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The Conspiracy Theory About Michael Jackson

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3 months ago

This case has bothered me since I was in high school. I'm not a fan of analyzing something, whether it's a problem or just a cold case, that doesn't seem to have that much evidence. Well, we all want pieces of evidence because we just can't rely on someone since everybody seems to be good at lying. However, there are people who are, when presented with a shred of evidence, look at those documents and tapes as if they are fake, then just don't care anymore.

We have these times when out of nowhere likes to watch documentaries that talk about serial killers roaming around the city and don't seem to bother that they have killed someone. I watched this movie called Photocopier on Netflix and it wasn't what I expected. It was a great movie and it shows how money can easily manipulate people and situations where the rich will always take control of everything. We are not seeing the bigger picture of life in that same manner. We don't know if Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world right now because I am not buying the fact that there are no other people or families who have more billions than him. I think it's only because he is being transparent on how much he is making in a year, alongside taxes (if he's ever paying for one) and other assets he has. Also, since history is written by mankind, there are some instances that mankind manipulates what should be written and what should be not documented. The worst part is that it will go with textbooks and journals that children will read and understand. It will be hard for them to learn new things or change their perspective because they might just not trust anything anymore.

I am not convinced that some celebrities are dead because some are paid to make them be reported as dead when they can just roam around like normal people. The media just wants to report something they want people to know. Because they are a company and they work for, most of the time, money, it won't be a new thing for them to document something that will make someone a bad influence.

Going back to the year 2009, the world was shocked by the sudden death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. It was really devastating and the world was mourning what happened. He was supposed to have a concert and everybody was excited about it so it's really shocking that all of a sudden, he will just be reported dead. But as months pass by, there are speculations that Jackson might still be alive.

Let's look at the several pieces of evidence circulating the internet.

The first one is the fact that he was seen going off the ambulance that took him to the hospital. There's a video clip that Jackson walking after an ambulance took him to a hospital. In the clip, he was seen wearing white. I don't really know if he's really wearing white when he was taken. Maybe some of his staff manage to put clothes on him because according to reports, he died in his bathroom so he might be naked at the time of his death. He was reported to be overdosed by surgical anesthesia Propofol. According to my research, it is some type of medicine for curing the fact that a person is losing memory of events. Maybe Jackson was involved in an accident or maybe due to aging, either way, he's having a hard time remembering moments. The man in the video clip seems to have the same height as Jackson. The man was not seen in front of view so no one can really tell if that is really him. Well, the door of the hospital he was getting in is on the south-part side so nowhere near he is going to turn his back. Assuming this theory is true, in my opinion, even if you're still breathing at that time, obviously, you won't have time to stand up and go inside the hospital to be tested or cured. Well, maybe you can but with the help of someone. I can't say that I'm not buying this one but maybe with more evidence, this might be true.

Second of all, I don't think his family is not as sad as I am expecting them to be. I mean not everyone is sad for the whole number of days that their dead relative is lying in that coffin for everyone to bid their final goodbye. However, I just don't feel that they are really sad deep inside that Jackson is dead. What I felt when I watched that is they are faking it. I know that it's a hard and bad thing to assume to a family but I'm just not buying it. Well, maybe they are not "that" sad for the reason that their tears are completely out of stock already. Or maybe they just don't the people watching over the television to see how they cry since the wake is televised all over the world. Or maybe Michael's family are not really "open people" and maybe deep inside, they prefer a private wake. But Jackson is known all over the world people want to see him one last time.

I know that being a celebrity might be that bad because you have people, not just in your area, but all over the world looking at you and watching you. It might be hard for someone to go and buy a donut and then just be shouted at by a group of teenage girls. Well, technically, they pay your bills and you're in a public eye so it's hard to act badly in front of them. Also, people often prefer celebrities to be as perfect as they can or as cool as they can be, either way, people want celebrities to join their vibe, and even if you're not really doing anything wrong, if they don't like you, they don't like you, as simple as that.

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Written by   75
3 months ago
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