Finding identity

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The born identity; finding my identity

Over the years one major question asked by man is "who am I??"

The reason for these question is not the fact that they don't know their name, Family, address or surname.

The question "who am I" is asked because people want to know

• What they are living for

• what they are meant to do in life

• what they are meant to be

• where do they actually come from(existence)

• what will I be known for

"Who am I"is a question of IDENTITY so literally the question is meant to be "WHAT IS My IDENTITY"

These questions are asked at the age of -self-realization-, the age when you begin take notice of things pertaining to you, that's the youthful age(13-29)

For these reason, many youth go into research, trying out different things, skills, way of life e.t.c in a quest to find out their identity. some happens to find it unfortunately others miss their way and remain in a state of confusion.

Today I will be sharing with us How to find your identity

My name is Akusaraonye Stephen chukwuemeka. Am happy and privileged to be sharing with you deep mysteries today I assure if you will follow up and read through in 1hr you will be impacted

we need to know the acceptable definition of identity so we can be on the same page;

Identity by oxford dictionary it is defined as a sense of who something, someone or oneself is; persona...

If you agree with the definition, now we on the same page.

That takes us to the question How do I know my identity.

Better still; How do I find the right identity

simple question that can be answered with a simple illustration

Imagine looking at an object hanging on the ceiling with three blades, going in circles and producing air.

Identify the following

How did I identify these objects

1. By it's abilities

2. By the reason it was built

In other words I Identified those object by the reason of its purpose


I can Identify these as a standing fan because it has blades, a leg to stand and it supplies air.


Because it wears my foot, it has openings and it's not totally covered.


I can Identify these because it bears fruit, has leafs, branches and thick big roots..

My ability to Identify an object is because of the purpose it serves.

That takes us to the next question.

What is Purpose?? It's an objective to be reached, a target, an aim, a goal.

Literally it means the reason for which something is done or reason it is done In a particular way.

From our illustrations and definitions we do know subconsciously that "The purpose of a creation is determined by its creator"

Which means if I believe or have a conviction that I am born with a purpose that implies I have a creator

There exist a creation if and only if there is a creator

Over the years philosopher, historians and scientists have done their research about the existence of creation. Theories have been postulated e.g theory of evolution, law of causality e.t.c

But In recent times the findings of the creation has said to be similar to the story given by these three spiritual.

1. Torah

2. Bible

3. Koran

All three points to the fact that there is a supreme God who made the universe by his word.

From my research I have found the bible to be more reliable and accurate amongst these three. So I will be taking reference from the bible...

Gen 2:4-7 shows us that man was created for a purpose generally to take care of the earth, there was a reason he was created i.e every man is created for a purpose.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.

You can also see Ecclesiastes 3:17 better still read through chapter 3.

If I may ask could there be a difference between purpose and Destiny or could they be the same.

There is a thin line between purpose and Destiny

Destiny:that which is destined i.e what you have been determined to be; fate by God

While Purpose simply _means the reason you were created or why you were created

Destiny is the what and Purpose is the why

Ephesians 1:4-13 tells shows us that before our creation into time🕛 we have been predestined to be brought back to light through christ. so by destiny we are children of light

Why, so we can praise God and show forth his glory.

For instance,

1. Jesus was destined to be christ through death.

Why, to bring men (me and you) back to life( light and show forth his glory) john 3:16

2. If you are destined to be a prophet.

The reason maybe;

a. To liberate people

b. To see things yet to come

c. To stand in the gap for men e.t.c

3. If you are is destined to be a musician

The reason may be

a. Sing sweet melodies pleasing to men souls

b. To play sweet melodies through musical instruments

c. To Write beautiful lyrics that can change life of men


From our illustrations "a man Identity is dependent on the purpose of his destiny"

To know your Identity you have to know the purpose of your destiny.

An example we have is Daniel who took up the identity of his purpose (Daniel 1:8) and bible said daniel was different from the other kids even till when he grew he had an excellent spirit.

Also moses refused to take up the identity of the Egyptians because of the purpose of his destiny (hebrews 11:24-28)

Jesus also asked his disciples "who do you say I am" he wasn't asking for his name he was asking for his purpose, peter replied him you are christ

When you ask albert einstein who are you he would not reply by his name rather by the reason of his purpose; I am a scientist

When you ask Nelson mandela who are you he would tell you am the black leader born to liberate his people; his reply is by the purpose of his destiny.

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