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Yearning For The Sun

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1 year ago

I watched my frail table rose plant show immense resilience as it bloomed out a few bright flowers after months of hibernation. I took some photographs and that inspired my first attempt at poetry. Here we go!

I perched on the edge of the balcony
The sun, wind, and rain wrapping me
Peeking out beyond, so frail and fragile
Waiting for the time to show my smile

I struggled hard in the depleted soil
To bloom out a flower I daily toiled
My nourishment so bleak and very meager
But to please the sun I was eager

As the blazing summer eased away
I knew this would be my glorious day
I sucked all I got and spread out my best
Soon a bud was born during my nocturnal rest

Would it die or live I wasn't so sure
Would it have the strength to truly endure
The sun's bright light and the warmth I yearned
To bloom out a flower and not be burned

The breath of life coursed through my stems
And poured out colors to the buds weak hems
At the break of dawn, the magic begun
As she opened shyly to the glowing sun

The sun seemed to look and burst forth with love
And joyously she lifted her gaze above
Blinded at first, then amazed with awe
Filled with grace and beauty so raw

Hope was high on that balcony wall
And joy was bright on the edge so tall
Love spread wide in the breeze that morn
As for a day, her glory shone

Note: All photos were shot on my Samsung M31S and edited on PhotosEditor.

Written as part of @JonicaBradley Writing Prompt #8: Nature

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Written by   10
1 year ago
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I really admire your photography skills. Loved those pictures, specially the sky shot. ❤️

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1 year ago

Both Read and Noise have inspired me to try and shoot good pictures. I like building a story around the photographs. This is the first time I have tried a poem!

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1 year ago

And I love this

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1 year ago