Snaker update. Playing on the clean laundry.

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10 months ago
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I had the snakes out today.

Goldie - Albino Burmese python

It has been a long hard recovery for Goldie, my albino Burmese python. Somewhere at the beginning of March, she was burned or infected with something and was blistered over 70% of her body.

I was prepared to have her put down, but the doctor set me up with antibiotic injections and many creams / ointments. It killed me to inject her daily for weeks on end, but she was good and never hissed or complained.

Here they are playing on the "tender" (for hanging clean clothes).

They love climbing on anything thin like wires, rope, string or pipes. Pancho is the bigger snake that has been with me since he was a baby. He is very protective of Goldie and has helped me take care of her for the second half of her recovery.

Goldie has been feeling a lot better lately and is very active now. She has healed up nicely but her back is heavily scarred. She is eating chicken wings - one per week -and only has a few scabs healing up toward the end of her tail.

I wanted to make an update to the previous posts on the injuries and Goldie's progress. It is winter

now and I do not take them outside much when it is cold out. Some people I know on Hive have met both of these guys when I stopped off on the way to and from the doctor's offices. Among them are @pdc, @m36, and @juanselago to name a few. I am not sure if any of them have posted the selfies they took with them.

I know what you are thinking...

  • no, they don't bite.

  • no, they do not get the clothes dirty (they are like living leather).

  • yes, they do know me and will climb up on me or my kids.

I don't leave them loose in the house. They would be fine but could hurt themselves or get out of the house and get lost.

I cannot help posting about my kids, plants and pets. If it gets to be much, I would refer you to cat owners across

Much love!

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10 months ago
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Pretty goldie. I am glad she feels better now. I was wondering, how do they poop? Do they just leave it anywhere when you let them lose or they hold it till they get to their usual spot

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10 months ago

Wow snakes at home, it would be scaring for me

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10 months ago