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How to Master Recruiting

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Why leadership is involved in the recruitment process

In the recruitment process, first and foremost, having great leaders is crucial as they are the ones that decide in selecting the best team who will be the lifeblood of their success chosen from the pool of candidates who aspires to be one of them. It is crucial to have leaders who have a keen eye for the people that seems to have great potential and align with the organization’s identity and goals. Moreover, they must ensure that the right person for the right job will be selected in order to prevent arising of complicated problems. Failing to see the lapses in the process will impact the culture of the organization and will contribute stress as there may be some instances that the leaders have to deal with the people that they don’t want to deal with in the first place. Thus, leaders must look beyond the resume as well as identify people who they think is going to be successful in the job and is able to create the outcome that they want. Helping those people out is one way to achieve results and be successful in their roles. Therefore, the art of building a winning team is through having great leaders who give each candidate a fair chance to discover whispering talents and can greatly increase the organization’s chance to have long-term success. 

Steps in recruiting the best employees

In recruiting the best employees, we first need to build a framework or structured process where we think that is the best recruitment strategy for our organization. After constructing a framework that will be the basis of recruitment, the organization can create a supporting tool or methods like interview questionnaires or assessment tools to predict whether the person is going to be right for the role or not. It’s like a scorecard where the organization will calculate the percentage chance of that person to be successful in a particular role, and one of the ways for it to be done is through an interview process. In this process, the organization is able to identify the correct needs for the particular positions and examine if what was written on the paper or resume is factual or not. Moreover, before hiring, it is crucial to test the candidate’s personality, talents, ability to learn and comprehend, as well as past experiences. Besides all of these, the best thing to determine if the person can do the job successfully is to take the person into the actual working environment and have them work to experience the actual job. Furthermore, the organization can look to the three parts of a person which are the toolbox, heart, and brain - these are tools the organization can use to understand people but the heart is the personality and behavior of people to recruit the best employees for the right team.

How can you succeed in hiring the best team in your organization as an HR professional

As an aspiring HR professional, to succeed in hiring the best team is to look beyond the obvious and explore the whispering talents that the person can offer to the organization. Also, the heart of all is to select the person based on the personality and behavior and the rest will follow. In order to find that diamond in the rough, it is crucial to have a structured process where it can meet the set goals or values of the organization. Moreover, constant assessment must be done to thoroughly screen people who will be the best candidate from the pool of applicants that the organization have. Above all, hiring for potential then investing in training to impart skills is one way to help the organization succeed in hiring the right people for the best team. 

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4 months ago
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