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Campaigns, Election and Political Participation

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8 months ago
Date: Friday, 6th of May 2022

Election 2022 has been the ugliest election so far. I've seen a lot of people on social media battling/fighting about their chosen candidates for president and vice president. Friends and even families are disconnecting and hurting each other because they have different preferences among the running candidates.

This past few months of election period, It has been troublesome to voice out your opinion because they will easily judge you because of your choice. You cannot say what you want to convey to them because their decision is final and nothing can change it.

Others are belittling and cancelling people, giving so much hate and nonstop bashing to each other. It is painful to think that this is what the election has brought to every Filipino.

Is this what we want to happen? To be enemies because of what we will vote for?

Saw this random comments on a Facebook group page.

Arguments after arguments, debates after debates. Kakampinks vs BBM loyalist, Mother vs Children, Filipino vs Filipino. Aren't you tired of it?

Just to clarify, if someone corrects you or educate you it doesn't mean they hate you.

They're just correcting the misinformation or fake news you shared but they don't hate you.

They might be disappointed because you have your diploma and yet you easily get swayed by misleading and fake fact check information.

They might ask you "why" out of curiosity on what made you choose or support that running candidates, then you can ask them too. But it doesn't mean they hate you or will cancel you.

They might unfollow you or unfriend you because your sharing of fake news is rampant and then you don't even bother to check if that's true.

Politicians are meant to be criticize and held accountable because it's our right to know their backgrounds, track records and history. So if they criticize your choice of politicians then it doesn't mean that they are criticizing you.

So calm down, stop having imaginary haters, this is not about you, you just adding unnecessary stress in your life. The truth is your with what we are fighting for, because our vote is not for the politician or hir/her legacy, it is for our future and for a better government.

Fighting/arguing is not the solution for our country's problem, what we need is a good and honest leader who is willing to serve wholeheartedly for the sake of our beloved Philippines.

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You see, it's very easy for us to be not speaking on politics while being comfortable in life but we cannot imagine what could happen to the regular Filipinos who will be much affected of these possible developments. We obviously aren't voting for the woman/man alone but for every Filipino who's struggling everyday to survive the already difficult daily life of a regular Filipino.

If you don't see that, then it's time for you to start assessing.

Dear Filipinos, if you are being made to choose between an enabler of a tyrant and a tyrant in the making, I want to remind you that you have the option to ABSTAIN. Inevitably, someone between the two will emerge victorious, but they will notice that there will be a significant difference between the number of votes casted for the President and Vice President. Make them feel that they are not really chosen.

Your vote is sacred, do not settle for lesser evils.


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Written by   52
8 months ago
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Super laki talAga ng impact ng election ngayon umaabot na sa point na nagaaway na silang lahat sa fb...may nakita pa nga ako may nagpost na ' BBM is My president' then may nagreplay dissappointed daw siya tas sabi naman nung nag post 'we live in a democracy country' pero sinasabi parin nung nag comment na dissappointed siya....eto dahilan kaya ayaw ko mag fb this days parang nagiging uneducated na yung iba

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8 months ago

Sana nga maging maayos yung gaganapin na election sa lunes. Let's vote right and choose the best in the position!

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8 months ago

Kaya nga po sissy hay naku. Anyone has something to say talaga, pag nagpost ka about Leni may mabash sayo, pag nagpost ka naman about BBM may masasabi din sila sayo. Nagiging toxic narin minsan ang election dahil sa walang sawang parinigan ng bawat kampo

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8 months ago