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Explosive strength exercises

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Strength; is the ability to resist resistance.

If you want to gain strength and build muscle while training, these strength training sessions are for you.


By aiming to increase the speed, strength, agility, resistance and explosive power of the body; It is a type of training that allows all muscles to contract quickly and effectively. Explosive strength training is usually practiced by individuals with reproducible goals such as getting stronger, faster, hitting the ball faster.


Strength and strength training isn't just for increasing power. Apart from all the reasons we have mentioned, it can also be used by those who want to develop muscle volume or burn fat. At the same time, strength training is one of the training types preferred by those who want to stay healthy and maintain their form.


Explosive Strength Training Moves

Plio Push Up: It is a movement that allows the chest muscles to work actively. The only difference from the standard push-up exercise; It is the hand clapping while raising the body. Although it may not seem like a very important detail, thanks to this movement, you will be working the contracted chest muscle fibers plyometrically.


Jump Forward: Don't be fooled by how simple it sounds, the effects are huge. Forward is to try to jump as far as possible by lifting your feet from the ground at the same time without a break. It is an extremely effective workout for the thigh, leg and hip muscles.


Plio Pull-ups: It is an exercise that allows many muscles to work, especially the arms, back and shoulders. The only difference from standard pull-ups is that you need to clap with your hands when you pull the body up. With this small difference, you will have much stronger and stronger muscles.


Plant Plio: You can think of this exercise like a vertical burpee. Jump up onto a high surface with your hands on and then stand up and then jump back to the starting point, again placing your hands on it. Although it may seem easy, it is an exercise that requires effort. Therefore, it is included in the explosive training group.


Plio Step-Up: If you dream of stronger leg muscles, this exercise is for you. Put your foot on a box-like height and step back quickly, stepping up to the side with your other foot. It is possible to be stronger with one step.

What should be considered in strength training?

While working in this training group, which we describe as power, strength and explosive, there are some points that we should pay attention to. For example, the frequency of these exercises is very important. It is recommended to work out 3 times a week for maximum benefit.


It is necessary to determine the number of training sets correctly. You should create a work plan by determining your capacity. Another important issue is the rest periods that you will leave between sets. You need to give your muscles time to rest and recover.


You also need to pay attention to your repetition speeds and gradually increasing the weights you use while working. Trying to lift more weight than you should, will not increase your performance and may cause injuries. Considering all these factors, you need to practice your training in the healthiest way possible.

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