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Does Political Views Matter in a Relationship?

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2 months ago

Politics is one of those topics that highly require intense research when it comes to a debate or even just a simple argument. People have different perspectives in life, whether it's about sexuality, equality, or work environment and ethics. However, political views are always at the top of the argument.

Political liberty is a fundamental notion in political thinking. People create opposition parties to reflect particular ideals in democratic development. In politics, a range of approaches is used, including expressing one's personal ideological beliefs.

A political ideology is a collection of recurring ideas, beliefs, and attitudes. Propaganda is prone to philosophical conceptions that are partially diametrically opposed.

Many people say that having a different opinion on politics is like having an argument with yourself or contradicting the things you believe in.

Some people say that it doesn't really matter because we all have opinions and those opinions can be different from one another.

Let us examine the distinction between the two assertions.

  • Having different opinions matters.

    Your partner's different opinion has a lot to say about him or her.

    • I have seen a lot of my friends on social media sites who continue to ask their friends who have different candidates for the election to unfriend or unfollow them. For an instance, they are right. Most people prefer politicians who have issues from the past who are up until now don't clear the air and say that they don't really know what they are thinking at some point. When we have a partner in life, we obviously want them to talk about their past. We are to evaluate them in life as well as we are making sure that we don't step foot on a rocky road. However, even though we evaluate them based on their own stories coming out of their mouth, we also do our own research. We just don't have to rely on word of mouth like we are running a restaurant. We look into documents that may help us. After that, we assess and build that decision if we want to push through or not.

    • Politics is like being blind in love when you don't think thoroughly. Most people don't know much about the candidate except for the times they are promoting themselves. People's life at first impressions. They will continue to lie if they succeed in getting your trust. And when you give these people their trust, you will be blinded by everything.

      If partners can't agree with a single point of view about the government, it will affect their relationship. Maybe not at all times, but they will be certain times.

  • Having different opinions DOES NOT matter

    • Some people believe that it doesn't really matter. Some can be a good partner to someone without bringing up any political views since it's not something to be argued with most of the time.

    • Politics is really something to be talked about most of the time. The reason is that the government mostly has the final say when it comes to economic things.

    • However, if both partners are going to have an argument about a politician's wrongdoing, they must look at all the possible concepts that affected the decisions. It's like being in court where you don't really need to protect the criminal but rather look at points that will contribute to the argument. I have seen people who didn't stop being friends or loving someone just because they voted for the opposition side.

What do you think? Do political views matter in a relationship or not?

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Written by   81
2 months ago
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