South Korea's cities to visit

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This article is for those looking to discover the most beautiful cities in South Korea. Anyone who has the opportunity to visit not only Seoul, but other charming places in the country, should take it tooth and nail.

South Korea represents Asia's fourth largest economy, and the country has earned that title by supporting the country's education and development.

In recent years, tourism has also been a concern of the government, for this reason, several cities in South Korea are prepared to receive travelers from all over the world.

Being a relatively small country in territorial extension, it is not very difficult to explore its most beautiful and interesting cities. I myself got to know many places while I was in South Korea.

If you're putting together a tour of all of South Korea, in this article I'll tell you more about each one and what particularities make them unmissable.


The country's capital is one of the most exuberant cities in South Korea, uniting ultramodern buildings with traditional architecture, distributed in tree-lined streets, full of museums and a cuisine that has become increasingly famous around the world.

On every corner of Seoul, you can find an element that recalls the history of Korea while seeing neon lights and amazingly designed buildings, for me that's what makes the city more enchanting.

Rain, shine or snow, the South Korean capital always has some fun for visitors and residents who want to know the main sights of Seoul.

Starting with an outdoor tour that tells a lot about the new Korean sustainable way of seeing the world, I recommend visiting the Cheonggyecheon stream, which from sewage has been transformed into a beautiful family living area, a world reference.

south korea economyseoul illuminated view at dusk | Photo: Travel Oriented, via Wikimedia Commons.

The first time I was able to walk along its shore was a truly magical moment, as the winter landscape is different. Check out which tours in Seoul are most sought after by tourists.

You can also visit the Medicinal Market, the famous toilets and the charming Hanok Village of Bukchon.

Anyone who loves history will tie themselves to the Korean War Memorial, a space reminiscent of the conflict that killed 2.5 million civilians; and also Gyeongbokgung Palace, palace of the Joseon Dynasty (please don't leave Seoul without visiting this place).

Also visit one of the main postcards of the city: the N Seoul Tower. And don't forget to buy a padlock while you're shopping in Seoul to make your stay there forever by hanging it in the tower.

Seoul is full of must-see markets, but the obligatory stop is Gwangjang, which is the oldest and one of the most interesting, as it sells from local items to traditional Korean foods, such as live-tasted octopuses.

In the north of the country, Sokcho is 160 km from the capital. With about 80 thousand inhabitants, it is a small coastal city, but full of natural beauty, attractions and events. It is a great option to discover around Seoul.

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Mount Seoraksan, located in the national park of the same name, houses a huge bronze Buddha and a beautiful Buddhist temple, being one of the main attractions of the city.

But that's not just what the mountain offers, the many trails that range from easy to very difficult, allow hikers and climbers to see mountains, waterfalls, various plants and animals, dense forests and even the sea of ​​Japan.

Autumn is one of the best times to visit, as it provides a pleasant climate and colorful landscapes. Sokcho is ideal to visit if traveling to South Korea in the summer, as it has beaches and a water park.

Also visit the Sokcho Expo Tower, an eccentric construction whose ringed and curved structure makes the building resemble an earthworm.

In October, the city's streets are filled with parades, dances and street stalls that mark the Sokcho Cultural Festival. You can also visit the Goseong Unification Observatory at Tongilanbo Park.

Extreme sport-loving climbers can choose to tackle Towangsung Waterfall, while other visitors enjoy ice fishing on Lake Youngrang.

Jeju Island

South Korea's Coastal Cities Locality is also known as the island of the gods.

Korean drama lovers will remember Jeju Island where the characters enjoy traveling with friends or on their honeymoon.

Known as the Island of the Gods, it is the smallest province in South Korea, but it holds one of the greatest beauties in the country.

About 500 km from the capital, Jeju is a volcanic island located in southern Korea; it has a very peculiar and characteristic culture, cuisine and history. The location is popular during vacation periods and holidays in South Korea.

The region offers a range of options for everyone to have fun or relax, from those looking for more radical activities even those who just want to enjoy a beach breeze.

It is possible to hike through the mountains, watch the sunrise or sunset on the beautiful beaches, ride a horse and tour the scenery of some dramas.

One of the main attractions for those who enjoy nature are the Lava Tubes, listed by Unesco as a World Natural Heritage Site. Don't miss the Manjanggul Cave; you can see some animals living inside the cave, mainly bats.

Geomun Oreum is one of the island's peaceful volcanoes. Surrounded by vegetation, it is ideal for hiking, a place to adventure and, at the same time, relax.

This region of the province is also known for “black food”, because of its ingredients, which include good, natural, safe and sustainable food. Be sure to try jajangmyeon. The dish is known as "the lonely hearts noodle".


Busan is the second most populous city in South Korea, with a population of over 3.5 million, second only to Seoul. It is the economic, cultural and educational center of the region.

The seaside city has the busiest port in the country and the eighth busiest in the world; it also houses the largest industrial area in South Korea. Check out everything to do in Busan.

Busan is also a sports tournament center in the country, having hosted the 2002 Asian Games and the 2002 FIFA World Cup. , the Shinsegae Centum City.

The city is 330 km from Seoul and has many interesting places to explore. To get a feel for Busan, visit Haeundae Beach.

The place is one of the busiest in the city, with lots of music and people enjoying the sunset; while Gwangan Beach has a sensational view, thanks to the city's main bridge.

If you like panoramic views, Busan Tower offers a beautiful view, especially at night. Also visit the Haedong Youggung Temple which is located by the sea, which makes the atmosphere even more spiritual.

My favorite place is Gamcheon Culture Village, a very traditional village full of colorful houses, located on top of a hill; there is the statue of the Little Prince admiring the city alongside his fox friend.


Also known as Daecheon, the city is located in South Chungcheong Province, on the Yellow Sea coast, 150 km from Seoul. This is where the Mud Festival ( takes place!

If you are looking to enjoy the Korean summer in a very fun and eccentric way, this is the ideal destination; the festivity consists of throwing mud at each other and having fun on giant inflatable toys such as slides and bounces, all with a lot of mud, of course.

The celebration takes place in the first two weeks of July. Enjoy and read about the weather in South Korea and find out when it's best to visit the country.

Boryeong has many beaches, islands, lakes, parks and a large open-air museum waiting for you.


The city was once the capital of the kingdom of Silla between the 7th and 9th centuries, so it breathes history. Gyeongju is 280 km from Seoul and is full of tourist spots, some of them considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Be sure to visit the Bulguksa Temple. This temple is the oldest in South Korea and is home to seven of the country's national treasures.

Another beautiful and historic site in Gyeongju is Anapji Pond, a reconstruction of the former imperial palace complex located on the shores of a lake. The best time to visit is at dusk.

The Gyeongju National Museum brings together thousands of artifacts used in Silla's time. Yandong Folk Village will also take the tourist on a journey back in time centuries ago.

Continuing the historic tour, head to Cheonmachong Tomb, where many tombs of kings are gathered. In each mound there is someone buried there along with their treasures.

For those who enjoy astronomy, Cheomseongdae is considered the oldest astronomical observatory in Asia and was built by Queen Deon-Seok (632-647). The tower is 9.4 meters high and is located within a historic complex.


Cold South Korean Cities Snow in Pyeongchang is the main attraction of the South Korean winter.

The right destination for those traveling to South Korea in winter. This is a South Korean county located in the northeast of the country with about 44,000 inhabitants.

In 2018, the site hosted the Winter Olympics. Being about 90 miles from the Korean capital, the county offers plenty of snow fun with snowboarding at Phoenix Snow Park.


It is in the city of Chuncheon that the romantic Nami Island is located, a place that cannot be left out of your itinerary. The half-moon-shaped island is famous for being the setting for the Korean drama Winter Sonata, even housing a statue of the main couple.

Located 75 km from Seoul, the place is perfect for a romantic stroll. Those who enjoy extreme sports and adrenaline can also reach the island by zip line.

All about cities in South Korea

South Korea reserves many beauties for those who decide to explore it. Choose an itinerary that best suits your taste, taking into account the number of days in the country and enjoy!

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