What to do with an Escape Artist

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When we got him, he was the girth of a hot dog. (Pancho in Spanish)

It is ten years later and he is still the most tame and domesticated dude as a snake can be. But he is also curious.

Snakes behind acrylic

I have two snakers - an orange/yellow python and this guy, Pancho. They live together - totally platonic though. They both live in here but the motorcycle wheel is Pancho's. There is always at least one part of his body on the tire. Here we have him at the 'glass' peaking out at me. Sad that it has those lines on it - explained below.

I upgraded their cage to a half-closet. They have hot rocks, a water dish and a really soft carpet with a quarter of it folded over in case they want to duck under something (that is Goldie's favorite way to roll).

I have made cages in the past for my snakers in the USA and I usually use Plexiglass or Lexon, but here I could not get that. The Home Depot-ish place we have here is called Easy. All they had was this stuff. It is like corrugated cardboard but made of acrylic. I cut it to size to close off the front and top (three feet tall) with a high intensity light mounted outside the enclosure to give them the rays they need. I cannot be in the cage or they would burnt themselves. I already had one snake injure itself somehow and I will not risk another.

I have not been feeling well but I do not want to sleep all day, so I got Pancho out and laid on my water bed. He keeps me from falling asleep because it would be a mess if he were to get into spot where...

Let's just say... If I do not see him where I left him, then I will be taking something apart to get him out. Couch, furniture, rafters, water bed, etc..

Once I lost him for over a week and he was inside a computer!

I can usually put him under a blanket and he will cruise around under it and curl up all comfortable. Today he found his way out a couple times and went over the edge of the bed, headed for the floor.

So I put him on my foot and stuck my leg up in the air. He was happy as a clam (if they are happy) to be up there all king of the high-up place and stuff. It is really hard to fall asleep if you have a three-pound snake wrapping himself around you ankle and your leg pointed at the ceiling.

When my leg got tired, I crossed my leg on my knee and waited for him to make an escape attempt. Then back up in the air.

I thought I got some nice pictures of him and decided to share them. He is my living leather friend of many years. And we love him tons!

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