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The Contribution of Technology in Education

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3 months ago

I think that we can all agree that education has changed ever since technology came into the picture. It somehow became part of our lives. From the moment we are born, we are already exposed to the systems made by technology, except maybe those who were able to give birth by "hand", since there are still provinces that practice the old tradition of giving birth.

My course revolves around technology and I don't think that lessons taught to us will not exist unless technology was made. Ever since I started to take my hands on the keyboard, I know that I'm in love with technology right then and on. As exaggerating as it may say, I don't think that I can survive without technology since everything that is in my home right now is made from it. These things were not all made by hand, from chairs to utensils to toiletries. It's actually hard to survive and be the best without the use of technology since most businesses and jobs are already advanced when people are doing their tasks. Even in farming, farmers use equipment to properly and, I would say, easily do the things they should do, however, I'm not saying that farming is easy since the way rice is being planted are most of the time done by hand.

New technology, according to many in the technology profession, can help schools fulfill the demands of extremely diverse demographics. Numerous institutions provide district-owned operating systems to learners and enable them to use their own from outside. Most institutions already have their own online platforms to properly distribute news and documents to students and for privacy acts. I think one of the major disadvantages of having a no-school email address is that people can easily join school meets online, especially if the teacher in charge of the class doesn't have the final list of students enrolled in that class and if the students use different names for their emails. Unlike Zoom, which requires both ID and password before joining in and letting the host confirm your attendance, Google Meet only requires the admit from the host.

Academic software and apps have become increasingly "adaptive," reliant on innovation and analytics to assess not just what student has mastered, but also how he or she learns and even how they feel. The usage of online platforms from Google-like Microsoft products is very useful. For example, because of the pandemic, institutions are not allowing students to gather in one place, so when they make a document, the use of Google Docs is extremely useful because they can all make changes in one document at once. My group usually does it for our thesis paper. And it's a great thing because unlike the use of Microsoft Word where you have to save it before sending it before your teammate can make changes to the document. This might be as basic as engaging in a tech-enabled brainstorming session or completing an interactive quiz in the lecture hall.

Rapid technological transformation and the expansion of digitized gadgets and services have accompanied social evolution in recent times. Technology has emerged as a new tool for motivating, differentiating, and allowing pupils to accomplish and flourish in methods they didn't even know existed.

However, since not all of us are not capable of owning a device for school or even know how to use these online tools, we still can't close our minds that online learning is not applicable to everyone. There are still people who are struggling and they can't be able to produce the same energy another student has if they don't have the proper equipment. It's like cooking soul food but you have a wok. I don't say that using a wok is a bad thing but I don't think that cooking soul food in a wok is a good practice. There should be consistency with everything so that the product will be worth it.

Digital learning and the correct gadgets in learners' grubby paws enable them to develop the professional and commercial capabilities they'll need to succeed in life. Students can benefit from technology since it makes learning more enjoyable and interactive. Students are taught by doing and independent thought rather than memorizing knowledge.

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Written by   75
3 months ago
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I believe that technology has drastically changed the way we learn I mean we don't even have to go through 10 books to find the answer we can Google it also online tutors are something else they really do help

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3 months ago