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Back Muscle Exercises..

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When doing sports, the first thing that comes to mind is the abdomen, broad shoulders and chest muscles and legs. Back muscles do not come to mind much, but they are one of the most important. Because they are the muscles that regulate your posture. There are many advantages to having a large and bulky back.

For example, you appear taller than you are. You say goodbye to your squat, with your posture and posture straightening.

Along with that, strong back muscles mean you can lift more weight on the bench press. The reason is that in training that targets your back, your arms also work.

Working for the back muscles, which is one of the largest muscle groups in the body, accelerates the metabolism and allows you to achieve excellent results. Moreover, it is another fact that you will burn more fat as you work on your back.

Finally, it is known that women generally love men with triangular bodies. For a body with a wide chest and a narrow waist, it is necessary to exercise your back muscles.

Best Back Exercise Pull-Up

If you are aiming for a V-shaped triangular body, you should definitely do pull-ups. With this movement, it helps to expand and shape your torso by working the wing and lat muscles.

Hold up a little more than shoulder-width apart and you should pull yourself up.

Lat Pulldown

Although not as much as pull-up for the back muscles, the lat pulldown effect is also very large. Make the movement slow and controlled. Try to feel your lats with each rep. You should make sure that your upper body stays in the same position from start to finish.


This training movement Deadlift is an excellent back workout that can cause serious injuries if not done in the right form, but when done in the right form. As you lower and raise the weight, it will actively work the rhomboids, traps, erector spinae, hind shoulders, and lats.

You must add busbar weights. With your knees bent, grasp the barbell with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Never arch your back during the movement. Bring your chest out, lift your torso up and stand up with the bar. Lower the bar to the floor and finish by repeating.

Best Back Exercises Bent-Over Underhand Barbell Row

In this exercise, you can lift more weight than other rowing movements. Rowing with higher weights significantly supports muscle development by targeting the major rhomboid, minor rhomboid, upper trap muscles, posterior deltoids, rotator cuff muscles, middle and lower trap muscles.

Since being inactive for a long time weakens these muscles, it is very important to make movements that target these muscles.

Grasp the bar with an underhand grip slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees and position your torso parallel to the ground. Release the bar to the floor and complete the work by pulling it towards your abdominal muscles in a controlled manner.

Seated Cable Row

Seated cable row is now a classic and one of the most performed back exercises. You must take care to keep all control in your hands during the movement.

First, attach a flat bar to the cable station. Sit with your feet fixed. Hold the bar at shoulder width and pull it towards your upper abs. Hold for a few seconds and slowly return to the starting position. Keep your body straight and still throughout the movement. Be careful not to swing forward or backward in the movement.

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