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Episode 01

I peeked into her room while changing her cousin's dress. Today I am imprisoned in a house for 3 days for that crime. 7 have been detained

He did not give any food in three days.

Meghla stays in our house. So the matter is in the family. If it was spread outside, the girl would be infamous. But I did none of this.

Meghla gave justice to my father and my father believed him. No one listened to me, on the contrary, my father hit me with a steel stick My mother did not say anything. But there is also hatred in his eyes. Mao believed I had done it.

In the dark room on the roof

I was handcuffed and locked in the door.

The body is broken because he has not eaten for three days. There are headaches and gastric.

It's a shame to remember Meghla. The girl told such a big lie to her father for a small mistake I've been crazy for almost three days now.

How do you think my father or mother?

They were not like that. But they have also been forced

To be like that. They have been like that since they failed the Inter exam two years ago. Of course there was reason to fail. Nusrat.

You can understand why. I couldn't hold myself back after he left. I was so addicted that I needed to take drugs to forget him.

Since then, no one loves me as much as before. And I never read with Meghla. He will punish me if I make a mistake. This time the punishment has become a little more, even though it is shorter.

I looked at my father when he was beating me.

I could not see the clear smile on his face. I lowered my eyes and endured the beating.

Every injury brings tears to my eyes. Repeatedly, it didn't work I'm addicted. I can do it. And Meghla will not say wrong. Believe it is not their idea. They locked me in a closed room at a time when my family needed support. It's true that the breath is coming off. Throat is dry with thirst. There is not even a drop of water in the house However, if it rained, a little water would be available. There is a little hole at the top and water falls through it.

Today is the fourth day. No one even came to see me once. If he doesn't see the house dog for two days, he also looks for him. And I am a complete man !! Although they no longer think of me as human, so maybe.

I don't know how many days have passed like this. Because when I regained consciousness I found myself lying in my room. Feeling very tired. I can't separate my own body. Every part of the body is afflicted with pain.

After a while I saw Meghla come to my room. Meghla smiled sarcastically when she saw my eyes open.

_ Are you alive? We thought you were dead.

Tears welled up in his eyes as soon as he heard Meghla's words. The people of this house hate me so much !! If an animal is sick, it is also shown to the doctor. And me they? Maybe they wanted me to die.

In what way did I tell Meghla: - I am very hungry.

(Continued ..)

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Written by   30
1 year ago
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