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Starbits to the Moon? + Malasia Festival Last Day || Rising Star Progress #Day 235

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3 months ago

Welcome to my Rising Star diary space. A lot has happened since yesterday, so I am going to show you news as well as my progress.

First, I want to start by commenting on a big change that happened yesterday in the starbits price. The price skyrocketed and I had the opportunity to sell at 0.0002 Hive per Starbit. Today it went back down to 0.00015. Do you think the price will go up again and starbits will go to the moon?

As the price went up so much yesterday I sold some starbits, so I couldn't buy any packs today.

I keep selling the instruments that are not useful for me to buy the ones that are useful for my music lessons🎶

Today I put the following instruments up for sale🎸

I sold 16 instruments (2 rare and 14 common) that were not useful for me so I bought the same amount of orchestral instruments that are useful for me. These are the types of orchestral instruments that I bought🎻

Thanks to these purchases, the skill points I get for each completed music lesson have increased!🚀


Yesterday I was still in 38th position, so let's take a look at my position today👀

I'm back to the highest position I've ever been! I'm really happy to climb to such a high position. I've increased my score by another day thanks to the packs I opened yesterday, as well as increasing my weekly minutes played. It's amazing to see how I keep increasing the weekly minutes played since they are really high already. I never thought I would be at 7690 weekly minutes played one day.

It's a pity I wasn't able to buy packs today, so I probably won't be able to stay in this special position for me tomorrow, as it's the highest I've ever been. My goal is to stay in the top 50 until the middle of the year, do you think I can do that?


Today is the last day of the festival in Malaysia. From tomorrow, the festival will start in Thailand so I can't wait for it to start😇

There is still some time to get the Malaysian wristband even though there are only a few hours left. I always recommend you to try to get the wristband if you can on the first few days of the festival to avoid forgetting it. I was able to get this wristband the same day it was released and I am delighted. It looks like this✨

There have already been 28 festivals from which I have all the wristbands. Tomorrow the 29th festival starts and I hope I can get the wristband🤗


I'm currently on the last island after unlocking all the areas on the map 🗺

I've managed to unlock all the zones on the map, but I still have to unlock the missions in the last zone. I unlocked the first one and now I'm focused on unlocking the next one for which I need to reach the level 250🔥

I got to level 221 today, so it's going to take me some time to reach level 250🔥

CARDS: 4282
LUCK: 35890
SKILL: 365163
IM: 3218
LEVEL: 221



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Written by   1
3 months ago
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