keep moving forward!!

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We are in great hazard when we encounter people who make us question ourselves and our abilities to do anything. It’s really sad but then you don’t need validations from people to know that you are doing the best thing for yourself.

When you dream big, others feel threatened because they are unable to have a clear direction for their lives and it sometimes stems out of jealousy. They talk you down to the floor so you could feel powerless instead of them to dream about a lovely penthouse view and see the world too. Don’t ever feel intimidated, Tribe!

You see the whole picture but they don’t. Even if they do, it’s just a glimpse of the whole picture that they see. People can be quick to project their doubts and limitation on you but don’t permit them to turn your sky into a ceiling. You are made for greatness.

Lastly, Get yourself in the right circle of people who support and encourage you in their best possible way to see you thrive. Keep praying to God until you see the result. When you do, still keep praying.

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Yeah, sometimes our big dreams tend to threaten those around us who would not dare to dream that big.

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2 years ago

We should believe in God and always move forward.

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3 years ago