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Why does the muscle tremble

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Today we will examine muscle twitching, which is a problem that almost everyone can encounter.

Muscle twitches or muscle tremors can happen to almost anyone in their daily life.

Muscle twitches that occur involuntarily in any muscle are quite common. In order to be able to say that there is twitch in the muscles medically, the twitch in the muscle must be visible from the outside and can be observed with electromyography. Twitches can occur locally or widely. Involuntarily, that muscle moves. Therefore, it can also give people anxiety at some point. Experts agree that it is mostly a fatigue and stress-oriented condition.

It should not be forgotten that, although rare, it may appear as a symptom of some diseases. If you regularly experience muscle twitching and at the same time are sure that it is not related to fatigue or stress, we can recommend that you make a Neurology appointment immediately. As a result of your neurology examination, your B12, calcium, magnesium and vitamin D values ​​will be measured and a conclusion will be reached accordingly.

Stress and fatigue are among the most basic factors for muscle twitching.


Our muscles are structures that are in regular motion when we move our body and meet our power needs. Therefore, even if we do not exercise in any way, our muscles continue to work in line with our daily work. If we do heavy work, have a regular exercise program, follow sports programs without interruption, or go for long runs, our muscles will become physiologically tired. As you get stronger as a result of the training, in this case the deformation time will decrease and the muscle twitching will begin to appear very low.


Stress is another factor that is seen as intense as fatigue. This is also called psychological muscle twitching at one point. It can be seen frequently in those who are depressed, have an anxiety crisis, and have attacks during this period of their lives. Stress-based caffeine, cigarette, alcohol and drug use are also triggers.

The Remedy of Muscle Twitches

The number of people who wonder what is good for muscle twitching is quite a lot. First of all, EMG should be taken for muscle twitching and the results should be examined. Muscle twitches are mostly caused by fatigue, and some are caused by stress. In rare cases, it appears as a symptom of animportant disease. In this context, it is still useful to go to Neurology without interruption and be examined.

If there is a psychological process after EMG, depending on the results, you can be referred to the Psychiatry service.

The results of the examination taken as a result of the neurology examination will reveal the underlying cause. If there is a vitamin B12 deficiency, B12 supplementation, and if excessive caffeine use is in question, an up-to-date diet list can be applied.

Usually, even regular drinking of water prevents muscle twitches to a great extent. For health reasons, it is necessary to consume 10-12 glasses of water every day.

Mineral and vitamin supplements must be used with the advice of your doctor.

If the factor causing muscle twitching is not found, you can concentrate on the instant measures you will take for it. Reducing stress, resting when tired, reducing caffeine use, quitting bad habits such as smoking, alcohol and drugs can create the ideal result for you.

You can also massage the point where the tremor occurs when you experience muscle twitching.

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