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Each Story has Two Sides

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1 month ago

I love books. I love how an author can make the readers get inside their story just by writing words and turning them into a story. I love everything about what the book gives and how it matters to most of us, either fiction or non-fiction.

However, in real life, it doesn't seem to be always right.

Most of the readers probably already encounter books or stories online that have the POV or Point-of-View narrative. It is when a story is told by one person by his/her eyes and understanding. These type of stories tells aside to be either believed or questioned by the reader because it doesn't show how the other characters in that story see the situations. At some point, I do like this way of telling a story. It is biased but most of the time, in a positive manner. It makes the reader know how the character acts, thinks, and does actions just by how he/she approaches and interprets a situation, especially the plot twists encountered.

On contrary, it enables a reader to learn that by having that kind of story-telling, you always have to look at both sides. It is infuriating when you have a different emotion on how you look at a problem and just understand one side rather than the whole picture.

I have encountered situations where I hear people who only want to hear their side of the story. I shut my mouth most of the time because I know they are not going to be ready for an argument. And since I'm the younger one, it will always look like I'm the bad one because older ones think that they are always right and I have to have respect for them, even if what they do and say is wrong. I had a moment once where I had to tell a relative that whenever she speaks loudly, it will always sound like she's arguing. The reason is that I know people speak loud either if the other person or audience doesn't hear it or you are making yourself the better one by raising your voice. She doesn't understand that. She always says that it's her natural speaking voice when it's not. I am a quiet person so I know the normal side of people versus the side where their emotions come together.

Arguing with people like them shows how down society is when it comes to understanding the basics.

Arguments should always come with all the details that matter. It's like a debate where two attorneys look at different things and not just focus on one side. The difference is that in simple arguments, you can't fight when you know you're already wrong, however, people will always do everything to make them right. It just so happens that the ones who are right just let go of everything rather than argue more.

One more thing about the importance of looking at two sides of a story is that a person will act and think differently is when something happened in the past. It will always matter in situations.

An American serial killer by the name of Aileen Wuornos grew up in a not-so-good home. She had been through a lot of different situations where a child should not experience at a very young age. Her story can be the epitome of how traumas can lead you to do evil things. Apparently, in court, you can't always fight when people will start looking at things differently to the point that they will not believe you and starts making a story about you.

Hearing stories will never be a waste of time. It can be when the story is unrealistic. But when a depressed person starts opening up to you, listen to them. It's hard for us to speak up since we are looked at as "over-dramatic" people.

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Written by   66
1 month ago
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