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Is War a Political Decision?

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4 months ago
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Politics is always a major concern in society. It helps us build that standard peace all should have and also destroy those who don't benefit, either the society or the ones in the chair.

When we attempt to explain the phrase politics, we have a lot of trouble. Politics is viewed differently depending on the scale and region.

I think people misunderstand the idea of how politicians think. Not all politicians go to politics to help the people in need. Not all of them will hear the cries of those victims. Not all of them are there to support. And not all of them are gifts to how humans should properly behave. Going back, when I was a little kid, I always have faith in these politicians in my town. I always believed that they are doing their best to give the needs of the people. When I became a scholar, I am so thankful to those in the local government. I am thankful that they are giving that opportunity to many students to pursue their dreams in life. However, I forgot to thank the most important ones, the taxpayers. Their money is actually what most students get and they are the reasons why these politicians get paid and do their responsibilities. I actually never heard someone from any seminars regarding the scholarships, thanking the taxpayers. Or maybe I am wrong. Maybe the money that we get is not from the taxpayers but from these politicians, but the question is, where do they get all of that money, considering we are thousands under that program?

Anyway, let's talk about how politics affect every single situation this planet has?

People are social creatures. They are citizens of society. People are frequently accused of behaving politically in their interactions with respective managers and coworkers in the workplace. They must unite and make a conscious effort to live.

Most of the people's actions are greatly affected by the laws made by politics. And we experience it most of the time. When we kill someone, we go to jail, but it depends if we are still proven innocent under the court of law. There are still processes to be made before the judge gives his final verdict regarding the suspect. And these murders will also be categorized by the "level" of murder. Bails can be denied by a judge even if there is bail for that case. When we cross the street unproperly like if we cross a pedestrian lane when the lights are green, we will get punished. When we steal, we also get punished, even behind bars. These types of "unhuman" things are categorized by politics, to whom shall be free or to whom shall spend their lives in jail.

There are many reasons why war starts.

One of which is because of religion. Religious disagreements are frequently linked to other causes of warfare, including such sovereignty or retaliation for a presumed chronological injustice in history. There are many wars in history that started when a certain group wants a certain religion to be spread and another religion to be taken away. Dating back to the late 11th century, Western European Christians conducted Crusades, armed journeys in reaction to years of Muslim expansionism. The Crusades also influenced mainstream religious life and sentiment in Europe, notably in Western Europe. A whole other common religious activity, pilgrimage to a sacred site, was highly correlated with such a Western idea of holy war. The Crusades are a contentious chapter in Christian history, and its indulgences seem to be the focus of ages of scholarship.

The second reason can be Nationalism. Invasion is a common theme in nationalism. It is an ideology that prioritizes fidelity, commitment, or patriotism to a country or political entity and believes that such commitments are above other internal or external interests. However, it always depends on the context. Cultural identity is critical in the formation of a cohesive nationalist organization. Conflicts amongst racial or cultural groups, as well as historical strife, may enhance the chance of war. In order to sway mainstream sentiment, a nationalist administration may promote such emotions of alienation.

The third reason would probably be the Defensive War. Now, defense is always a major thing in each country. Each country contributes to the economy, with the right amount of money. And since each country has its own ups and downs, some countries try to take over that country, in return that soon-to-be invaded country will do everything for protection. However, in most cases, these supposed to be victim countries will attack first before they can be attacked. They treat it as an "I will kill you before you can kill me" thing so that they will not be surprised by anything that will happen.

There is so much more reason why wars start.

But how does politics come into the picture? Well, since the greater force is in the higher office, governments have more power to control the military than anyone else. It is unlikely for someone to just start a war without many people behind them, however, it is also not an impossible thing to do, it's just unnecessary. These people in the government are still humans and they feel emotion. And what do humans do when they want something to be them? They fight for it.

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Written by   75
4 months ago
Topics: Politics, War, Country, School, Society, ...
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I wonder also why, the government doesn't say anything if the build a certain projects. They should say thank you to all people who pay taxes. The tax payers should be the one who deserves the credits not anyone else, not the politicians, not the people in the chair. I would like to read more information/article like this soon.

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3 months ago