should man, they are having a hard time communicating their feelings. Some might even encounter people who will say that they are too feminine which might hurt their feelings even more. In a comprehensive study of how parents fare in the years following the divorce, it was discovered that children and their moms had lower living standards than dads. Women's living standards continue to deteriorate faster than men's following divorce, particularly when kids are present, but also for marriages without children. Though the absence of the man's salary is in no way offset by increased income from severance, child support, benefits, and government subsidies, and getting small mouths to support, women and kids from high-income households face notably severe declines in housing demand.

The bottom line, the kids will always suffer because they are supposed to feel happiness inside the family before going out but instead they are experiencing the worst inside. Many of the health issues that children from broken households face are mental health-related. Psychological unhealthy coping mechanisms are a big source of headaches — it's the misery of it all – being through the emotional cycle, as it were – that produces these headaches. Witnessing your kid's behavior transformation of the divorce may be quite traumatic for the parent. Parents don't want their child to see that he or she is withdrawing into his or her own shell, instead, parents want their child to be confident, but after a divorce, that confidence may be shaken.

Whilst the trauma of divorce may be painful at first, your children may start to view it as a refreshing break if you and your spouse were frequently squabbling and your children were usually caught in the midst. Only after divorce is finalized, the children may breathe easy knowing they will again have two loving families.

People encounter problems along the way. But the decisions we do can greatly affect us and the people beside us. We are entitled to solve a problem the right way. Even though I do not agree with having a broken family, I still want to pass the idea of the Divorce bill. Even though the idea of "being together for the children" isn't always a feasible choice, it's something that most couples think about. Children must adjust to new living arrangements, such as having clothing at both mom and dad's houses and rooms at both houses because they must or can stay with either their parents whenever they want to.

People need to understand that having a law that will enable both parents to have freedom and the children to have a good situation. Chances are given yes, but there's no going back if too many chances have been given.

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Written by   72
1 month ago
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