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How Much Money Do You Really Need?

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1 month ago

The thing about money is that even if it's just paper, it's one of the most valuable things one could ever have. In the society we are living in right now, it's hard to say that we can live without the appearance of money. Almost every transaction we do involves money, whether we want to buy food, we want to fix certain family documents, and even when we want to study. As time goes by, we will have a hard time eliminating money in our personal lives since it became the basis of everyday living.

Money is a key variable that allows you to manage your life. Buying and selling products for goods is an older habit, and you can't purchase something if you don't have any money. Many individuals in the world already have money without having to work "that" hard for it. While some of them succeed in their endeavors, the only truly awful way to get money is to work hard. There are several methods to make money, however, in order to maintain your riches, you must manage your individual funds.

I read one post on a social media platform wherein it says, "If you give one million dollars to a rich man, he will use it to invest on something that will give him twice the money back, but if you give a poor man one million dollars, he will not invest it but rather buy things for himself." At some point, that is correct. However, we have to look at possible factors that contributed to why that poor man will spend it on things rather than investing it in a business or something. On my part, I see that second sentence as if there is a negative vibe towards the poor man. If we are to look at the deeper meaning, whenever people have money, they will spend it on things they don't currently have. The rich man already has food at home, while the poor man doesn't so obviously he will spend the money to buy food. The rich man already has a phone for business and entertainment, the poor man will buy a phone so he can use it for other necessary things. The rich man already has a car to drive around while the poor can buy a car so he uses it as a service for him to do work like Uber or car-for-rent. The rich man is so ahead of the poor man that he doesn't have to buy those things to be able to look at investment. Investments doesn't happen overnight. The poor man will be more likely to spend it on things in need of survival, especially if he has a family.

Money may provide us the ability to make a difference in other people's lives, but it does not give us the motivation to do so. It can provide us with the time to grow and nourish our relationships, but not the love and care that is required. Evidence of the affluent and famous's psychological and spiritual poverty abounds in our newspapers, magazines, tabloids, and television shows, and it scarcely needs to be repeated here. Yes, we get a rush from pricey items at first. However, we quickly become accustomed to them, a situation is known as the 'hedonic treadmill' by economists.

One of several factors why people claim they don't care about money is that it has been called "the root of all evil." It's accurate that extraverted individuals can let their fixation with money lead them to do awful things for monetary benefit. Money, on the other hand, is only a means of transaction.

With over seven billion people in the world, there are all kinds of businesses one could think of. In those businesses, we have people doing work as a form of service. If we want people to do service for us, we have to pay them. People will have a hard time doing something for free all of the time because we also have to pay for things in life. Since we want the easier method of having something, we pay people to do them for us. We always have to look at the bigger and deeper picture so that we can understand why some things happen.

Money is important as it gives you more self-control, greater flexibility to sculpt out your own course of action, and fewer restrictions on your options. When it comes to children, money can immensely pamper them, thus affluent parents must find a way to provide the best for their children while also teaching them the value of money and not spoiling them to the point where their perspective on life is eternally warped. Resource integration implies that life is no longer a continual struggle to keep one's business afloat. Possessing money allows you to appreciate life as much as possible, including new experiences, sensations, and flavors.

So how much money do you need in life?

Let's consider the fact that we are living in a society where all establishments, from restaurants to libraries to cinemas to hospitals to banks to malls to everything, are present. We will see people working on them. More than twenty people will be more likely present in every establishment. Our everyday needs will be available in those areas and we just need to pay them. However, we must also look at the fact money in an economic manner and service manner. There will be taxes and taxes. As we look at these things in a picture. Paying people to do those things for us will cost thousands of dollars. It will be based on your chosen lifestyle. But sometimes, it's not even the lifestyle. It's just life itself. All the burdens in the world will just appear right in front of you when you don't even know it. I recommend watching "Fun with Dick and Jane". The movie is entertaining but there is meaning to it about money and the problems it gives us.

Money can definitely solve most of your problems. It's just up to you to handle it wisely.

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Written by   72
1 month ago
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