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Feel Good by Flexing Your Muscles

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You can start the day with muscle stretching and have a comfortable and dynamic day. You will feel good by flexing your muscles.

 You can feel great with stretching movements that help to gain endurance by increasing the elasticity of a certain muscle group and joints, which change according to the exercise. You can start the day wonderfully with a few muscle stretching exercises that are beneficial for your health and will help you relax mentally.

 You can do muscle stretching exercises when you wake up in the morning or, according to your preference, before going to bed at night, so you can have a sound sleep. With this exercise group, which will help you move more easily in your daily life, the flexibility of your tissues will increase, and you will not experience health problems such as injury and injury.

 Muscle Stretching Exercise Movements;

Stretching Front and Side Neck Muscles

Put your hands on your waist for this exercise that will help stretch the sternocleidomastoid muscles on both sides of our neck and the upper trapezius muscles, known as the back muscles. Keeping your back as straight as possible, you should push your head back and carefully return it to its original position.

 Then take a seat. Again, with our back straight, support from your right hand, you should tilt your head towards our right and try to touch your ear. Repeat the exercise using the same method, using your other arm in the opposite direction.

 Pectoral Stretching

With this exercise, which allows you to stretch the back wing muscles and chest muscles at the same time, you will immediately feel the lightness that will occur in your body. This stretching exercise, which is very easy to apply, allows you to relax effectively in a short time without taking your time.

 With a standing and straight back posture, you should turn your back to the wall and place your hands on your waist. Then, without changing the position of your right arm, lean your palm against the wall by moving backwards while your body is facing forward. Repeat the exercise with your other arm.

Stretching the Shoulder Muscles

It is a short and important exercise that will help you gain strength by effectively stretching the shoulder muscles. This stretching movement, which gives extra endurance to your shoulder muscles, will also relieve your tension.

For this work that you will practice standing with a straight back posture; you should bring your left arm straight, towards your right shoulder. Then repeat the same exercise by bringing your right arm straight towards your left shoulder without bending it at the elbow.

 Stretching the Pelvic Muscles

It is an exercise movement that helps the pelvic muscles, which are located just below the pelvic bone and express the whole group of soft muscles and tissues holding the reproductive organ, to gain strength by stretching.

Reminding that it is a work that you must do without bending your knees, sit on the floor and take a position as tense as possible by opening your legs. With your back straight, bring both arms back. Only your fingertips should touch the ground.

Assisted Side Stretch

This stretching exercise, which allows the body to fully work the side abdominal muscles, is an important exercise as it will allow the fat in the area to melt quickly when applied regularly. It is an excellent exercise to get rid of regional fat while giving flexibility to your body.

 Standing straight, your legs should be slightly open. Applying with support from a resistance band will provide you with better quality results. Slowly bend to the right, using only your upper body, with the resistance band holding your hands taut in the air. Then repeat the movement to the other side.

Things to Consider in Muscle Stretching;

With muscle stretching exercises, you can feel great in a short time. When practiced regularly, they allow you to relax enough to become a habit. However, as in all exercise studies, there are some points to be considered.

 It is possible to hurt yourself with one wrong move. Make sure you are not in pain during the stretch. While performing the stretching exercises, you do not need to use a special breathing technique, you can continue to breathe normally.

Application studies; Do it for a maximum of 30, a minimum of 10 seconds. You will not get the expected efficiency from the work done for less than 10 seconds, and injuries may occur in the applications performed for more than 30 seconds. Therefore, take care to work in the ideal times given.

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