Dear Someone who has an opinion about cheating,

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Dear Someone, who has an opinion about cheating,

What will you do if the one involved in the cheating (in a relationship) is your friend? I know you would probably immediately say, stay away from that person because cheating is bad no matter what the reason is or something like that, but could you spend a bit of your time to know the details first if you wouldn't mind?

So here's the story. I have this new friend which became a very close friend of mine. I am an introvert and this girl is very sociable and extroverted, we are complete opposite people when it comes to socializing. If you are an introvert, you probably would get me when I say she drags me to the bunch of people so that I can socialize. After a year, we became very close and the two of us are usually together during school days.

One day she told me that someone is courting her at work and I asked for details. I learned that this man is already married and have two kids. I immediately told my friend to stop entertaining it because that man is already married. After a week from that day, I asked her if the flirting stopped but she told that it isn't. She showed me the messages from an app where you can hide the messages and immediately delete it. It's not Facebook's messenger, I forgot the name of the app. I borrowed her phone and uninstalled the app. She didn't get mad, she was just laughing about what I did. I jokingly tell her to stop or else she might end in jail, but the truth is, that wasn't just a joke. I am trying to warn her because based on what I know about the law, she can be sued by the wife of that man.

After a few months, I was shock about the story she told me. I thought they already stop but they didn't. She told me that the wife of the man went at her work and confronted her. She even showed me the messages and the picture of the woman. She even told me the name. Again, I told her to stop and she agreed. I felt relieve.

After a year, she was telling that her boyfriend gave her something. That was raining when she told me that so I can't focus on what she was saying because I am trying to avoid the paddles on the road. I wasn't able to ask her whom is she referring. A month after that, she chatted that she's pregnant.

I was shock and at first I thought she was just pranking me but I saw her appearance and I noticed that she had bigger appetite than she used to so I believe her. I told her to rest for that night and I will just go at her apartment early in the morning. I asked what food does she want me to bring.

Making the story short, she told me everything that happened. I didn't scold her anymore because I am worried about the baby. The wife of the man told her not to ask for any support or else they will sue her. She didn't get any money or at least fruits from that man. I was the one who always bring her food. I tried helping her sell snacks and cosmetics so that we can save money that she can use when the baby was born. We have earned some money but that is far from enough. She can't afford the rent anymore, I was thinking of making her stay at our house.

I told this to my girlfriend (by the way I am a girl too) and her family. I was open to them than my own family (as what I mentioned from my early writings, my family refuse to accept my gender), they got worried about my friend especially to the baby so they let her stay at their house.

One day, an aunt of mien chatted me asking if I know the girl in the picture. I answered yes, that is my classmate. I was a bit slow, I didn't get it immediately that there's something wrong. She already asked me a few details about her like where does she lived. I told her where my friend used to lived before, but I didn't told her where she currently live because they are with my girlfriend and as I said, they are not open to our relationship.

Then my aunt told me that the husband of her niece is the one who got my friend pregnant. They are looking for my friend because they want to sue her.

I was dumbfounded, honestly. My friend already said the name and showed the picture of the wife of that man but I didn't realized that it is a cousin of mine. We gather during November 1st and stay at our grandparents house because she is the one who have a big house, and I didn't even know who she is. I usually don't look at people's faces because I am a very shy person so I didn't recognized her by the face but I know the name.

Because of the pandemic, we didn't gather last November 1, so I was relieved because that means they cannot ask me about this issue.

So my question now is, what should I do? Seriously. How should I answer their questions? We might have a family gather this coming November 2021. Seriously, answer me. What if they asked me where she is right now? What if they cornered me with with questions I don't want to answer?

I am against cheating. My father cheated on my mother and I was so furious about it that I even told him to die. I am against cheating but I want to protect my friend because I know that she already regretted it and learned her lesson. Am I being biased? Is it wrong that I am choosing my friend over a family member?

I would get scolded for it, that's for sure. I know them. They would surely utter bible verses to me when we met face-to-face.

Just tell me what to do, November 1, 2021 is near and I still don't know what to do if ever we met. I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

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I also have a story about cheating. I was cheating on my partners before, but I did change that attitude now.

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2 years ago

It's alright. We are human. Sometimes we give in to temptations. We tend to do something even though it can harm us or do us something not nice. It's okay. What's important is we change. I'm glad for you.

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2 years ago